27 November 2013

Stanley Enow Speaks Out about His Controversial Bamenda Concert

Hey Guys,
                    How have you all been? hope everything is moving on well. Well, hope you are not hearing this from the first time but there has been a very very controversial story about Cameroonian Hip hop artist, Stanley Enow. Anyway, Stanley had a concert in Bamenda a couple of weeks ago. During the concert, he took down pictures of Brasseries posters from the walls. saying and I quote " I am a brand, and if I am invited for a show and there is a sponsor, I have to be told. I can't promote a brand without being paid for it". Just so we are clear, I totally 200% agree with and understand what he did. The organizers had to tell him about all the sponsors of the show and pay him accordingly. Anyway, here is the peak of what happened

16 November 2013

Blue Illusion Dress

Hey everyone,
                        By the way TGIF!!!!, I think this is one of those days where I am like pwefff!!! Thank God this week is over, now I need to start studying for next week. #smh. I make it my goal to blog at least once every week but it's been 3 weeks since I have been on here so you can imagine. This semester has been one of the most stressful, busy and annoying semesters I have ever had but I refuse to let it stop me from doing what i love, that's blogging. Anyway enough of that. I am so in love with Illusion dresses and when a dress has color blocking, then it's a plus. Illusion dresses are best at making ladies look like they are hour glass shaped / pear shaped when they might not be. I love love love them in every color and style. This illusion dress was gotten for me by my mom. AGAIN!!! I KNOW!! *hides face* . Well I decided to add more colour to the outfit by wearing my gorgeous pink sandals from Le Chateau, I also kept my jewelries at a minimum and rocked my black bag from Aldo. I wore my hair up to expose the very interesting neckline of the dress. This outfit can be worn to work, interviews or formal occasions. Hope you love the way I styled it.