31 July 2013

Styling your Maxi Dress

OMG, i am soo sorry for the long silence guys. Been soo busy lately. This post has been way overdue. Took the pics about 2 weeks ago. Anyway hope u guys enjoy it. It is no news that maxi dresses are the must haves of every summer. i don't think they will be going out of fashion, even if they do it won't be anytime soon. They are comfy, light, sexy and easy to wear. who doesn't love that. Every girl has definitely rocked a maxi dress this summer and the only thing that makes it different is how you style it ( your accessories). For my outfit, i decided to wear a purple and white maxi dress which I bought last summer, with a gorgeous hat, a pair of flats, lovely hand bag and a pair of sun glasses. you can rock this outfit to any out door event, be it a BBQ, a day at the beach, an outdoor concert or even a touristic day around town. it's a simple but fun outfit. hope you like it.

22 July 2013

Candy Yum Yum

Hello Lovelies,
                          So sorry for the long silence. I have too much going on right now. Work and any other things that have been keeping me super busy and making blogging almost impossible but as usual i will try my very best to blog as much as possible. Do to time constrain this post is going to be very simple and short. As you all know it's summer and everyone is bring out and wearing as much color as possible. One color that has been turning heads this summer is the candy pink color. From the Candy yum yum lipstick by Mac to Candy pink dresses, shoes, pants and blazers. For my outfit of today, i paired my cream white studded top old. with a flare black skirt i got from Siren, My candy pink pumps which i loveeee, a black crocodile shopper bag and finally Candy Yum Yum lipstick from Mac to match me shoes :). It was my first time trying on the lipstick, i love it but it's too bright and demands too much attention wc i don't like. lol will be rocking it but definitely not often. Hope you like the outfit *fingers crossed*

17 July 2013

New Song Release: Hein Pere by Stanley Enow.

Hey guys,
                Before I even start giving you giste about this new song, Let me just say how addicted I am to it. As in this song is DOPE to the DOPIEST. lol does that even make sense? Anyway thanks to this song I have found my new Slang - " Sexy Mackerel". Just love it. lmao so if anyone calls me Sexy Mackerel a no go vex. Lmao Stanley Enow go kill me oo. Learn a little about him below.

Attitude – check, stage presence – check, great images – check; Stanley Enow is the new must know name being uttered from every Cameroon urban music lover’s mouth. In such a short space of time, this young rap artist in his 20s signed to his own indie label Motherland Empire; has become synonymous with a new youth order vying for change and recognition within the small scale industry seeking to elevate its status within the African and international milieu. The buzz around him has become so huge so fast so much so that his award hunting debut single “Hein Père” is not only the biggest hip hop track of the moment released since April but is also the only contender for the most memorable and worthy track within the Cameroon music scene this 2013.

Song of the Week: Africa (Higher Higher) by Debra Debs

Hey guys,
             Another outstanding song of the week. Africa (higher higher) by Debra Debs has been the talk of Facebook and other social networks for a while now. Just a little over a month since it was released and it has almost 1.5 million views. Yes, people you heard right it's in millions and it's no wonder why. From it's captivating message to her stunning voice and woowing video quality/ directing, there is no doubt that this song deserves millions upon millions of views, countless awards and why not a Grammy. This is the most viewed Cameroonian music i have ever seen, and the support is not just from within Cameroon but from all over the world. it's CRAZY. In my opinion, She is like a younger, BETTER version of the Nigerian female artist, Asa. As I said my opinion, lol i love Asa but Debra is giving a running for her money #BIGTIME. lol let me stop talking. Just watch and let me know what you think. I have no critic about it. And let's not forget Mr Ndukong Bertrand aka February 16th, the amazing director of the video. 100 Thumbs up bro. You have done it again. This is just tooo PERFECT, *Hats off to you*.

Let's all strive to go higher in everything we do, No more lower. We are better than what they portray us to be. Thanks for this Debra, gives me strength to wake up every morning with a new and bigger dream. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below and if you will like to know more about Debra Debs, also let me know so i can interview her.

Have a lovely week every one, We Africans are BLESSED, Never forget that.

Lots of LOVE

12 July 2013

DIY: How to Achieve an Ombre Hair

Hey guys,
               I know this post has been a long time coming since you guys have been asking me how I achieved the look for my new hair style. Some of my readers have been asking for a video tutorial , the truth is I wasn't planning on doing a post or tutorial on it. Luckily i took some pictures while i was doing it #THANK GOD, So i will just try to explain what I did using the pictures. Mind you I wasn't planning on doing this post so the pictures are not perfect but I will try my best to make it work. Also, I promise to make a video when next a do this to my hair. so if you are in Windsor and you need help to achieve this look, Just shoot me an email and i will be willing to help. So here we go, Enjoy and don't forget to leave any questions and comments below.

Firstly, Most Ladies think that Ombre is a hair color, it isn't. Ombre is a french word meaning "shade or shading". Ombre Hair usually fades from a darker roots to lighter ends of your hair, So you can have pink, blue , red etc etc ombre hair but today I will be talking about achieving a brown - blonde ombre hair. This is a great way to add some sexy and hotness into your summer. it just makes you look stylist, hot and smoldering and the good thing is anyone can pull of Ombre hair no matter your skin colour, race or hair type. Some many celebs have been rocking this hair style from Rihanna, Ciara to Khloe kardashian

So to achieve this lovely look,


 - Virgin Hair ( Brazilian, Peruvian etc etc),
 - 30 Volume Developer,
 - Hair bleach (Quick Blue, ),
 - Plastic bowl,
 -  Spatula or wooden/ plastic spoon,
 - Aluminium foil

8 July 2013

Fashionistas of the week 2

Hey Lovelies,
                     How are you all doing today and how has your first week of July been? Hope it's splendid. Sorry for the silence, I have been so busy this week. Well, I thought I should cheer you all up with a list of fashionistas of the week. If you love fashion, have a great style and want to be featured here, just click  to submit your pics. It barely takes a minute. It's open to girls, women, children and boys/men. Your race/ age doesn't matter, just make sure u are killing it :). Couple of our "Finest Cameroonians" made the list this week. Enjoy and hope you like what you see. Once again your comments and critics are very welcome. You can also submit for a friend.


Yoland Scullark ( IG: yoyo_symone): , i absolutely LOVE the "tomboy" look and that ankara blazer just took it to a whole different leave. Killed it

Keyshia Kaoir (IG: keyshia ka'oir) She knows how to ROCK a bodycon dress. Always looks glamorous and the hair!!!!!!!! Killer

2 July 2013

Worst Dressed At The BET AWARDS 2013

Of course you know when ever there is a best, there is a worst. Here is the list of the worst dressed at the BET awards 2013. Unfortunately or fortunately, there is no guy on this list, they are all girls. Again, this is very subjective and it's based solely on my opinion. Let me know what you think.

Best Dressed: BET AWARDS 2013

Hey Lovelies,
                      Happy New Month to you all. Guess what? we are half way through the year, it's that AWESOME?. To think that it was just yesterday we were celebrating the new year. Well, Last month ended with a huge event, the biggest and best black entertainment awards and As usual all the stars came out in grand style, pulling all their fashion strings and woowing the audiences and got fashionistas (like me) dreaming. lol. This is just a list of my favorite looks. Feel free to agree or disagree by leaving a comment below. This list is not in any particular order. Hope you like it.

It looks as though this awards was an all white one coz most of the ladies where dressed in all white and nude colors and they Killed it.

LaToya's all white jump suit was a killer. I don't have anything to say other than it was PERFECT on her. Way to go Gurl.

 Megan Good looked splendid in this V- neck, high split blue dress, what can i say? they girl is Gorgeous. Very few people can pull this off but she did.