3 May 2016

Fashion Police: Cameroon International Film Festival - White Party

Hey lovely MKB Readers,
How are you all doing today? I know you have been waiting for this post so I will go right to it. This post is going to cover some red carpet looks for the CAMIFF White Party held on the 29th of April.  It was a party, not a formal occasion so you will see a lot of short, 'club - like', casual outfits and that is ok. A few days ago on Facebook, someone said "Cameroon is ready for a fashion police", My response is, "If Cameroon is not ready for a fashion police then Cameroon is not ready to have 'celebrities' or an entertainment industry". It's that simple.
Fashion Tips - HAIR:
Ladies, If you have been reading my blog, You would have noticed that I always complain about the hairstyles on the red carpet. That is because your hair can make or mare a really nice outfit.
Ponytails and buns: You should wear your hair in a ponytail or low/high buns when wearing a dress with a sweetheart neck line, one shoulder, or a dress with an intricate, and show stopping neckline.
Hair down, Off shoulder or Side: If your dress shows off a lot of skin e.g open back, deep V neckline etc etc, you might want to keep your hair down, off shoulder or to the side. This covers up some of the extra 'skin' while keeping your outfit sexy. Also if your outfit has a simple neckline, turtle necks, High necklines, simple basic outfits then you can style your hair up or down. it doesn't matter.
Disclaimer: When it comes to hair, one rule doesn't fit all, since all outfits have different variations of style, color etc. So these are just some guidelines, you still have to make sure it goes with your specific outfit.

I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures. 

Actress Malvin Ann:


I absolutely love this jumpsuit by Mareta West. It fits her perfectly. Also the neckline of the jumpsuit is the first I have seen and it works. It makes the jumpsuit unique. I also love her hair, and simple accessories. A simple earring would have been nice. However, see looks great #slayed.