29 April 2014

Songs of the Week

Hey guys,
I know it's been ages since i did a songs of the week post, and honestly the title of this post should be songs of the month or rather the year because there have been a lot of ground breaking Cameroonian songs released this year.To say the Cameroon Music Industry has taken a 180 turn is an understatement. I couldn't be more proud of our artists both male and female you all make us really proud. Here are some of the songs that have caught my attention this far. Some of the songs might be old to you, or rather you must have already seen them but I am just putting up all the songs I have liked since my last song of the week post. I will also be explaining why i like the songs and what i think can be improved. Just so we are clear, these songs are not in a particular order. It's NOT a ranking !!!

Stanley Enow - Tumbuboss

Of course you guys knew this was going to be the first song I mention. Hahaha don't hate!! I don't know why people keep comparing this song to Hein Pere. It is a great song on its own, it has its own hype, style and message. I absolutely love the quality of the video, lyrics is great " Perika You must to Calculate..." lol that's my best line, the style and ambiance are topnotch. My only problem with the video is, I couldn't get the story ( i don't know if there was meant to be one) there was too much going on. But Hey it's STANLEY ENOW!!! aka Hein Pere! what can I say? He is the BOSS.

The Most talked about Cameroonian Movie - EKEI

Quinsia films announces the release of its new feature film titled “EKEI”“EKEI” was shot on locations in Cameroon and USA. World Premiere for “EKEI” is scheduled for June 2014 in Maryland. You can find the trailer of “EKEI” on YouTube by simply searching “EKEI Official Trailer” Below is the synopsis of the movie. 

I must say, this is one of the best Cameroonian movie/ movie trailer i have watched which has been produced in the United States of America. They are finally living up to their potentials and expectations. The video quality, the acting, sound and fashion/ style in the movie is no point. Finally, no over acting or exaggerated make up. And can I just say that Stephanie Maa killed her role? she acted as the main character in this movie. Remember I interviewed her a while ago, HERE? i am very proud, she has come  a long and she was outstanding in this movie. Below is the movie synopsis and don't forget to check out the trailer below. I honestly can't wait for the official release of this movie. Woow!!!.

26 April 2014


Hey Guys, 
Sorry I have been away for a while. I had to prepare for exams and I am happy to say it is over now and I was successful. This post is all about our star boy - Stanley Enow's new song - Tumbuboss which as had over 36k views in 12 days. I love the imprecable quality of the video and the lyrics is on point. The only thing I will say is that so much was going on in the video that i couldn't even understand the story but then again, it's Stanley Enow aka Bayangi boy, so what can i say? lol.