27 June 2013

Toronto Blogger's Conference

Hey everyone,
                      So I have been talking about the Toronto's blogger's mini conference that I attended this weekend. Lol I don't live in Toronto but I really want to support my friend and blogger Brenda Chuinkam who was the host. So I traveled from Windsor to Toronto just for that. And I had a lovely time. I meet 7 other bloggers/ fashionistas. We spoke about blogging, and caught up on other stuff. Well no need to over explain here are the pics. I wore a gold bodycon Sequin dress from Missguided, ( Sequin dresses are trending this season so please grab one, they are just too gorgeous),  Zara Shoes, Aldo Bag, and Ardene Jewellries.

26 June 2013

Fashionistas of the Week

Hey Everyone,
                       I have decided to start a new section on my blog called Fashionistas of the week. Every week I will feature a number of fashionistas, bloggers, celebs and everyday people with great styles and i will talk about what i love about their outfits. This is just to inspire some of my readers' who may have a style  different from mine, and also to give you some fashion ideas (dos and don'ts). This is for everyone boys, girls, women, men, children etc etc. All you need to do is click HERE follow the instructions and submit your pictures, it's that simple. So here are the fashionistas for this week.

Casual Chic Style:

 I just love how the colors go together, yellow, while and grey. There is nothing to criticize about this look. it's just gawgus. love it

What a weekend!!!!

Hey guys,
               How is your week coming along? hope not very stressful. Well as i said in my last post, i had one heck of a weekend. Traveled to Toronto for a blogger's conference organised by Cameroonian Blogger Brenda Chuinkam ( Here is her blog) and I decided to catch some fun on the side. LOL. Who doesn't like to have a good time? Well a friend of my decided to make my stay in Toronto worth while but taking me to one of the biggest touristic sites in Niagara Falls, and i really had a lovely lovely time. We also went to Marine Land (to see some dolphins and whales) but we go there when they were closing #SadFace. Anyway, here are the pictures I took at Niagara Falls. I decided to dress really simple, black high-low skirt  and Crop top from Urban Planet, Spike pullover (old). Pictures of the blogger's conference will be up soon.

So as some of you many know, I do my own hair. So this hair was dyed and weaved by me and I am very pleased with the results.

 It was kind of chilly , so I had to wear a cardigan 

24 June 2013

It's Black, It's Spike

Hey Fashionistas,
                           How are you all doing today? I know I have been away for a while. I had to travel to Toronto for the a mini blogger's conference held by my friend and fellow Cameroonian Blogger Brenda Chuinkam of Can never be a skinny bish  Here.  I must say I had a very lovely weekend, couldn't have asked for a better way to send it. Also I was featured on the list of Top 40 Female Bloggers of our time. Can you imagine? I was so astonished to find myself on that list. #TrueToGod. I have just been blogging for  three months and I was featured on the same list with ladies who have been blogging for years, some of my blog/style idols and ladies I look up to. I was/am really honored, check out the list ---> Here (if you want to check me out, i am at number 28 :) ), you might see some of the bloggers you follow.
Well now about the post of the day, this post is overdue. If you follow me on Facebook you might have realized my hair is different, I was supposed to put this up last week but was busy. This is part of the 3 posts of my little black dresses, Click Here and Here for the previous posts on LBDs. This outfit is perfect for a date or  ladies' night out. If you follow my blog, then you should know that I am obsessed with spikes and studs. so I wore my spike black dress from Urban Planet, Jewelries - Ardene, Bag (gifted) and red pumps (gifted).  You can never go wrong with the mixture of red and black. it's that simple. Hope you like the outfit.

18 June 2013

V - Dot Chris Releases New Single - " Ma Lady"

V-Dot Chris is another talented Cameroonian artist on the rise. He has been doing music professionally for 4 years and is now working on his debut solo album. After just being signed to Mannorun Records, he has dropped his first hit single entitled 'Ma Lady' which is already getting appraisals. The song was produced by D.P. and the video directed by February 16th. This is just the beginning as more is to come before he finally drops his album. Stay tuned.

Here is the video

 I personally LOVE the video, it's on point. As usual Ndukong Bertand aka Febuary 16th killed it again. The video is #Sick. Ahead Ahead Cameroonians, keep killing us with your talent. #DOPE Song.

Artist: V-Dot Chris
Label: Mannorun Records

Arthur Iyok - Talented Actor and Producer of the Cameroonian movie "Whispers"

Hey Everyone,
 I bet most of you have been hearing and seeing pictures and promos for the recently released Cameroon movie "WHISPERS", Well, Arthur Iyok is the talented producer and one of the actors of the movie. Have you been thinking that the Cameroon movie industry aka Collywood is dead and dormant? Well you couldn't be more wrong. Many talented young Cameroonians are working their butts off to make Collywood vibrant and booming ... and Arthur Iyok just happens to be one of them. Just read on to see what I mean.

·        Hi Arthur thanks for doing this interview with me. How are you doing today?

·        I am Ok Alison and you?

·        I am very fine, thanks. Please can you tell us about yourself ?

·        Arthur Iyok is a Cameroonian in his mid 20s, he lives and works in
Cameroon. Produce/Actor of Zachrose Entertainment. From Bishop Rogan
College to the University of Buea (Bsc. Hons Political Science) to the
Institute Of Commercial Management, England (Diploma, Human Resource
Development) and now a Filmmaker.

Arthur is a skillful and consummate, humble, dedicated and resourceful
Actor/Producer. His assiduity to the task and resilience in front of
the many challenges that face the movie industry in Cameroon have seen
him through many obstacles in his career. Young but determined to add
a plus to the Film Industry, and to him "Good luck is a lazy man's
expectation of a workers success

16 June 2013

La Vie en NOIR

"A woman never looks bad in a little black dress, they can always trust that look." Quote supplied by the fashion house

Hey everyone,
                      Happy Father's Day to all the lovely Dads.Well, I just want to start by thanking you all for the support I have been having these few days, Increased views and more comments. Means a lot and please keep the views and comments coming, sincerely, they motivate me. Today's post is a continuation of the Little Black Dress post, this is the 2nd of 3 ( Check out the first post here). As earlier said, a LBD is a definite must-have for ever fashionista but just because it's called a black dress doesn't mean it can't have a little bit of color. A black dress with the right pop of color in all the right places can  take your outfit to a whole new level. For example, If you had to attend an interview, office / board meeting or even a corporate presentation, an outfit like this can move mountains.

  Dress: BCBG , Shoes: Shoe dazzle, Accessories: Forever 21/ Gifted Bag: Trifted. Of course if you are going for an interview you might want to wear lower heels, but for a meeting, especially a corporate presentation, you just have to keep those heels on, coz you might be surprised the kind of contracts those shoes/legs can get you, lol just saying. You can always put a blazer over the outfit or add a belt, but don't forget to keep the colors to a minimum and avoid bright colors, It's a formal meeting not a girls night out. More pictures after the cut.

15 June 2013


Nigerian superstar Davido and Cameroon’s bad boy rapper Nabstar aka Nabil will be raising the roof today in a show stopping, stage popping concert at the exclusive Noxx venue in Antwerp kicking off the second stop of Davido’s European/Schengen Tour.

Next stop on the tour list is the DNA Club in Amsterdam, Today Saturday June 15 where both artists will together serenade the Dutch crowd with a hair raising performance.

Press: modemaisonpr@gmail.com (@ModeMaisonPR) 
General Enquiries: Nabil4real@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nabilmase
Twitter: @CallmeNabsta

14 June 2013

Back to the Basics: My Little Black Dress

"The little black dress is “a uniform for all women of taste.”Vogue November 1926

Hey fashionistas! 
                How are you all doing? Today is all about LBDs (Little Black Dresses), They are soooo essential, they have a fashion mnemonic, LBD. Sincerely I can't emphasize this enough. EVERY WOMAN/GIRL NEEDS A LITTLE BLACK DRESS. At least one, I think I have 4 Lmao. Well, this is 1 of 3 posts I will be putting up about little black dresses. You know how jeans and white Tees are fashion essentials, well LBDs are way more essential. Apart from the fact that they can be worn in ANY season, they can also be worn to EVERY occasion and EVERY where. The only difference is the accessories you use. For example , when going for a job interview or corporate meeting you can put a cozy, stylish blazer over your black dress, or for a date, you could pair it with bold colored accessories and shoes so you look sassy and eye catching without going over the top. They are my GO TO fashion outfits, e.g if my friend was to abruptly tell me about her birthday party at 5:30 pm while the party is at 6pm, this is how I will dress

It takes no time to put this together. I wouldn't wear a lot of colorful accessories just because I wouldn't want to be the center of attention lol ( it's her b-day, let her be the star). I would go with my Guess black dress, my African accessories, (Ankara necklace (done by me), Earrings and bracelets from Cameroon), lovely brown Wedges for Shoedazzle . I would also keep my make up very simple, with a nude lipstick from MAC (creme sheen). Hope you love my outfit of the day.

11 June 2013

NABIL aka NABSTAR Performs with Nigerian Superstar DAVIDO in ANTWERP

Hey Everyone, Guess whatz up? A Davido concert in Antwerp featuring our very own Camer brother - Nabstar

Performing at the “Urban Africa” event under the alias of “Nabstar”, Nabil Fongod; the Belgium based
Cameronian rapper/entertainer with a penchant for hardcore street lyrics and bad boy image will be sharing the stage with none other than the Gobe / Dami Duro singer Davido during his European Tour which kick starts with the opening show on Friday June 14, 2013 from 10 pm at the lush Noxx venue in Antwerp.
“Urban Africa” is a collaboration project between Motherland VZW, Michael Adekeye and 3
rd World Survivor – Nabil’s record label which he co owns with his brother Rahul Fongod.
Nabil aka Nabstar

The Cameroon born artist is looking forward to performing at the event and he adds “the show is going to 
be crazy so if you are in Antwerp on Friday, Noxx will be the only place to be!” Nabil is also currently preparing for his comeback Trilogy EP entitled “My Survivor Tory 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3.” the first due for release in a few weeks with each segment specifically giving the public an insight into his diverse and very
unique personalities.

Do not miss the show. Tickets cost from 20 Euros in advance.
Click HERE to grab your tickets. Trust me you don't want to miss it. I wish I were in Antwerp right now L
plus the tickets are just 20 Euros so you have no point not to get one.

Here is the promo video:

Just for the record Nabstar grew up in Bonaberi, Douala in case you are wondering were you saw that cute face, lol.
Have a lovely new week guys.

9 June 2013

Exclusive Interview: Cameroonian Afro-hip hop Rapper/Singer - Gee Reign

          Hey Lovelies, How are you guys enjoying your weekend? Hope it's splendid. Today, I bring to you one of my favorite Cameroonian Rapper/ Singer - Gee Reign. Some people even call him "African Drake". He is a young musician with a very versatile taste but very unique sound. The first day i heard one of his songs "Blowing Ashes" I was like there is no way this guy is a Cameroonian/ is in Cameroon. and I was very wrong. He is the REAL DEAL, like no joke!. I had a request from one of my readers to have an interview with Gee Reign and I ALWAYS fulfill my promises, So here we go

      Hi Gee Reign, thanks for accepting to do this interview with me. Let me start by saying, I am a HUGE fan of your work. Your songs are #killer. Very original and current.

        Gee Reign: Awww that’s sweet, thank you. I’m a huge fan too. You are stylish and your fashion sense is on a 100, trust me ...lol

    Aww thanks * blushes*. So who is Gee Reign?

7 June 2013

Black Triangle (BTR) Release their New Single "TITULAIRE" #BlackFriday

Hey everyone,
                         Thank God It's Friday (TGIF) and as usual I've got some steaming buzz for you all. The Buea based record Label Black Triangle also know as BTR released their new single Titulaire. It is the first of a series of songs which will be released every Friday hence the name Black Friday. Titulaire was written and sang by BTR artists @aceBTR, @Iam_arreyBTR, @OjoneryBTR (the same artists behind the songs JeTeYaMo, Dipokolo and Pecos) and the new addition to their label @ZemenkieBTR behind every great man (or men in this case) there is a woman.

 I must say Zemenkie has added new levels and heights to this group. Can't wait for what they have for us Next Friday. I know most of you are wondering what or who a Titulaire is according to this song, Here is what Ojonery, co founder of BTR and Rapper said " A Titulaire in this context is one's main partner in a love relationship, in a world where people keep many relationships."

Download "Titulaire" Below: LOL it's FREE

If there is one thing I like about this group is how creative and unique they are. Once you listen to their song, no one needs to tell you they are from Cameroon, They are also very versatile singing in Pidgin, English, French and even Duala. They some how seem to get better with every new song, I really don't know how they do It. I am a HUGE fan of their work. Actually one of my favorite Cameroonian Artists. Get your dancing groove on and make sure you tell your Titulaire how much you love her.
Have a lovely weekend and stay tuned to another song from BTR next FRIDAY. "KOKO DIKO GO DOWN" . Let me know your favorite thing/part of the song.

Follow them on twitter: @aceBTRIam_arreyBTR@ojoneryBTR 
Also check out and download all their songs -----> Black Triangle Africa

Just for fun: Can you guys tell which artist sang which part of the song?


5 June 2013

Ooops!! Summer Time Is Here

Hey every one,
                        Thank God the cold and rainy days are finally over. I know so many people are happy that it's summer but for me it's a bitter sweet feeling. In as much as I hate the cold during winter, I can't help but hate the humid and extremely hot weather during summer. Ya, i know what most of you are thinking "Shut up, Muke! you live in Canada". Yes oo, everyone knows Canada to be one of the coldest countries in the world but what most people don't know is that Canada has very extreme weathers it's either very cold ( esply in the North) or extremely hot (esply in the south). And guess what? I so happen to live in the southern most part of Canada, closest to the US. and Mehn!! the summer is #HOT. Ever thought that Douala, Tiko and Kumba are hot? Wait till you come to Windsor. The heat is unbearable and it is also very humid. Sincerely, I will take Douala heat any day, any time.
 Anyway, enough of the weather. This week, my friend and I spent sometime at Riverside, An amusement park about 5 minutes from our house. It is called River side coz it is by the Detroit- Windsor River.The River separates Windsor (Canada) from Detroit (USA). Ever wondered how close Canada is from e US? well see for yourself.
That is a view of Detroit USA from Windsor Canada. The Tallest building is the General Motors (GM) Headquarters
 Just this little River seperates us.

 The Ambassador Bridge (5-10 mins drive and $3.50 by bus, that's how long it takes to leave from Windsor, Canada to  USA. but guess what? i have never been there :( . Seriously can't wait to cross that bridge.

I decided to keep my outfit very simple coz we were just going for a walk. So I wore my Crop top and High/ Low Asymmetrical skirt from Urban Planet, Custom- made Ankara Jean Jacket, and Leopard low sandals.
A fun day at the park

2 June 2013

#PROUDLY African

Hey Everyone,
                 Sorry I have been away for a while. Don't even ask me what I have been doing coz I have no idea. Well, I am back and I promise to bring you bigger and better fashion tips and of course interviews. Today's post is all about one of the dresses I designed a couple of years ago. I didn't want to do a post on this outfit but due to all the positive responses I have been getting on my Facebook page, I decided to do a post. (Yes oo, we finally have a Facebook page make sure to like it ----> HERE). As I said on my Facebook page, I designed this dress in 2011 but I didn't have any material for the dress and i didn't know where to get a tailor to sew the dress so I contacted my lovely friend / Cameroonian fashion designer Reneta Ndisang, Founder and CEO of AFROSHIC clothing ---> Here. She did a really great job with the material choice and bring the design to life. Of course as expected, the dress was a little big, due to distance (she is in Cameroon) I had to send my measurements to her. Anyway, I (personally) adjusted the dress to my size and it was PERFECT.

For the outfit of the day, I matched my lovely Afroshic dress with my brown Guess sandals. I chose brown because I wanted to keep the outfit very simple. For the same reason, I kept my jewelries to a minimum. I also wore a very simple necklace coz of the style of the top of the dress. Finally I did my hair up so as to properly show case the top and back of the dress ( i will be putting up a post next week showing how to style your hair, and accessories for various outfits.This is very very important coz many ladies even some fashion bloggers get this wrong. it's gonna be fun so stay tuned) . However, this is my outfit, hope you like it.