26 September 2014

Movie Premiere: DECODED - September 27th @ Douala Bercy & 28th September @ Savoy Palmz Hotel Limbe

Hi Guys,
  Cameroon movies are slowly making their way out of Cameroon and securing a couple of international awards. although our movie industry has improved they still have a long way to go, reasons why when I hear of a movie premiere i get super excited worst of all when the movie involves an international Ghanaian actor- Van Vicker. Hopefully i can get my hand on a copy and i hope you all will grab one too and attend the premiere on Saturday September 27th at Douala Bercy and 28th September at Savoy Palmz Hotel, Limbe. You guys should turn up and put your best fashion foot forward coz i will be watching (LMAO), I just want to take this moment to say a big thank you to our Cameroon movie actors and actresses who put our movies ans country on the map, thanks for your talent and dedication, A big thank you to all our movie investors, thanks for believing in our movie industry and please we need more investors, there are so many talented young actors in Cameroon but no one to help promote or push them. Hope we can have bigger and better investors and promoters. Below is a brief synopsis of the movie, and behind the scene pictures. Enjoy!!!

22 September 2014

An Exclusive Interview with AMBE ( Formerly known as Denzyl)

Hi Guys,
               How are you all doing? I know it's been over 2 months since I last blogged but I promise to blog more regularly. Balancing nursing school, being a part-time hair stylist and blogging is getting more difficult that I though #SadFace. That being said, I just made a promise and I will keep to it.
Today's post is about one of Cameroon's most talented artist. Ambé which many of you might have know is Denzyl is one of the artists making waves all over Cameroon. His unique sound and captivating personality makes him stand out and places him at the top in the music industry. He just recently changed his artist name From Denzyl to Ambé , rebranded himself and  released a new single Rendez- Vous. I had a twitter interview with him and this is what he had to say.