Interview with Cameroon's young sensation - JAY JAY. HERE

Interview with Cameroon Artist and Video Producer/Director - Adah Akenji.  HERE

Interview with Cameroon fashion blogger, stylist, enterpreneur and the face behind "Art Becomes You" blog - Lydia Epangue. HERE

Interview with the one and only "Hein Pere" - Stanley Enow.  HERE

Interview with the gorgeous CEO of Afroshic clothing - Reneta Ndisang.  HERE

Arthur Iyok - Talented Actor and Producer of the Cameroonian movie "Whispers".  HERE

Meet The Beautifully Stunning Cameroonian Actress & Model: Stephanie Maa.  HERE

Interview with the very talented Cameroonian RnB Artist SINE.  HERE

Cynthia Tabe : The Talent Behind the Blog DULCE CAMER.  HERE

My Interview with the Talented Camer Singer, AMBE. HERE.

My Interview with the Hot, Sexy & Talented Cameroonian Pop- Star MUSEBA.   HERE 

Professional MUA, Entrepreneur and CEO of OZI by Anyi - ANYI ASONGANYI. HERE .

I will be featuring  Cameroonian artists and talents. So let me know which Cameroonian Artist ( musicians, actors, designers, entrepreneurs, socialites, fashionistas etc) you will like me to interview and I will try to make it happen. Thanks for stopping by. 
Stay blessed


  1. Wow is amazing reading the interview and this tell us something for we are on the edge right now with our Urban music growing to no limit. We have our Eyes on GEE REIGN will like to get his own side of talk on how far and fast they are going with the industry.

    1. Thanks dear. Woow I love Gee Reign's music too. I will definately try to get in touch with him. Stay turned and thanks for e comment.

  2. LOOKING forward to hearing more from this artists. this is good work your doing here.
    LEGGO Camer artists !!!!!

  3. Your blog is just so supper with its classy design and the professionalism I see on it, all I say is in one word... Courage.. Penjo Baba