29 May 2013

Top 5 Most Stylish African Male Celebrities.

Hi Everyone,
                       Today is all about the guys and I have a list of my top 5 most stylish African celebrities/ entertainers. These guys have an excess dose of swag, fashion, style and above all talent. If you are looking for a fashion/ style role model, then don't look any further than these guys. Sincerely!. I know Africa is full of many stylist celebs, no one can debate that but I chose these 5 guys they have a very diverse style and they constantly push their boundaries and step up their game. Most importantly, they seem to be living in their own "fashion world" and don't give a f***k what people thing of their style and that's what makes a Fashion Icon. lol I don't think they are icons yet but the way they are going, they will get there soon.
 Disclaimer: this list is totally subjective. So, you can leave a comment of your top 5 list.

1) Uti Nwachukwu aka Sir Uti:

         Uti is a Nigerian actor, TV presenter, model, and MC. I have been a huge fan of his since he first appeared on the big scene in 2008, Big Brother Africa 3. He was also the winner of Big Brother Africa 5. If I were to have a male style role model, it will be Uti. I have NEVER EVER seen Uti in a bad outfit. I mean NEVER!!!. This guy is a style genius. He has one of the most diverse, classy and ever changing styles, from traditional African outfits to double breasted colored suits and Cameroonian designs, Just name it, he has worn it. and the good thing about Uti is, he looks hot, stunning and effortless in everything he wears. Think I am exaggerating? Well, here you go!

28 May 2013

Talented Cameroonian Singer: Sophy Aiida Releases her first Single "Break it Down"

Sophy Aiida is a Cameroonian who was born and raised in Paris, France but  spent the last 15 years in New York. To say Sophy is multitalented is an understatement, she is an Actress and has acted in movies like "Unwanted Guest" and "jeu de Couples", TV Presenter for award shows like "The Green Room" Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2012 and Kora Awards 2012. She is also the founder of the cosmetics line, Aida Cosmetics and now she has released her first Single "Break It Down". I know what you are thinking, it's not a joke. She is also a DAMN good singer. What I love most about this song is the lyrics and amazing afro beats. Could dance to it all day. Well listen for yourself!

Download "Break It Down"

Get to know Sophy a little bit more in this interview.

 (Talk about Natural Beauty and Talent!!! aww aww aww)
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26 May 2013

Spring / Summer 2013 Men's Suit Trends

Hey lovelies,
                   How are you enjoying the weekend? hope you are having a lot of fun. This is a very special post dedicated to all my lovely male readers. I had so many demands this week to do a post about men's fashion/ style and trends. And what better way to talk about guy's fashion than talking about the number one timeless men's style : Suits. As a guy, suits are always there for you from when you are a kid to when you die. They are your go to fashion item when you are looking for a job, going to work, attending a party, going for a classy date and even very special moments like your wedding day. So it's only fitting that I talk about the Hottest Suit trends for this season. Sincerely. I don't think there is any guy on this earth who has NEVER worn a suit. It's impossible right?
Anyway here we go guys, Hope it's helpful to you.

Three Piece Suits:

Actually these are good for cool or chilly weathers or for very formal occasion They give you a neat and tailored look even with your jacket off. To pull off this look without a matching suit vest,wear a cashmere cardigan or v-neck sweater with your suit of choice. This suit looks better with a plain or plaid shirt and solid tie.

24 May 2013

Let's Talk Shoes 3: Wedges

Hey lovely fashionistas,
                                 How are you all doing? hope you are having a lovely week. TGIF!!. To all of you who are shoe addicts like me, I've got your back. I promised to bring you all the best shoe trends of Spring/ Summer 2013, and since I always keep to my promises, I have decided to complete the 2 remaining posts on the trends for the 4 main shoe types. If you haven't read the first to posts, here they are : Sandals & flatsPumps. Well, i know someone people prefer Wedges to Pumps, so if you are a Wedges lover, then this is for you. I love wedges just coz they are more comfortable but truth be told pumps make you look sassier , classier and hotter. Plus it's not easy to find a really nice and eye catching wedge shoe/ sandals. Anyway, this is just may opinion oo. Everyone is entitled to theirs. ok gurls here you go! 

Sneaker Wedges:
These are absolutely my favorite type of sneakers. They have taken sneakers to a whole new level of classy and sexy. Before these shoes came out, sneakers were used mainly for sports or by men/boys. but now! these could be worn with almost everything and almost everywhere. Jeezee!! I love them.

Get yours ---> Polyvore , Aldo

20 May 2013

The Best Cameroon Songs of All time (OLD TIMERS)

Bonjour à tous mes frères et soeurs Camerounais et Bon fête de 20 Mai. J'espere que vous amuse bien. For those who are not Cameroonians. Today is Cameroon's 53th Independence Day (National Day). So I decided to put together some of my favorite old school Cameroonian songs. Trust me it wasn't easy to narrow it down to 20 coz I had over 100 great songs on my list. I have always loved Cameroon music, from makossa to nzenge to mapoka to slows duala songs. The most beautiful thing about Cameroon Music is, even though you don't understand a word of what is being sang, you still feel, enjoy and dance to the songs. This is dedicated to all my beautifully made Cameroonians. I love you all and I couldn't have asked to be born in any other Country. Hmmm to miss out on all this great music? #HellNOOO!. Hope you enjoy what I have put together. Cameroon has was that the most talented and culturally diversed Musicians and I know our generation is getting there. Have fun dance, sing along and remember the great childhood you had. #ONE LOve

Rumta - Pam Pam Be

Put your hands up if you have been looking for this song like forever. Well thanks me later.

Marco Mbella , Kotto Bass, Tom Yoms etc  - Fleurs des Antilles 

This was one of the defining songs of my childhood. It's like the "We are the World" of Cameroon . Lovely Collaboration.

19 May 2013

Newly Released Single by Cameroonian Artist: Melcube

A taste of glamour and class would be the best adjectives to describe the music by Melcube. As a producer, song writer and rapper, Melcube could just be the next *Puff Daddy to hit the world. Based in Cameroon, West Africa, Melcube has proven that his music is not bounded by any locality but definitely carries with it a universal appeal. It’s no secret then that he would feature on Netherland’s African Bulletin. 

Melcube recently released a new single titled MADE TO LAST which can be downloaded online by visiting his CDBaby account Here

Check out the Made to Last Teaser below: This guy's got talent, Mehn!!

17 May 2013

Life in Ankara.

Hey lovelies,
                    How are you all doing? As the quote above says, "When one door closes, another door opens". 2013 didn't start on a very good footing for me. I lost two people very close to my heart but am soo happy that I can see some light at the end of the tunnel . Anyway TGIF! I bet some of you can't wait to be done with work, school etc and start enjoying the weekend. Well why don't you start enjoying this lovely post. This might give you an good idea of what to wear for any parties you have this weekend. By the way it's 20th May in 3 days. Woohoo! exciting right?. So, I got inspired this week and decided to sew one on my many designs ( mind you this is the first time I am ever attempting to sew something from start to finish), So I designed, cut and 100% sewed this lovely Ankara circle skirt. Trust me it wasn't easy but I am so excited and proud of the results. plus it fit me perfectly. Since the skirt was already colorful  I decided to pair it with a White Shirt ( who needs a short sleeve shirt when you can fold the sleeves of a long sleeve shirt?). Seriously folding the sleeves makes the outfit look EDGY which I love. Kept my jewelries simple, as usual and paired it will my Aldo clutch and Pink Heels ( Sorry it looks kinda Red in the pic). Hope you love the outfit. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment. More pictures after the cut.

16 May 2013

Song of the Week: Blowing Ashes by GEEREIGN ft Cwitch

Sincerely I don't know why it took me this long to feature this song as the song of the week. This song is #Sick. It is definitely on my Top Five Favorite Cameroon Songs List (New Skool). As in I listen to it everyday. Everything about this song is on point  from the video quality, to the singing to the lyrics and everything in between. Blowing Ashes is Cameroon's very talented Artists GeeReign and Cwitch. Also check out GeeReign's songs here ---> No OneDa Diamond Life & Word to a wise. This guy is #DAMN Talented.

Wait oo!!! How come this song has only 1795 views? A say ehh! am I blind or what? Like Seriously! what is wrong with Cameroonians? We don't support our artists at all. It's not just fair. If it was a Nigerian/ Ghanaian song it will have over 100,000 views in one day but for Cameroon songs to have even 5000- 10000 views in one year is a tug of war. I really don't get it. I know some of you will be like well Nigeria is more populated than Cameroon. Ya I get that, that's why I didn't say one million views just even 50000 views in a year sef. Nonnnn!!! It's a disgrace, A swear.  Nobody should even complain about the video quality coz most of the recent Cameroon musics have great quality and obviously, even Greater talents. Please abeg let's support our music industry ya. Instead of you insulting our industry, try to support it and make it better. Like this is really annoying. Anyhow. A don talk ma own. Have a lovely day everyone. hope you enjoy the song as much as i do.

Meet The Beautifully Stunning Cameroonian Actress & Model: Stephanie Maa

Hey lovelies, 
told you I had a lot of fun stuff for this week right? Well, Let's meet our guest for today, The very Gorgeous and Talented Cameroonian Actress and Model, Stephanie Maa. At only 23 years old she has starred in some high profile Nigerian Movies and Acted with some A-list African Actors/ Actresses. She has also written her own movie which will be out soon. Here is my Interview with 

15 May 2013

Fashion Must Haves : Monochrome Dress

Bonjour! Tout le Monde,
                                     Je espère que vous êtes tous très bien. I am so excited this week coz I have got a lot in store for you. But today is all about Monochrome (black and white prints). These are my absolute favorite colors. Ya I love purple, neon green, coral orange etc etc but nothing can beat black and white. You can NEVER go wrong with black and white. If anyone asks you who said so, direct them to me lol. Anyway my outfit of today is a Gorgeous gorgeous monochrome dress which I got from eForcity ( i think that's the name. Sorry can't really remember what it's called.). Well they have lovely dress but they all come in one size, (crazy right? i know), I was so lucky that it fit perfectly. 

10 May 2013

Let's Talk Shoes 2: Pumps (Spring 2013 Trends)

Hey Ladies,
                  So this is a continuation of the Spring trends posts. I have already done the first post on sandals and flat trends for this Spring (Here). But this post is all about pumps. It is said that Pumps are very ladies's MUST HAVE and they couldn't be more right. Pumps are the sexiest, classiest and hottest shoes any girl/ women can use to take their outfit to a whole different level. But with the every changing fashion trends for shoes/ pumps, i decided to save you the stress of thinking of what pumps to buy by having all the info you need. Here we go Ladies. Thank me later * Winks*.

 Here are some of the new trends for pumps:

8 May 2013

Let's Talk Shoes 1: Low heeled Sandals/ Flats

Hey Everyone,
                     It's another week and as usual, I am always looking for hot topics to bring to you. This post however is all about shoes. As you all know, it's Spring and it's the perfect season for us to bring out all our sexy shoes and outfits. And for most girls, it's all about thinking of the new shoes they are going to buy and which shoes are in "VOGUE". Well ladies, you can sit back and relax coz i have all the information you need right here! right now! okay Here we go.

Premiere of WHISPERS: The New Cameroon Movie

If you are a Cameroonian and you haven't heard of the new buzzing movie, WHISPERS then you really need to slap yourself right now. lmao. But seriously, this is the new, hot and buzzing movie now. It premiered on the 27th of April 2013, the Dream Lounge, Molyko Buea. And trust me everyone who is anyone in Buea was there. From actors, to musicians to journalists and of course paparazzi LMAO. With Director - Enah Johnscott, Producer -  Arthur Iyok and Cast  made up of Camer's Best Yijika Solange, Epule Jeffery, Authur Iyok, Nchifor Valery and Solange Ojong, this movie a MUST WATCH. WHISPERS was  produced by the Media House Zarchorse Entertainment. I think this is their first movie. and if I can be sincere they did really GREAT for a first movie. Quality and all. Check out the trailer below. and you will know what am talking about.

6 May 2013

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4 May 2013

NEW RELEASE: Denzyl's Latest Single MONIKA is finally here.

                                                                      Hey Guys,

         So the most anticipated single that got everyone on twitter buzzing and some of my followers asking , is finally out. Denzyl's new single has been the talk on twitter since it's teaser was released a couple of months ago. The Afropop Cameroonian Star Denzyl has brought old skool Makossa into New school music. Just listen to this song, dance and enjoy the beauty of Cameroon. Denzyl fans, this is for you.

Click Here ---> http://www.hulkshare.com/lp1yz7ledn28 to download Monika.


Twitter: @iam_Denzyl
Management :@_REDEYEent

3 May 2013


 Hey everyone, 
                       TGIF, What are your plans for the weekend. It's weekend so you better have something fun planned. lol . Leave a comment and let us know what you have planned for this weekend. it might give me some ideas of what I should do. The song of this week is Nyango by the Talented Cameroonian RnB Artist ADAH. I fell in love with this song from the day that I heard it. I dedicate this song to all the lovers out there. As you go out this weekend, clubbing, partying, watching movies, Don't forget to that God for that special NYANGO in your life. As they often say, Special ladies come into your life once in a life time. So please don't let go coz of .... lol a no talk me nothing oo.

Have a very lovely weekend. And don't forget to follow this blog for updates.

Interview with Sine

Hey everyone, how are you all doing? hope everything is moving well. Finally the weather has become hotter and brighter in Windsor. I couldn't be happier. The winter days are finally over :). Any way enough about the weather. Today, I bring you one of Cameroon's Biggest and Bestest Musician, SINE. Of all the interviews I have done, this is definitely one of the most exciting one for me. Just because I have been a HUGE FAN of Sine for years now. He is definitely on the list of my 5 favorite "New School" Cameroonian Musicians. I love love love his songs. Talk about talent. OK!!, Everyone, here is my interview with the Talented Sine. Hope you like it.