21 June 2015


Hey Guys,
 As you all know, two of our Hip Hop artists Stanley Enow and Jovi Le Monstre have been nominated for the MTV Base Music Awards (MAMA) in the categories of Best Collaboration and Best Francophone respectively. This is the first time Cameroon has ever been nominated for two awards/ categories and the second time Cameroon has been nominated for the MAMA awards, meaning we are gradually making our way to the top and putting our country on the map. Last year we all came together and brought our first award home and this year shouldn't be any difference. Yes oo, we need to bring both awards home. I know some of you might not be a Jovi fan or a Stanley fan but this is not about you and I. This is about Cameroon - Team 237. Let's make history, let's open the platform for other artists, young Cameroonians and our future children. Rome was not built in a day but they at least built a solid foundation and this is our chance to build a strong, solid and united foundation for our Music and Entertainment Industry.


- Make a 15 - 30 second video showing your support and asking others to vote for Stanley - Best Collaboration and Jovi - Best Francophone. 
- Upload the video on any social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with the hashtag #VOTESTANJOVI4MAMA and tag @mukealison and @kreefent 

31 May 2015

Fashionistas Of the Week!!!

Hey Lovely Readers,
 Happy Sunday. I know it has been a really long time since I did a fashionistas of the week post but from this week it is going to be a regular feature on my blog. The reason I decided to bring this back is because I have been seeing a lot of gorgeous ladies and guys on my Facebook and Instagram slaying it in the fashion/style department and I think they need some recognition. Secondly, a couple of readers have requested that I do fashion posts of people with body types different from mine so they can have an idea of how to style themselves. So, I thought doing a weekly features of regular everyday people, bloggers and Cameroonian celebs killing it will be a good way to grant their requests. So, If you know you are killing it and want to be featured, Use the hashtag #mookehblog on your favorite picture of the week to be featured. ( Instagram users only and you have to be following me oo). Anyway here are our fashionistas for this week.

Joan Ngomba: Naija based Cameroonian Journalist / Tv Presenter - Pulse TV. She stunned Africa fashion week in this gorgeous blue mermaid gown by Amarelis. I absolutley love everything about this outfit. Head to toe perfection. Make up on point. (In my future designer mind, i just wish the black flowers at the side could be an inch higher so it could flatter her waistline better.). But Jeeze! she looks stunning. 10 thumbs Up.

27 May 2015


Hey guys,
Happy New Week, I know it's been a while since I did a song of the week post but don't you worry, I've got you covered. Our Cameroonian artists have been busy killing it and keeping us entertained, if you haven't been up to date ... well. Let's just say thank God you follow my blog. I have a list of some of the hottest songs right now, so whether you need something to listen to on you way to work, during you break, when you are working out or when you want to relief stress, I've got what you need.

First of is GASHA - FEELING LOVE. This song was released 2 days ago and was in collaboration with Afro nation Tv *I think*. The song is dedicated to Africa and though it has a kid's cartoon "Kiriko" theme, it also appeals to every age group. The production is really good, Great vocals, and sound track. I just love it

24 May 2015


Wooow the long awaited video for MISTER ELAD's hit song Chakara is finally out. Almost a year after the cameroonian born Afro/RnB singer/producer Mister Elad released his hit single “CHAKARA”, which made him one of Africa’s most talented and feared new comers.He finally brings us the highly anticipated “CHAKARA" VIDEO for music lovers all around the globe.The video shall be released online on the May 22, 2015. I don wait di video sotey my hair grey but it was worth the wait. This song makes me smile even when I am sad. The video was very well produced, directed and the concept is phenomenal. Every Cameroon wedding needs this song on their playlist. I can't wait to see what Mr Elad has for us next.  


Hey sweety pies, No scratch that, Hey lovely readers, 
   How are you all doing? I am so happy to be back to blogging, missed it so much. School is finally over (at least for now), the weather is finally getting warmer *#AMEN* and my lovely Cameroonian artists are killing the music charts, what more could a blogger (me) want? lol.
Anyway,let's jump into the coco of the matter. I am so so excited to introduce this song to you partly because it features a Cameroonian artist I have been routing for and silently supporting since he first came into the scene in 2012 - Arré and secondly because the song worrey!!. This song is the future man!!!.
     Jakiri is by US based Cameroonian artist - Ville Vreezy ft Je Te Ya Mo artist - ArrĂ©. Ville reveals "The video, shot in Cameroon depicts a typical African dance setting giving you a reason to stay on the dance floor". (Yes bro, I agree!)
To be honest, I didn't listen to the audio when it was released last month because I am a visual person. I loveee watching music videos, and this did not disappoint at all. Of course we could have done without the first scene - the girls washing cars in a provocative way but OMG! the song made me want to dance so much I barely noticed what was going on. The guys looked dapper in African outfits, fashion on point, lyrics was very catchy, beats made me dance and twerk (hides face), and ooo did I mention their vocals were on point too?. Anyway, enough said, just take your "colo colo eye chop chrismos". 

26 April 2015


Hi my lovely readers,
                        Hope you all are having a lovely day. Unfortunately our 2 week giveaways is over and it's time to choose the winners. First of all, I want to thank everyone who entered the giveaway, we had almost 450 entries and I just want to say a very big thank you. The winners will be chossen randomly by Rafflecopter. However, I will be taking into consideration some of the criteria for the giveaway such as location and gender *for giveaways that require one male and one female winner*. Winners should expect an email within next week for details such as addresses etc.

1) Motherland T-SHIRT

a Rafflecopter giveaway

6 April 2015

2nd Anniversary GIVEAWAY!!!!

Hey Lovely readers,
  As you all know, the 12th of March was the second anniversary of my blog and to show my appreciation and love to you, my lovely readers, I decided to do a huge giveaway. This giveaway includes my readers in Cameroon, North America and Europe and I am excited for all the future winners. I want to also say a big thank you to all my sponsors. You all are so kind and lovely and I really really appreciate the love, trust and support. And to you my readers, you guys are the best, You deserve all these and more.

1) Readers In Cameroon: The following giveaways are strictly for my lovely readers in Cameroon. So please only enter if you live or reside in Cameroon. Thanks.

Motherland Clothing is a Unisex Urban clothing and accessory line owned by Cameroon's Rap star Stanley Enow and his incredible team. They have T-shirts, Hoodies, Necklaces and headphones. Click HERE for website. They will be giving away a Motherland T-shirt to one lucky winner. ENTER below.

14 March 2015


Hi Lovelies,
 How are you all doing? So.... Yesterday was our 2nd blog anniversary Whoop! Whoop! I was so excited and proud. I started blogging for fun, all I wanted was to share a few fashion/styling tips and show off some of my outfits but it turned into something much bigger than I anticipated. It is much bigger than just me now. I NEVER thought I will last beyond my first year. It was too stressful to blog, be a nursing student and a part time hairstylist. I thought my grades would be worst but they actually got better. Of course I had to give up more of my sleeping hours, leisure time and Tv shows but Hey!, that's life. I wouldn't have it any other way and I couldn't have done this without you all. Thanks for reading my posts; the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks for encouraging me when I felt like giving up. Thanks for all your sweet, lovely comments on my posts and outfits even when i know some of the sucked. lol. You guys are truly the best and without you there will be no " Muke the Blogger". I truly, sincerely, appreciate and love you all. (I will be doing a big blogiversary giveaway next week to say a proper thank you, stay tuned)

3 March 2015

FASHION POLICE: Canal 2'Or Red Carpet

Hey lovely readers,
          I know you all have been anxiously waiting for this post, and quite frankly I couldn't wait to do it. The first time I did a post like this, I was almost torn apart but I have a job to do and I have a right to my opinions and so do you. To be honest, the fashion/ style of our artists, actors infact 'celebs' has improved enormously from when I did my first fashion police post, I couldn't be more proud. Our celebs are gradually understanding the importance of branding and representing themselves in public. The turn out is better, fashion is coming together and there are more pictures from events on social media ( hoping for better quality pics in the future tho). The Canal 2OR awards was on Saturday 28th February, it was full of entertainment personalities from the young to the old and of course our lovely first lady was present and here is my opinion of some of the artists present (those whose pictures I could find).

4 February 2015

First Post of 2015

Hello lovely readers,
   Happy New Year 2015, Happy New Month, Happy Month of Love, happy everything. I know it has been a while since I have been here and I apologize for my absenteeism, lol. I have been trying to juggle school, hair styling etc etc, I guess that's what happens when you get too ambitious and want to do everything at once, But hey! I am not complaining oo. 
    Well, since we have scratched that, let's go to my outfit of the day. You know that moment when you really want to look fashionable and 'baddass' but there is so much cold and snow, hence you can't wear heels or open toe shoe and you just give up and wear whatever enters your hand? Well not to worry, I've got you covered. When in doubt of what to wear during a very cold day, think #StylishCoat first. A coat can turn any outfit from casual to chic. Think I am joking? Check out the pictures below. This outfit is unisex and can be worn by a guy or a lady to work (depending on your job oo), a day out with friends (dinner , drinks) or a day out in town/ shopping. It is casual, chic, trendy and comfy. Brim winter hats are a Must have for the winter. I love love love them, would get them in every color if I could. Hope you guys love the outfit. The weather was horrible so the picture quality isn't the best. Just bear with me, I live in Canada abeg we can't afford to have good winter weather like those in the US #Jealous. However, hope you love my outfit. Your comments are welcome. Have a lovely day. 
with Love,