14 March 2013

Back To Basics (Fashion 101): Know Your Body (men)

Hey Guys,
                So, my first post was all about the ladies but today we are going to focus on the Guys. As the saying goes, ladies are always served before gentlemen or at least that's how it is supposed to be. I know that many guys do not even know what body shape they are or what their style is. In fact most guys just put on the first T-shirt and Jeans/ Trousers that they see, except they are going out for something really important /special like a wedding or first date. Well guys you don't have to feel guilty or point fingers at each other cause am here to get you out of your fashion pits and unto the runway. The first step is to know your body type/shape. There are basically five body shapes for guys.

Type 1: The Inverted Triangle:
Men who fall into this category do indeed resemble an upside-down triangle i.e broad shoulders, a broad chest, very narrow waist and narrow hips.Well developed arm muscles and a significantly heavier top half that appears to disappear at the waist.

Type 2: The Trapezoid:
Very similar to the inverted triangle body shape . Men with this shape have broad shoulders, a broad chest like the I.T , top half larger than the bottom . A bigger waist, that is to say medium as opposed to narrow
A well proportioned appearance. This is basically the easiest shape to dress because they are usually in proportion and have nothing to hide.

Type 3: The Rectangle:
A rectangle is basically a straight up and down shape, they typically have shoulders, waist and chest that are all of the same width.

Type 4: The Triangle:
Imagine if an Inverted Triangle stood on their head, that’s basically the body shape of a Triangle. Men with this shape have a heavy bottom, a chest narrower than their hips, and have a sloping shoulder line.

Type 5: The Oval:
The Oval, just as the name (in my opinion a very harsh one, no wonder women prefer the term “apple”) suggests, will have: an overall round appearance and large stomach

 There you have it guys. Just find out what body type you have. In the coming weeks, I will be giving you more information on how to dress according to your body type.

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  1. I was wondering that if slope shaped men were buff, would they look good? Please Let me know :)

  2. Most of them are Nigerian celebrities. Proud of them!