24 August 2013

Tie Dye Dress

My lovely fashionistas,
              How are you all doing? Hope your summer holidays / weekend is going well. I have been super busy this summer with work, etc etc you all know the drill and I am kinda in a bitter sweet mood right now preparing for school :). Anyway, Let me get right to the post of today. Growing up, my mom used to make tie and dye materials rand sew us some lovely African outfits So when i went to the mall and saw this dress, there was an instant connection between us. Talk about love at first site, touch and wear. Lmao. but seriously though, i absolutely love this dress, I kept the outfit very simple trying not to take away the beauty of the dress with too much accessories. Hope you like the way i styled the outfit. Details of the pieces i am wearing are with the pictures. Don't forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think. There is a video below with more pics and details of my outfit. ENJOY!!!

Lips: Rebel by MAC,  Hair by Mookeh Hair ( No extensions, No tracks, No colour 100% my natural hair)

Cap - Ardene Glasses - Ebay

14 August 2013

My "Hipster" Side

Hey fashionistas,
                How are you all doing today? As you all know, I am a huge lover of Ankara Prints, So i decided to do a mixture of African and western fashion items to come up with this "hipster" look. As usual i always have to be urban chic no mater what I am wearing coz i believe that's my style and i love rocking it. My outfit is made up of a white "INFINITY" cut tee, black skinny pants, Zara sandals, Denim Ankara Jacket costume made by Me and i also added an Ankara head tie. Hope you love the look. Let me know what you think. Thanks to all my readers. You all are AWESOME!!. Much love
xoxo, Alison.

5 August 2013

Love "ARMY" Prints

Hey Fashionistas,
                              How are you all doing today? This week has been a very busy one for me, from interviews to work etc. Well, the outfit of today is all about one of my favorite prints, ARMY print. For some reasons I am just CRAZY about it, i really don't know why. Anyway for my outfit of the day, I wore my peplum army print top with my studded black shorts, Gold Aldo clutch and Black Zara sandals. I have those sandals in mint green, they are soo comfy and gorgeous I just had to get another one in Black. And for some crazy reason i INTENTIONALLY did not wear any earrings lol. I am crazy like that. Hope you enjoy the outfit and don't forget to tell me what you think by commenting below. 

Hair and Make up by Me, ( More hair Pics HERE AND HERE)

3 August 2013

Interview with the gorgeous CEO of Afroshic clothing - Reneta Ndisang

 Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Hope the summer is treating you nicely. Well, Guess who I interviewed this week? The gorgeous, creative and talent Fashion designer and CEO of Afroshic Clothing, Reneta Ndisang. Many of you might not know this but we grew up in e same neighbourhood. We were childhood friends. #kwako buea pikin them. I am extremely proud of her and the huge success of her clothing line. Her designs are crazy good. Check out more about Reneta and what she is working on,

  •               Hi Reneta, Thanks for doing this interview with me, I am so proud of the success and growth of your line. As you know i am a huge Afroshic fan.Before, I go into your upcoming collection; I think my readers will want to know a little about you. Who is Reneta?
        Reneta is a funny talented girl. .I am 24 of age and into fashion designing.I am from Northwest part of Cameroon,but currently living between Douala and Buea.