20 May 2013

The Best Cameroon Songs of All time (OLD TIMERS)

Bonjour à tous mes frères et soeurs Camerounais et Bon fête de 20 Mai. J'espere que vous amuse bien. For those who are not Cameroonians. Today is Cameroon's 53th Independence Day (National Day). So I decided to put together some of my favorite old school Cameroonian songs. Trust me it wasn't easy to narrow it down to 20 coz I had over 100 great songs on my list. I have always loved Cameroon music, from makossa to nzenge to mapoka to slows duala songs. The most beautiful thing about Cameroon Music is, even though you don't understand a word of what is being sang, you still feel, enjoy and dance to the songs. This is dedicated to all my beautifully made Cameroonians. I love you all and I couldn't have asked to be born in any other Country. Hmmm to miss out on all this great music? #HellNOOO!. Hope you enjoy what I have put together. Cameroon has was that the most talented and culturally diversed Musicians and I know our generation is getting there. Have fun dance, sing along and remember the great childhood you had. #ONE LOve

Rumta - Pam Pam Be

Put your hands up if you have been looking for this song like forever. Well thanks me later.

Marco Mbella , Kotto Bass, Tom Yoms etc  - Fleurs des Antilles 

This was one of the defining songs of my childhood. It's like the "We are the World" of Cameroon . Lovely Collaboration.

Henri Dikongue -C'est la vie

Monique Seka -  Missounwa

Prince Nico Mbarga - Sweet Mother

Aww this is to all the sweet mothers. " She no di tire oo, Sweet Mother" We no go forgot wona oo

Henri Dikongue - Francoise. 

Reminds me of a hot Afternoon after school (Primary) listening to CRTV Buea. lol

Donny Elwood - Negro et Beau

Check out another of his song - Mon frere et En Haut - Here

Lapiro de Mbanga - Overdone

Overdone na Mbut. I lovee this song. lol. My favourite part is the dancing toy.(sorry i don't know how it's called)

Sam Fan Thomas - No'hoa

Ben Decca - Ebele O bosso

Kotto Bass - Edit

 RIP Kotto Bass, your music will forever live long. Also Check out YES BAMENDA ---> Here

Annie Anzouer - Mon Hero

Chaii Cameroonians have been shaking their bum bums long before Kukere and all thes "shake ur bum bum" Nigerian songs. lol just saying. Check out  Oublie mon Passe --> Here

Jacky Kingue - Mundengue

Petit Pays - Metro

Of course the Rabbi has so many legendary songs but this is my ultimate favorite. His song Maria ---> Here. lol this song always reminds me of my friend Kima aka Delakim

Jean Pierre Essome - Bana ba mbo

Sorry i looked for Tchakala but i couldn't find it :(. i am sure you will like this one tho.

Prince Aime - Viviane

I wonder where he is now.

Zangalewa - Un bebe

Dina Bell - Sophie

If you attend a Cameroonian Wedding and this song is not paid during item 11, it means there is a problem. lol. I don't understand a word of this song be it just touches my heart every time.

Tom Yoms et Charlotte Mbango - Sengat to

RIP Tom Yoms. You are definately a Cameroonian Legend.

Eboa Lotin - Elimb'a Dikalo

RIP Eboa Lotin. Eboa Lotin - BUN' A BA KWEDI ---> Here

Nguea La Route aka MAMA NGUEA - Ebonga Londa

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE this song. it's very funny that i can't understand a word she is saying but i can sing it from beginning to end. lmao. That's the beauty of Cameroon.

Let me know what you thing of these great old times by leaving a comment below. Also if there is any Cameroonian song you will like me to find for you, just leave a comment with the title of the sing or any info you have about the song and i will help you find it.

Have a lovely week and Stay Blessed.

Love Always


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