15 October 2014

My Birthday Dinner - September 13th.

Hey guys,
               So, if you follow me on Facebook you will know that my birthday was on September 6th. I decided to have my birthday dinner the weekend after which was September 13th and i can't believe I am only posting about it now, ONE MONTH AFTER. Chaii, this kind busy body no fine. Anyway, let's dive into it. I decided to have my birthday dinner at a classy restaurant - The Keg Steakhouse & Bar. I wanted it to be a very intimate dinner so invited about 8 of my close friends. I told them that the dress code was all black, little did they know that I was going to show up in white, bahahaha, they almost killed me when they saw me. But hey, It was my birthday and what I say goes. lol. I am a brat like that. Ok let me be serious, I wanted this dinner to be different from my other birthday dinners. I love the black and white theme and that's what I was going for, however I needed to stand out so I made them wear all black, which I really loved. Everyone was on point. My dress was a white cut out bandage dress from Hot Miami Styles. I absolutely love bandage dresses and hot miami styles never disappoints. The dress was very lovely, how ever when I put it on, my boobs were more exposed than I expected, I probably didn't realize that the model's boobs were smaller and "fake" ( lol), so they didn't show that much, and mine was just all out #jeeze. The dinner was at 9 pm and my dress came in at 8:30 pm so there was no time to think of plan b. I was very uncomfortable at first because of all the eyes and attention reasons why I wore a fur coat on it. However, by the time dinner started I didn't care any more. I actually love the dress. Yes there is a little too much boobs but who cares? You Only Live Once. Details of my outfit will be at the end of this post,

7 October 2014

BUISNESS: New Luxury Salon Alert - LUDMILLA By LUDIE

Hey Ladies..... and Guys,

 How are you all doing? I know I have been MIA for a while but I had to bring something special. I know we (ladies) love looking good,  and getting pampered. Hair done, nails sparkling, make up flawless and skin radiant, and to crown it all, you can get all that done in the same place. Let me speak for myself, there is nothing as annoying as having to run from one salon to another to meet up with hair, nails and massage appointments. it's extremely annoying and frustrating. Well for my Cameroon ladies, your prayers have finally been answered, you can now get your hair, nails, massage and even facials done at the same luxury beauty salon. Chaii!!! I am officially jealous. Well let me stop ranting and get into the real deal. Wondering where you can get all this done? Below are all the answers to your questions.

New Single Release: ShikkiBamBam by VILLE

Hi guys,
 Cameroon music is becoming bigger than ever and it is thanks to all the artists who take their time to invest in their talents and make us move to their music. Shikki-bamban is one of such songs. I call it a "feel good African grove" lol. That's how I feel when I listen to it. It is very original and the beats sound like a mixture of makossa and some Igbo rhythms which is cool. Here is what the artist VILLE has to say about it:

US based Afro pop rapper VILLE drops another smothering banger titled SHIKKI-BAMBAM, a total deviation from his regular style.  A blend of Afro beat, Makossa and Soukous. Cool, sweet and catchy for both the old and the young featuring rapper King_Kimbo. Song is produced by Lexi_sugar.  ‘I love doing music for everybody’ VILLE has come to stay; the next big act has done it again just few weeks after releasing fresh choreography visuals for OLOPYTO.  

Contact Ville by :
Following VILLE on twitter @VreezyVille237 
 Instagram @Vreezy_Ville.

For Bookings contact: info@francorecords.com / +011-281-728-4374. @Vreezyville237     @Francorecordz

26 September 2014

Movie Premiere: DECODED - September 27th @ Douala Bercy & 28th September @ Savoy Palmz Hotel Limbe

Hi Guys,
  Cameroon movies are slowly making their way out of Cameroon and securing a couple of international awards. although our movie industry has improved they still have a long way to go, reasons why when I hear of a movie premiere i get super excited worst of all when the movie involves an international Ghanaian actor- Van Vicker. Hopefully i can get my hand on a copy and i hope you all will grab one too and attend the premiere on Saturday September 27th at Douala Bercy and 28th September at Savoy Palmz Hotel, Limbe. You guys should turn up and put your best fashion foot forward coz i will be watching (LMAO), I just want to take this moment to say a big thank you to our Cameroon movie actors and actresses who put our movies ans country on the map, thanks for your talent and dedication, A big thank you to all our movie investors, thanks for believing in our movie industry and please we need more investors, there are so many talented young actors in Cameroon but no one to help promote or push them. Hope we can have bigger and better investors and promoters. Below is a brief synopsis of the movie, and behind the scene pictures. Enjoy!!!

22 September 2014

An Exclusive Interview with AMBE ( Formerly known as Denzyl)

Hi Guys,
               How are you all doing? I know it's been over 2 months since I last blogged but I promise to blog more regularly. Balancing nursing school, being a part-time hair stylist and blogging is getting more difficult that I though #SadFace. That being said, I just made a promise and I will keep to it.
Today's post is about one of Cameroon's most talented artist. Ambé which many of you might have know is Denzyl is one of the artists making waves all over Cameroon. His unique sound and captivating personality makes him stand out and places him at the top in the music industry. He just recently changed his artist name From Denzyl to Ambé , rebranded himself and  released a new single Rendez- Vous. I had a twitter interview with him and this is what he had to say.

11 July 2014

AFRIMMA AWARDS - Vote for our Cameroon Artists

Hey Guys,
               How are you all doing? Hope the long holidays is looking bright and fruitful. As you all might know a lot of our young Cameroonian artists and talents have been nominated of the African Musik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) to be held in the 26th of July 2014 at 19:00 in Dallas, Texas USA. There will be a host of artists from all over Africa such as Flavour, Basket mouth, Fally Ipupa, Serge Benaud, Wyre, Davido, Timaya, Diamond, Miriam Chemmoss, DJ Arafat, J Martin, Phyno, Toofan, Navio, 2 face and our lovely Camer artists, Stanley Enow, Les Nubian and the one and only D3 dancers. Our entertainment industry has been popping this year and what better way to support our entertainment industry by voting for our artists. Below is a list of the Cameroonian Artists nominated, their categories and some of their work. To vote click HERE.

3 July 2014


Hey Guys,
                  So exactly two months ago, i started a campaign to vote for one of Cameroon's biggest talents STANLEY ENOW, and what a HUGE success it was. He actually won the MTV Africa (MAMA) awards for Best New Comer and it's thanks to you all. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all my readers and friends who sent in their pictures, shared, voted and promoted this campaign. Words can't describe how happy I was when i found out that we were successful and the MAMA was coming home (to Cameroon) for the first time ever. We made history y'all. You guys are the Freaking BEST , mwah! mwah! mwah!

Stanley Enow receiving is award presented by the one and only koko master - D'banj

Denim On Fire

Hi lovely readers,
                           I know it has been a while since I have been on here and i was seriously beginning to miss you guys. I needed some time off for some serious soul searching and prioritizing and after everything I can truly say I am a better person right now, I am in a better place and I blogging is one of the best things in my life. It makes me truly happy to come on here and share my day, outfits and love for the Cameroon entertainment industry with you all. My outfit for this post is a revamp of what I wore for my friend's BBQ birthday party two weekends ago. Instead of sneakers i wore a white wedge sandals, high waisted denim shorts, white crop top and my custom made Ankara jacket. I also wore my body chain from Aldo. Body chains are my summer obsession. can't get enough of it. Hope you love the way I styled my look. Your comments and love is highly appreciated.

4 May 2014

Denim On Demin / Vote for Stanley Enow Campaign

Hey Allyistas,
Hahaha I know it's a funny name.I have been thinking of a name to call my readers and i just stumbled on this. lol I know it sounds horrible, am clearly not good at coming up with stuff like this.I am open to suggestions, Please let me know what some of your options are. Ok enough of that. This outfit post was a total coincidence. I put together this outfit to launch my #Vote4StanleyEnowCampaign details --> HERE. I was just going to take portfolio shots for the campaign and I swear I WAS NOT aiming to look this good. I used 5 mins to throw everything together and BAAM!! I was looking like this. I was shocked myself. hahaha so i just decided to take a few casual full shots for IG and then decided to make a post after i saw how good the pictures looked (hides face) so here you go. What do you think, did I make good use of my 5 mins? Also please join the Campaign, it's not limited to Cameroonians or Africans and Voting is also open to everyone. Details ---> HERE. Thanks to all those who have joined the campaign already. Waiting for more pictures.

1 May 2014

Official Launch - Vote For Stanley Enow Campaign

Hey Guys,
           As you may or may not know, our very own Star Boy - STANLEY ENOW has been nominated for an MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) as Africa's Best New Act. He is the artist who sang Hein Pere and Tumbuboss. Making his debut last year, it's been a heck of a ride for this very talented artist. If I am not mistaken, he is the first Cameroonian artist to be nominated for an MTV Award in any category. This is beyond Stanley Enow, this is for Cameroon. As we say "IMPOSSIBLE N'EST PAS CAMEROUNAIS". Let's work together to make his dreams come true and to put our beloved country on the map. You don't have to like him, you just have to love Cameroon. You can be any age, country or race to vote, all you need is your email and telephone/mobile number.Voting is open now and closes on the 4th of June 2014, so we have 2 months to make a difference. Here is how to vote

Click ---> HERE, Select STANLEY ENOW as the Best New Act, ENTER your email and Telephone number, and click - CAST YOUR VOTE. and that's it.very easy.

29 April 2014

Songs of the Week

Hey guys,
I know it's been ages since i did a songs of the week post, and honestly the title of this post should be songs of the month or rather the year because there have been a lot of ground breaking Cameroonian songs released this year.To say the Cameroon Music Industry has taken a 180 turn is an understatement. I couldn't be more proud of our artists both male and female you all make us really proud. Here are some of the songs that have caught my attention this far. Some of the songs might be old to you, or rather you must have already seen them but I am just putting up all the songs I have liked since my last song of the week post. I will also be explaining why i like the songs and what i think can be improved. Just so we are clear, these songs are not in a particular order. It's NOT a ranking !!!

Stanley Enow - Tumbuboss

Of course you guys knew this was going to be the first song I mention. Hahaha don't hate!! I don't know why people keep comparing this song to Hein Pere. It is a great song on its own, it has its own hype, style and message. I absolutely love the quality of the video, lyrics is great " Perika You must to Calculate..." lol that's my best line, the style and ambiance are topnotch. My only problem with the video is, I couldn't get the story ( i don't know if there was meant to be one) there was too much going on. But Hey it's STANLEY ENOW!!! aka Hein Pere! what can I say? He is the BOSS.

The Most talked about Cameroonian Movie - EKEI

Quinsia films announces the release of its new feature film titled “EKEI”“EKEI” was shot on locations in Cameroon and USA. World Premiere for “EKEI” is scheduled for June 2014 in Maryland. You can find the trailer of “EKEI” on YouTube by simply searching “EKEI Official Trailer” Below is the synopsis of the movie. 

I must say, this is one of the best Cameroonian movie/ movie trailer i have watched which has been produced in the United States of America. They are finally living up to their potentials and expectations. The video quality, the acting, sound and fashion/ style in the movie is no point. Finally, no over acting or exaggerated make up. And can I just say that Stephanie Maa killed her role? she acted as the main character in this movie. Remember I interviewed her a while ago, HERE? i am very proud, she has come  a long and she was outstanding in this movie. Below is the movie synopsis and don't forget to check out the trailer below. I honestly can't wait for the official release of this movie. Woow!!!.

26 April 2014


Hey Guys, 
Sorry I have been away for a while. I had to prepare for exams and I am happy to say it is over now and I was successful. This post is all about our star boy - Stanley Enow's new song - Tumbuboss which as had over 36k views in 12 days. I love the imprecable quality of the video and the lyrics is on point. The only thing I will say is that so much was going on in the video that i couldn't even understand the story but then again, it's Stanley Enow aka Bayangi boy, so what can i say? lol. 

26 March 2014

Fashion Police: Viri Premiere

Hey loves,
 Last weekend was a very exciting one in the Cameroon film industry with the premiere of the newly released movie VIRI. The premiere took place in Douala, and everyone, who is anyone in the film industry was there. However, I must apologize for the poor quality of some of the pictures ,as there was no official photographer for the red carpet and NO!!! official pictures have been release. These are the few pictures i could find on Facebook.

Meet Cameroon's Youngest Yet Very Talented Artist - JAY JAY.

Hi guys,
This sizzling, young and talented artist is JAY JAY. He made his big official debut into the Cameroon Music Industry last year with the release of his first single “ZANGELEWA”. It immediately made buzz all over the internet, clubs and with Cameroonians international. It took no time for this 20 year old to become a household name and today he is counted amongst the top artists in the industry. I call him my ‘baby’ because he is just like a little brother but can I just say he has the mind, soul and brain of a 40 year old? Throughout the interview I was just like Woow, Woow, WOOW!!! Just read -on and See what I mean

-         Hi Jay Jay, how are you doing, hun? Thanks for accepting to do this interview with me.
Hello Alison, the pleasure is all mine J

-         Who is Jay Jay?
Ekiinyoh Emmanuel-Jonathan Ndinayi are my real names, I am a 20 year old, singer, songwriter and producer. I went to PNEU Bamenda as a kid, then to Sacred Heart College Mankon secondary education and did high school at PCHS Mankon. I’m presently a law student at the University of Yaounde 2.

13 March 2014

Happy Blogiversary: Hello Kitty Meets Boyfriend Jeans.

Hey Friends,
 This post is a very special one for me because we just turned ONE. lol ok let me break it down. March 12 made me one year as a blogger and made my blog one year old so we are pretty excited. Within a year we have managed to have 87 posts, 825 Facebook likes, and over 77,000 views which is just mind blowing. When I started blogging it was just for fun. I had two aims, to show people what I wear/ give fashion advice and to create a platform to showcase amazingly talented Cameroonians; artists, actors etc. And as the year went by i just found myself wanting to do more and be more because of all the support i got from you all. I discovered talents i didn't even know i had like writing. I have always hated writing but since i started blogging it just flows. I want to say a very big THANK YOU to all my readers and friends who have supported me all through this year. I know i still have a very long way to go and a lot more work to do but i know with your support I will get there. Please I am open to any constructive criticism, so let me know what you like/ do not like about my blog. what you want to see more off and what i should add.
Now to the outfit of the day, first I want to apologize for not posting outfits for a while. The winter weather in Canada is HORRIBLE and it makes it almost impossible to take pictures for my blog. Anyway thank God the winter nightmare is almost over. Just like every outfit, I always want to look as simple as possible yet classy and fashionable. It was cold so i decided to wear my kitty fur sweater and boyfriend jean from Urban Planet, Nude single strap Sandals and clutch from Le chateau. I also added some color to the outfit by tying an ankara headtie. This outfit can be worn to school esply those in University in Cameroon/Africa. people don't really wear heels to school here, or may be it's just my school. you can also wear it to events, shows, work and even dates.

26 February 2014


One of the biggest and most successful Cameroonian PR firm celebrates it's first anniversary. Check out my interview with Mode Maison CEO - Cynthia Tabe  HERE and find out which celebrities attended. 

The celebratory mood was activated as ModeMaison PR celebrated its first year journey in Douala with tea and champagne at the glamorous well interiored LYNK Lounge in Bonapriso.
The MMPR One soiree gathered a host of representatives from the urban showbiz scene - TV presenters Fidjil & Bonas Duvalier, Kristelle from STV, Jumper from Boom TV, music artists Sophy Aiida, Vanessa Payge, Steveslil, small business owners such as Etonde Martin from SIPEC Cameroon, as well as the chief IT officer of MTN Cameroon also in attendance to provide his support to the initiative.

Women's Day Promo By OZI

Hey ladies,
               I know it's been a while since I blogged but I had to today coz I have something very interesting to you all. We all know that women's day is coming up (March 8th) and all my Cameroon Ladies love to look their best in their women Day Kabas. Well, an ankara outfit is nothing without the right accessories and that's why I present to you OZI by Anyi. OZI is an contemporary accessory line owned by one of Cameroon's leading make up artists - Anyi Asonganyi. You might remember her from THIS interview. She designs the latest, most fashionable accessories in african material from bags, to bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc. I swear i will rob her collections when i go to Cameroon. Anyway, she has a promo sale of a complete accessory collection for the Women's day and it's only 5000 frs. can you believe that?. check out some of her creations. 

14 February 2014

Movie/ concert Date Outfits

Hey ladies, for those who will be going for movie, concert or game dates instead, this if for you. You can go casual or simple chic. hope you love these outfit choices.

Movie/ concert Date Outfits

Valentine Dinner Outfits 2

Hey gurls,
 I know not everyone is into a red dress on Valentine's day so I have decided to come up with other outfits you could rock and look as sexy and beautiful on this lovely day. I decided to put 2 shoe options for each outfit. if you want to highlight your waist line, you can always wear a simple belt with any of this outfits, also clutches are ideal for Valentine's day dinners, you don't want to carry a big bag that will either cover your face/ outfit, take up table space or end up under the table or chair lol, we don't want that. all you need to carry is a clutch contenting your debit/credit cards (lol you never want to go to a dinner date without your cards anything can happen), your ID cards, lipstick, gloss and phone. I think that's all you need. Also for outfit 1, wearing a ponytail will be lovely, 2 and 3 can go with almost any hair style. Again, keep your make up and accessories pretty and simple,Wear a warm coat and you are ready to rock this day in Style. 

Valentine's Day Dinner Outfit 1

Hey lovelies,
 Happy Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day has never really been the best of days for me coz coming to think of it i have never really celebrated valentine's day as in relationship wise, I always tend to be single on Val's day either voluntarily or due to some circumstances. Anyway, enough of me, today is about my lovely ladies who will be going out tonight on dinner dates. You can never go wrong with a lovely red dress on valentine's day, pair your dresses with a lovely sandals or pump and NO! it doesn't have to be red. You can make your outfit interesting by add colored earrings. Please ... Keep your make up and jewelries simple and to a minimum. Don't forget to through on a jacket and Have fun. 

28 January 2014

Orange Pencil Skirt

Hey Fashionistas,
                         How are you all doing today? I know it has been a while since posted anything. School is almost killing me oo. lol but as usual I always have to make time for you guys. This outfit of the day is something you can wear to work or a formal event. The orange skirt was sewing by me. I was hurrying to get it done so the finishing is not as perfect as i expected but atleast 90% of it came out the way I expected. Hopefully during the summer I will have time to take on bigger sewing projects. However, I paired the lovely skirt with a black studded top from Urban Planet and these lovely orange single heeled sandals from Zara, Love love love them. Jewellries from Ardene/ Forever 21. and Voila!!!! you have this lovely look. Hope i did this outfit justice. Have a lovely week. 
                                                                With Love, 

27 January 2014

Meet Cameroon's Golden voice RnB Artist - Adah Akenji

Hey Guys, 
  It's a new year and what other way to kick off this session interviews than to interview  my favourite Cameroonian RnB Artist, ADAH AKENJI aka Mr Swag. Adah as he is popularly known is one of Cameroon's best, with a breath taking voice, gorgeous 'physique' and a great & personable personality. His song Nyango is one of the best love songs ever and made waves through out 2011, 2012 and even 2013. He is a singer, producer and director with music videos like Zangelewa by Jay Jay, Ngoma - afe nkap, E.L.I & C'Prime ft Beezy B - Haus Boy etc under his belt. He is one of the artists/ producers to watch out for this year. Let's learn more about this multi-talented guy.

- Hello Adah, thanks for accepting to do this interview with ALFT, we greatly admire your work.
Thanks for the opportunity, Muke.

5 January 2014

Mode Maison Introduces Up Coming Cameroonian Female Rapper - CIANA

It has been a couple of months since Mode Maison ( on of the leading PR firms in Cameroon) has been talking and making buzz about their new client up Coming rapper - CIANA. Finally we know her name, lol. She is a triple threat beauty, brains and talent. It'a about time we learnt more about this beauty. She gave a thrilling first performance to a large crowd last month during the Stanley Enow's Orangina sponsored
concert at Parcours Vita in Douala, her name is CIANA and she is the new and first ever female music artist tobe signed under ModeMaison PR’s books.

CIANA aka Caroline Jabe Takon is a Cameroon based rap artist and singer in her early 20s who kicked off her music career as a songwriter writing for her sister who was then a chorister as well as providing her
friends with songs.
By 2010, CIANA started writing and rapping to her own songs thereby enabling her to join an all male rap group called “Big Boy Game.” Although the group did not quite last long, CIANA decided to embark on a solo project sharpening her rapping skills and building up her popularity. In the same 2010, she caught the attention of music label Trackzone Records on which she had the opportunity to attend and perform on various music shows which included the “12-12-12” – the biggest ever showcase in Buea.

Happy New Year 2014

Hey Everyone,
                       Happy New Year to you all. It's funny how time flies right? It feels like just yesterday I started this blog and in about two and a half months we will be celebrating the first anniversary of this blog. Whoop Whoop!!! wonder what i will do for that. That been said, Are you guys into New year resolutions? coz i am and one of my resolutions this year is to make you all ( my readers) satisfied by having better posts and outfits. It only gets better from now onward. One of My personal resolutions is to strengthen my spiritual life this year because God is EVERYTHING. I also one to use this opportunity to thank all of you ( my readers) for you love, support and encouraging comments through out the year 2013. You guys are the best and i love you all. For my first post this year, i decided to go all out and try a new style. You know when you have those lovely summer dresses that you absolutely adore but can't wear them in the Winter coz of the cold? Well, i have a solution for you. Pair a lovely white shirt with your dresses and BOOM!!!! you have a fashion explosion. You Rock this look to work, an interview or for a date. Check out the way i styled this look and tell me what you think.