31 December 2013

ALTF's Top 20 Cameroon Music Artists/ songs of 2013

Hey guys,
              With just 24 hours to 2014, I bring to you the top 20 favorite songs of 2013. I can tell you that bring this list to 20 was not easy at all. I gathered information from my Facebook page, twitter and of course, YouTube views. All the artists in who made and didn't make the list should be very proud of their selves. Just last year, i couldn't have been able to get even 10 good songs for this list but this year i got about 40. What an improvement!!. I am soo proud of the amount of talent we've got in Cameroon. My only hope is that next year should be bigger and better, with lots of new artists, great videos, explosive songs and better and loyal fans. Here are the Top 20 songs of 2013, tell me what you think by leaving a comment. Also vote your favorite artist on the POLL at the top right hand side of the blog. There will be  cash price for the winner. The poll is open till 00:00am (canadian time) which is 6 am (Camer time)  - 31st night. You can vote as many times as possible. 

1. Stanley Enow - Hein Pere:     

  I have never and I mean NEVER, seen or heard of anyone whose first single had made as much buzz as Stanley's. and I am not only talking of Cameroon. His single HEIN PERE. has been the talk of the year with over 300k views on youtube. it's no doubt that it has won him 3 awards. 2 of which are from the Cameroon Academy Awards 2013 last night for Best Urban Artist and Best Male Artist 2013.* Stanley Enow aka Bayangi boy, Mami and Papa Enow should be very proud of you and so am I*. "so so go before" 2014 here he comes.                                                                  

2.  X- maleya - Bouge:

 This group of 3 talented young men is like the One direction, Nsync, Backstreet boys and Westlife of Cameroon. They have the gorgeous voices and know how to harmonize each other perfectly. With their unique blend of bikutsi, makossa and afro beats it's no wonder they have been on top for years. love this song of theirs, can't get enough.

3. Jovi ft Eko Roosevelt - BushFaller 

Jovi, jovi, jovi... where do I start? first of all he has the doppest, sickest lyrics ever. You have to be a "mboko" boy/girl to understand his "parle langue". but at the end of the day he brings out a lot of creativity and raw talent. His lyrics and afro beats keeps ringing in your mind days after you listen to them. Much respect grand, you deserve it. I just love this song.

4. Gasha - Kaki Mbere:

 Gasha!!! Our breakout female artist of 2013. I am soo proud of how much she has accomplished this year. I remember at the beginning of this year, i heard one of her outstanding old tracts and started chatting with her.She told me of all the plans she had for this year and i am very sure that she accomplished them and more. Her first single Kaki Mbere made waves all over the country and more. She has a very unique sound, personality and look. Talk about talent + branding. I am soo proud of you hun, wish you greater and better things 2014. "Please don't arrest me like a Mbere mbere". Love this song.

5. Reniss - C'est la vie:

The moment she changed her name from 'Renise' to 'Reniss', she automatically transformed to a badass artist. She is the most talked about and sought after young female Cameroonian artist. With her unique voice and music style, i believe you haven't even heard the best of her. Just love this song. The dancing and beats are on point. 

6. Magasco - Kumba Market

The one and only Bamenda boy. His song Kumba Market almost blew the speakers of every tv station in Cameroon a few months ago. and to think that this is his first official solo single. I am so proud of how much he has done in a year. Can't wait to see what next year holds for him 

7. Leeyo - A L'aide

ok to be sincere, i don't know much about this artist. All i know is that he is Cameroonian, he is in France and i love love love this song. I heard this song a few days ago and it makes me want to package my things and move to France. lol. His voice is so.... in fact see for yourself.

8. Debra Debs ft P Jerico - Africa Higher higher

With almost 1.5 million views on YouTube, this is by far the most viewed Cameroon music. Debra reminds me of a young ASA. With a killer voice, lovely personality and unique style, Debra has got more tricks off her sleeves. Can't wait to see what 2014 holds for her. "Higher higher we go".

9. Sine ft Petit Pays - Paple

Sidney is one of the most professional and talented young Cameroonian artists. I don't even know how to describe how talented this guy is. His songs NEVER disappoints. His voice is soo unique, you can recognize it in your dream. His songs are all hits in my books from Number one to Njoka and now paple. He knows how to release the right song at the right time. 2014 is yours Sine. I always look forward to your new songs and you just keep getting better. Thumbs up. i am a huge fan.

10. Nabstar - Confirm

We must all "confirm" that Nabstar has arrived. This guy has one of the tightest rap rhythms i have hear. His lyrics are simple to understand for the minds that listen closely. He is all about telling it as it is and for those who hate, well "kwasia braha bring us some wata". Just love how his raps flows in his songs. Nabil, wish you bigger and better things in the new year.

11. Denzyl - Monika

Seriously, which girl doesn't want to be "Monika"? Denzyl has been in the music scene for a while and has been getting better and better over the years. however, this year was at a whole new level with is fresh new spin on makossa - Monika. this song has been jamming in every club in Cameroon. I just love the rebirth of makossa. Denzyl hope you have more for us in 2014 oo.

12. Steve lil - Ebangha

Steve lil made every Cameroonian girl wish her name was Ebangha including yours truly. lol. but on a serious note this song is soo good. i mean who doesn't want to hear a gorgeous artist with a lovely voice sing about her? * just keeping it real*. This song definitely deserves to be on this list. love it

13. Jay Jay - Zangelewa

Of course, my little baby boy (jay jay , abeg no slap me). but seriously, I love to see young upcoming artists giving the older guys a run for their money. His first single zangelewa was on repeat for a month. I couldn't get enough of it. he definitely proved to be a contender and i can't wait for what he bring next year. he's definitely one to watch. I am a fan, abeg no disappoint me oo.

14. Adah - Far

Adah has one of the best RnB vocals i have heard in Cameroon and he know how to use it. This year he proved that he is not only a talented musician but also a vvvv very talented music producer and video director. I commend you , Mr Adah. You make us proud. i know any people nominated Nyango as their favorite song of 2013 but unfortunately it was released in 2012. However, here is a 2013 song released by Adah.

15. Banye aka Banso boy - Chorkoh

Chorkoh!!!! this has been my jaam this year. His lyrics are soo dope!! for lack of a better word. His rhythm is tight and his story is real. lol, he says it as it is and it's afraid of the consequences. I just love this song. Banye, waiting for more releases in the new year. Keep doing you, hun. 

16. Fluri Boyz - Marabou

I got a good number of nominations for this song on my twitter and FB. So i finally watched it and mehn!! this boys have got something cooking in the pot. They still have some work to do but for their first song, I definitely can't complain. keep the fire burning guys. It  has to be only higher from here. 

17. Numerica - Vas-y molo

Lol there is a part in this song where i think the guys just murdered yoruba but i just love the song. This is definitely a club banger. The beats are sick and the dance moves are even sicker. Hope to hear more of him in 2014.

18. Boy Slim ft Dianee - E go pay

E go pay, was my source of encouragement when ever i was down this year. the message of this song is soo strong and touching. at a time where jobs in Cameroon are as scares as a dog's tears and people have to resort to other ways of making money, i will say this song came at the perfect time. Everything will pay eventually. Hard work ALWAYS pays. Remember that as you go into the new year. Boy Slim and Dianee, thanks for this. Waiting for new songs in the new year. 

19. Micheal Kiessou - Abele

You guys know that i like to dance. so when i hear this song today i was like damn!!! Top 20. lol. i don't know the artist personally but all i know is. I will be dancing to this song on new year day. it's such a lovely club song. I am so proud of how far we (Cameroonians) have some. This is definitely a feel good song. 

20. D-boy ft Don K - Dance till we Kolo

Which kind of blogger will i be, if i don't leave you all with a killer dancing song for the new year. I know i will be dancing till i kolo tonight. will you? Dance till we kolo is by D-BOY ( Daniel Lyonga) a cameroonian Bakweri boy based in South Africa. i love the mix of makossa, zenge and 

Who is your favorite? 
 I just want to use this opportunity to thank these talented Cameroonian music video producers Feburary 16th (Ndukong Bertrand),  Adah Akenji , Pazzo, Adrenaline etc for the brilliant and outstanding work they have been doing this year. These songs would be nothing without your great narrations and creativity. I could never have dreamt in a million years that Cameroon will ever have these kind of HD quality and visually creative music videos. But thanks to you guys we have arrived.  Thanks and wish you all the best in 2014.




  1. I'm sooo happy Banye's "chorkoh" made the list, dats ma song!!! I knew Stanley would make the list duh lol. Btw congrats to all of dem. There are some names I don't know but will definitely listen to their music now... this Ally. ♡

    1. aww why am i just seeing your comment #smh. thanks boo xxx

  2. Belinda Nyutsem7 July 2014 at 05:04

    i am so happy the way this Cameroonian young artist are singing, i hope they are good enough to attract other African countries like Niger, Ghana etc

    1. yes Belinda, they are slowing getting into the international market. if they keep working as hard as they are, it won't take long for cameroonian artist to be nominated for BET Awards.

  3. Seriously this Banye of a guy is talented... makes maximum sense...thumbs up man.....

    1. i totally agree with you. i love all his songs.