15 October 2014

My Birthday Dinner - September 13th.

Hey guys,
               So, if you follow me on Facebook you will know that my birthday was on September 6th. I decided to have my birthday dinner the weekend after which was September 13th and i can't believe I am only posting about it now, ONE MONTH AFTER. Chaii, this kind busy body no fine. Anyway, let's dive into it. I decided to have my birthday dinner at a classy restaurant - The Keg Steakhouse & Bar. I wanted it to be a very intimate dinner so invited about 8 of my close friends. I told them that the dress code was all black, little did they know that I was going to show up in white, bahahaha, they almost killed me when they saw me. But hey, It was my birthday and what I say goes. lol. I am a brat like that. Ok let me be serious, I wanted this dinner to be different from my other birthday dinners. I love the black and white theme and that's what I was going for, however I needed to stand out so I made them wear all black, which I really loved. Everyone was on point. My dress was a white cut out bandage dress from Hot Miami Styles. I absolutely love bandage dresses and hot miami styles never disappoints. The dress was very lovely, how ever when I put it on, my boobs were more exposed than I expected, I probably didn't realize that the model's boobs were smaller and "fake" ( lol), so they didn't show that much, and mine was just all out #jeeze. The dinner was at 9 pm and my dress came in at 8:30 pm so there was no time to think of plan b. I was very uncomfortable at first because of all the eyes and attention reasons why I wore a fur coat on it. However, by the time dinner started I didn't care any more. I actually love the dress. Yes there is a little too much boobs but who cares? You Only Live Once. Details of my outfit will be at the end of this post,

7 October 2014

BUISNESS: New Luxury Salon Alert - LUDMILLA By LUDIE

Hey Ladies..... and Guys,

 How are you all doing? I know I have been MIA for a while but I had to bring something special. I know we (ladies) love looking good,  and getting pampered. Hair done, nails sparkling, make up flawless and skin radiant, and to crown it all, you can get all that done in the same place. Let me speak for myself, there is nothing as annoying as having to run from one salon to another to meet up with hair, nails and massage appointments. it's extremely annoying and frustrating. Well for my Cameroon ladies, your prayers have finally been answered, you can now get your hair, nails, massage and even facials done at the same luxury beauty salon. Chaii!!! I am officially jealous. Well let me stop ranting and get into the real deal. Wondering where you can get all this done? Below are all the answers to your questions.

New Single Release: ShikkiBamBam by VILLE

Hi guys,
 Cameroon music is becoming bigger than ever and it is thanks to all the artists who take their time to invest in their talents and make us move to their music. Shikki-bamban is one of such songs. I call it a "feel good African grove" lol. That's how I feel when I listen to it. It is very original and the beats sound like a mixture of makossa and some Igbo rhythms which is cool. Here is what the artist VILLE has to say about it:

US based Afro pop rapper VILLE drops another smothering banger titled SHIKKI-BAMBAM, a total deviation from his regular style.  A blend of Afro beat, Makossa and Soukous. Cool, sweet and catchy for both the old and the young featuring rapper King_Kimbo. Song is produced by Lexi_sugar.  ‘I love doing music for everybody’ VILLE has come to stay; the next big act has done it again just few weeks after releasing fresh choreography visuals for OLOPYTO.  

Contact Ville by :
Following VILLE on twitter @VreezyVille237 
 Instagram @Vreezy_Ville.

For Bookings contact: info@francorecords.com / +011-281-728-4374. @Vreezyville237     @Francorecordz