26 March 2014

Fashion Police: Viri Premiere

Hey loves,
 Last weekend was a very exciting one in the Cameroon film industry with the premiere of the newly released movie VIRI. The premiere took place in Douala, and everyone, who is anyone in the film industry was there. However, I must apologize for the poor quality of some of the pictures ,as there was no official photographer for the red carpet and NO!!! official pictures have been release. These are the few pictures i could find on Facebook.

Meet Cameroon's Youngest Yet Very Talented Artist - JAY JAY.

Hi guys,
This sizzling, young and talented artist is JAY JAY. He made his big official debut into the Cameroon Music Industry last year with the release of his first single “ZANGELEWA”. It immediately made buzz all over the internet, clubs and with Cameroonians international. It took no time for this 20 year old to become a household name and today he is counted amongst the top artists in the industry. I call him my ‘baby’ because he is just like a little brother but can I just say he has the mind, soul and brain of a 40 year old? Throughout the interview I was just like Woow, Woow, WOOW!!! Just read -on and See what I mean

-         Hi Jay Jay, how are you doing, hun? Thanks for accepting to do this interview with me.
Hello Alison, the pleasure is all mine J

-         Who is Jay Jay?
Ekiinyoh Emmanuel-Jonathan Ndinayi are my real names, I am a 20 year old, singer, songwriter and producer. I went to PNEU Bamenda as a kid, then to Sacred Heart College Mankon secondary education and did high school at PCHS Mankon. I’m presently a law student at the University of Yaounde 2.

13 March 2014

Happy Blogiversary: Hello Kitty Meets Boyfriend Jeans.

Hey Friends,
 This post is a very special one for me because we just turned ONE. lol ok let me break it down. March 12 made me one year as a blogger and made my blog one year old so we are pretty excited. Within a year we have managed to have 87 posts, 825 Facebook likes, and over 77,000 views which is just mind blowing. When I started blogging it was just for fun. I had two aims, to show people what I wear/ give fashion advice and to create a platform to showcase amazingly talented Cameroonians; artists, actors etc. And as the year went by i just found myself wanting to do more and be more because of all the support i got from you all. I discovered talents i didn't even know i had like writing. I have always hated writing but since i started blogging it just flows. I want to say a very big THANK YOU to all my readers and friends who have supported me all through this year. I know i still have a very long way to go and a lot more work to do but i know with your support I will get there. Please I am open to any constructive criticism, so let me know what you like/ do not like about my blog. what you want to see more off and what i should add.
Now to the outfit of the day, first I want to apologize for not posting outfits for a while. The winter weather in Canada is HORRIBLE and it makes it almost impossible to take pictures for my blog. Anyway thank God the winter nightmare is almost over. Just like every outfit, I always want to look as simple as possible yet classy and fashionable. It was cold so i decided to wear my kitty fur sweater and boyfriend jean from Urban Planet, Nude single strap Sandals and clutch from Le chateau. I also added some color to the outfit by tying an ankara headtie. This outfit can be worn to school esply those in University in Cameroon/Africa. people don't really wear heels to school here, or may be it's just my school. you can also wear it to events, shows, work and even dates.