21 June 2015


Hey Guys,
 As you all know, two of our Hip Hop artists Stanley Enow and Jovi Le Monstre have been nominated for the MTV Base Music Awards (MAMA) in the categories of Best Collaboration and Best Francophone respectively. This is the first time Cameroon has ever been nominated for two awards/ categories and the second time Cameroon has been nominated for the MAMA awards, meaning we are gradually making our way to the top and putting our country on the map. Last year we all came together and brought our first award home and this year shouldn't be any difference. Yes oo, we need to bring both awards home. I know some of you might not be a Jovi fan or a Stanley fan but this is not about you and I. This is about Cameroon - Team 237. Let's make history, let's open the platform for other artists, young Cameroonians and our future children. Rome was not built in a day but they at least built a solid foundation and this is our chance to build a strong, solid and united foundation for our Music and Entertainment Industry.


- Make a 15 - 30 second video showing your support and asking others to vote for Stanley - Best Collaboration and Jovi - Best Francophone. 
- Upload the video on any social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with the hashtag #VOTESTANJOVI4MAMA and tag @mukealison and @kreefent