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Hey Everyone, 
                        So many people have been asking me questions about what they should wear to various occasions. For that reason, I have decided to make a section where I can answer your questions and give you tips on how to dress for special occasions and night outs. So if you have any questions you will like me to answer, Just leave your questions in the comment box and I will answer you ASAP. 

How To Rock Your First Date.

Precious: Alison, I have a first date on the 1st of May and I don't know what to wear. Please could you hook me up\with something fab and affordable?

Me: Of course hun, I definitely will.

When choosing the dress for your first date, these are a few things you should looks at:

  1. Choose a dress that enhances your best features.
  2. The dress SHOULD NOT show too much cleavage. Although you want to have a little cleavage to catch his attention, You want to keep him looking at you (face/eye) not your boobs.
  3. Your dress should be short enough to allow you bend over freely.
  4. Keep your make up as simple/ natural as possible.
  5. Ensure that you are very comfortable and confident in your outfit.

The first outfit is to be worn for a formal dinner date. You can decide to use any of the accessories (on the left/right). if you are using the accessories on the left, the use the red lip stick and the nude lipstick is for the outfits on the right. I decided to use Red accessories coz it's a very eye-catching and sexy color. the dress is $100 and the accessories are all $50 and below except for the shoes tho. Click HERE to see where to get them

If you don't like dresses or if you love colour, then you can also rock this look. Keeping it chic and classy at the same time. For the websites to each of the items, check HERE .

In case your date is outdoors, at the movies, a game or somewhere casual, you might want to something more comfortable and fit for the occasion. This is a very urban, chic and hot outfit. Click HERE

Hope you like my outfit choices. Just let me know what you think about them below. And Precious, Please send us a picture of your actual outfit after the date.


    1. I loveeeeee ur outfit selections.I am crazyyyyy about fashion and i loveeee shoes.I will definately check out ur blog for some tips too.keep up love.u got an eye for fashion for real.

      1. awwwww thanks soo much hun. means a lot. ya definitely keep checking coz i will be putting more cool stuff.

    2. im dying for your collections. u ve my perfect colours and combinations.Du courage!!!!!

      1. awww aww aww thanks hun. the collection will be out by the end of year. thanks soo much for the support.

    3. I love the first outfit because the colour of the dress is my fav colour and above all very eye catching, chic and fiminine.
      Love your sense od style.

      1. Thanks hun, i love black, white and red too. My fav colours. love ur blog. just checked it out. I just feel like stealing all those designs on ur blog. The designers really know their craft. Damn.

    4. My dear sister, you are doing a great job oh, me love this. I have to steal your ideas, hope you do not mind, lol

    5. I loved your ideas of fashionable clothes for first date. They are simple, elegant, and can make a girl feel confident.

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