20 February 2017

Exclusive Interview: LOCKO "Music Is My Obsession"

Hi MK Readers,
Let me start by apologizing for the long silence, a lot has been going on but I will be making an official come back soon and you will hear all about it. But for now let's talk about a super talented young Camer artist. If you love Cameroon or African music, infact if you love any form of music and have not heard of LOCKO, then my brother/ sister you are not living. Locko is one of the most popular and buzzing young Cameroonian artists right now. Since his debut in 2015 with hit song - Margo, Locko has quickly become a house hold name. And with a roll of hit on hit songs like Ndutu, Sawa Romance and recently Supporter (ft Mr Leo), he has secured a position amongst the top artists in Cameroon. As a fan of good music as well as a Locko fan, i had to learn more about this soulful voice, guy.