30 March 2013

Green! Red! Yellow! CAMEROON FLAG.

Hi  Everyone,
                    Happy Easter Week. I know that Women's day passed a couple of weeks ago but today am celebrating three talented Cameroonian young ladies, the gorgeous Cameroonian Afro pop Star MUSEBA , hot Prof make up artist and friend ANYI, and me of course * Holla!!!!!!!!*. Please check out my interview with them. Well, for my outfit of today, I mixed 3 of my favorite combination colors GREEN, RED AND YELLOW. i don't only love these colors coz they make up my country's flag ( which is pretty cool) but they   also make up the flags of almost all  African countries and they make up a pretty cool combination. Seriously, I swear it was a coincidence that I am featuring 2 other Cameroonian ladies on the same day that i wear those colors  Didn't plan it at all but am loving it. Anyway, hope you like my outfit . Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I PROMISE to get a better camera, soonest.

22 March 2013

Classy Yet Sexy!!!

Hey beautiful people,
                              How is everyone doing today? hope you all had a great week, mine was very busy but thank God it's weekend. In my outfit of today, i tried to find the right balance between classy and sexy. You can rock this look to work or even for an interview depending on which kind of interview it is. (You will probably have to wear a shoe which is not as high as mine coz the higher the shoe, the shorter the skirt appears to be).  I paired my Forever 21 printed flare skirt with a studded sleeveless top from urban behavior and H&M black blazer. ( btw am addicted to anything with studs and spikes). I decided not to wear a necklace coz the top already has studs, wearing a necklace would take away its beauty but if you really want to wear it with a necklace then it should be a very simple necklace.  I also wore my lovely blue pumps from shoe dazzle. It was given to me by my darling younger sister on my birthday September last year. It was a pleasant surprised coz i wasn't expecting anything from anyone and she didn't even tell me she was ordering something for me lucky for her or should i say for me I really love them. This was the first time wearing them because they are really high but they are really pretty too so .... 
 Hope i nailed the look tho.  Thanks. 

19 March 2013

Colour It SPRING!!!!!!

Hey everyone,
                     It's only been a couple of days and i miss you guys already. yes really!. So apparently it's now spring everywhere but Canada :( . It still snows and the cold is unbearable. Don't get me wrong, we still have a few days of sunshine like VERY few. Anyways, I was anxiously waiting for spring to start this week (which never happened) so i decided to dress like it was spring by pairing my lovely africanish print leggings with my Zara sandals and colours to match. Hope you like the way I put everything together. It was a little cold so you might see me frowning in some pics. lol yoyette must bare risk. As usual your thoughts/ comments are very important. 

14 March 2013

Draped Split Skirt

 Hey beautiful people,
                                 It is yet another beautiful day for us to thank God for our lives and of course talk about fashion. So I saw this green strappy high-heeled sandals from the Zara website and it literally took my breathe away. Like I just had to get it. lol i couldn't even wait for sales and I had to drive to another city 3 hours away (Burlington) just to get it from the mall there since we have no Zara store in Windsor * hides face* . Talk about SHOE ADDICTION. Anyway, so we had this Nigerian student's party and I decided to put together two trends right now, i.e the monochrome (black and white) and a draped split skirt. I decided to add a little color to the outfit by pairing it with my Zara sandals and a matching belt. Hope you love the outfit coz I had fun putting it together

Back To Basics (Fashion 101): Know Your Body (men)

Hey Guys,
                So, my first post was all about the ladies but today we are going to focus on the Guys. As the saying goes, ladies are always served before gentlemen or at least that's how it is supposed to be. I know that many guys do not even know what body shape they are or what their style is. In fact most guys just put on the first T-shirt and Jeans/ Trousers that they see, except they are going out for something really important /special like a wedding or first date. Well guys you don't have to feel guilty or point fingers at each other cause am here to get you out of your fashion pits and unto the runway. The first step is to know your body type/shape. There are basically five body shapes for guys.

Type 1: The Inverted Triangle:
Men who fall into this category do indeed resemble an upside-down triangle i.e broad shoulders, a broad chest, very narrow waist and narrow hips.Well developed arm muscles and a significantly heavier top half that appears to disappear at the waist.

12 March 2013

Back To Basics (Fashion 101): Know Your Body (women)

"You shouldn't be pressured into trying to be thin by the fashion industry, because they only want models that are like human mannequins. [...] But you have to remember that it's not practical or possible for an everyday woman to look like that. Being size zero is a career in itself so we shouldn't try and be like them. It's not realistic and it's not healthy." - Rihanna

Hey everyone,
       As most of you know, am a new blogger. I have always wanted to share my love for fashion and ideas about fashion and style but always second guessed myself and I wondered if I could do it. But with the encouragement of a friend and fellow blogger Brenda Chuinkam (check out her blog). I decided to go for it. *OK, enough about of my clumsy self *.
            Today I am taking us back to were is all begins, the basics of fashion. The first thing you always have to know is your body shape. Every girl has to have this at the back of her hands or else you will always be in the wrong kind of clothes. There are Eight main body types for women once you know where you fall, trust me everything is going to be super easy from there onward  you will be able to shop better, dress better and mimic the style of people with the same body shape as you. These body types include:-

 Petite / Straight body type:
      The bust and hips are almost the same size  but waist is slightly smaller than the bust and hips. This is my body shape and I know many girls fall under this category too.