26 May 2013

Spring / Summer 2013 Men's Suit Trends

Hey lovelies,
                   How are you enjoying the weekend? hope you are having a lot of fun. This is a very special post dedicated to all my lovely male readers. I had so many demands this week to do a post about men's fashion/ style and trends. And what better way to talk about guy's fashion than talking about the number one timeless men's style : Suits. As a guy, suits are always there for you from when you are a kid to when you die. They are your go to fashion item when you are looking for a job, going to work, attending a party, going for a classy date and even very special moments like your wedding day. So it's only fitting that I talk about the Hottest Suit trends for this season. Sincerely. I don't think there is any guy on this earth who has NEVER worn a suit. It's impossible right?
Anyway here we go guys, Hope it's helpful to you.

Three Piece Suits:

Actually these are good for cool or chilly weathers or for very formal occasion They give you a neat and tailored look even with your jacket off. To pull off this look without a matching suit vest,wear a cashmere cardigan or v-neck sweater with your suit of choice. This suit looks better with a plain or plaid shirt and solid tie.

Suits with Single Breasted Jackets

This is the most common type of suits and it goes with every body types and style. Plus they can be worn for various occasions from casual to formal to red carpets. Every guy needs to have one of these on their closets.

Suits with Double Breasted Jackets

This is an ideal choice for taller men as it highlights the width of the torso rather than the height of your stature. In other words – you’ll look less lanky. Wear with a solid shirt and tie and please NEVER NEVER NEVER wear the jacket unbuttoned. ( solid shirt and tie = good looking and very nice )

Safari style suits

This is one of the most fashionable trends of the season. Continuing the theme of the suit for all occasions, and emphasizing the freedom of choice. They usually have a casual yet sophisticated feel and can basically be paired to suit any style.

Suits with short sleeves/ No sleeve Jackets

These are great for warm weather. They usually give you a look which is a bit eccentric, but interesting, with a certain modicum of confidence and humor. They usually look good with a short sleeve or no sleeve shirt or Tee shirt and you can do with or without a tie.

Suits with Shorts

Suits with shorts are still in fashion, but the shorts have become longer and more free, most of the models have length to the knee or below. I can remember when Jim Iyke ( a Nigerian actor) wore this to the African Magic Viewer's Choice Awards 2013, everyone was blasting and criticizing him, *wonder why!*. I personally loved it on him. But guys you have to know that this does not look go on everyone.

Jim Iyke in his "famous" short suit. *whatz not to love about this outfit? Abeg he looks good ya*

Natural fabrics

Shiny and velvety materials are good for men's suits spring/summer 2013. However, you always have to be careful with your choices. Make sure they suit the occasion and your personal style.

Colored Suits

Except for traditional black and gray colors for men's suits, white, beige, olive, yellow, light green, mint, orange, red, blue and dark blue are popular in new season. Color blocks are still relevant. HOWEVER!!! I must say bright colors do not usually go with every occasion and some colors do not look good with certain complexions. So I will suggest that if you are not good at color blocking, just stick to the normal colors, like grey, black, blue and white. I love love love white suits on dark guys. #thumbs up.

I must confess that Chris Brown's white suit outfit (left) at the Grammy is one of my fav male red carpet looks ever. He looked stunning from head to toe.

Strips & small Geometric patterns

Theses are the most popular prints for men's suits of the season. Abstract pattern is also fashionable, and herbal or floral prints are sometimes used. Well as I keep saying, make sure the pattern you wear looks good on you.

I know you are now like, well so where can i get a good/ perfect suit. Don't worry your pretty little head coz I've got it all covered. Check out some great and affordable suits on these sites. Sears, J. Crew, Men's USA, Express. Guys, I hope I did this post justice.Well, I think I tried being a girl and all, but any how it is not my place to say how I did so please leave a comment below and let me know what you think. and let me know if you will like more posts like this.

Thanks and have a lovely day.




  1. Good this is Fashion of American guys ,is this ?
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    1. Yes it's Fashion of American guys and many other countries around the world

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  3. Love the trends you display here... hope men will take the challenge to wear them :)

    1. Thanks hun, i really hope they do. We need more male fashionistas

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