27 April 2013

Cynthia Tabe : The Talent Behind the Blog DULCE CAMER.

Hey everyone,
                 How are you all doing? I know I have been away for a while. Well, I was writing my exams and PRAISE THE LORD!!!!. I am done. While I was away, I was still thinking of some interesting things to bring to you. And guess what? I found them. First up is my interview, with the talented and very patriotic blogger and PR Mogul Cynthia Tabe. If you haven't read, comment or followed her blog, DULCE CAMER (Here) then you have been living under a rock. It gives gistes and gossips about your favourite Cameroon songs, entertainment and even politics. With over 158, 700 views and counting, Cynthia's blog is amongst one of the most viewed and top Cameroon blogs. Ok let's talk to Cynthia

16 April 2013

Junior Mbeng aka "Juicy"

Hey Guys,

                I know most of you are like who the heck is this guy. Well first of all, you all know am a sucker for Cameroon Talent so when I see a talented Cameroonian all I think of is "What can I do in my own little way to help him/her achieve or get closer to their goal". That being said. Junior Junior, where do I start. Well I guess I should start by telling you who he is. Junior Mbeng, is 23 years old and lives in Ottawa, Canada.

11 April 2013

Fashion Must Haves: Crop Tops

Hey Lovelies,
                         How are you all doing? Hope this week has been going well. As for me, Exams are almost killing me. Funny how I still had time to blog right? Well, i try to make time. So our post today is a continuation of the fashion must have posts. Crop tops are the "ish thing" right now. Everyone has them from celebs to bloggers to fashionistas etc etc. They are very affordable and can go with anything from pants/ trousers, flare short skirts, pencil skirt to maxi skirts. You can find them in every color and style. They can be worn for formal, day and night occasions it all depends on what you pair and match them with. The best of all is, it doesn't matter what your style is, crop tops can go with any style from urban chic to high fashion/classy. To be sincere, i don't know if it can fit ALL body types but there is nothing bad in trying, right? Well for my outfit, I paired a poker dot white and orange crop top with my mint green skirt both from Urban Planet ( they are very affordable, i think the top was $10 and the skirt was $20) . I decided to keep my jewelries very simple coz the outfit was already very colorful  You can add a belt to the skirt but I didn't feel like wearing one. And of course my lovely lovely orange Zara sandals (love love love them). Hope you like my outfit.

Windsor Science Fair Judge

Hey Everyone,
                     I know some of you must be like, "what the heck is Science doing on this blog". Well, you may not know this but am kind of a geek. lol let's not say nerd coz i am far from that level. But ya, am a science student and I have been a science student since I learnt how to read and write. ma favorite subjects have always been maths, chemistry and physics. Any how sha!!!!. Last week I was a judge at a science fair ( for the first time) and i was astonished at the level of talent and knowledge the kids had. As in I learned things from 5 year olds that I couldn't have known like EVER. The pikin them get sense BADTTTTTTTTT!!! * A wash hand nohh*. It was one of the best experiences of my life. like seriously!!, It was difficult for me to judge them coz they thought me things I didn't even know. I swear I want to be like these kids when i grow up. lmao. Sincerely no matter who you are or what you do in any field of life strive to be the best and follow your dreams. Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you love. Here are some pics of the presentations I loved best. There were so many kids so i couldn't take pictures of everyone.

Daniel, is 9 year old and he's experiment was about solutions that transmit electricity. he had water, salt water, sugar water, juice, milk and cooking oil. and of course salt water transmitted the most electricity. * A be know da one ya*. but to here a child explain it to me was mind blowing

E GO PAY Official Video by BOY SLIM ft DIANEE

Hey guys,
               The song of the Week is titled E GO PAY by No Hitz No Recordz Entertainment's very own, Boy Slim feat Dianee. It was directed by Dr. Nkeng .F .Stephens and produced by Bench Mark Africa productions. This song is dedicated to all the my hardworking Cameroonian/ African brothers and sisters out there. You are toiling and working their butts off to make a difference in their country, their lives or the lives of others.* KNOW SAY ONE DAY E GO PAY!!!!*. it doesn't matter if you are a student, actor, actress, musician, producer, director, CEO, make up artist, hairstylist, blogger, fashionista, dancer, parent, wife, husband etc etc etc. no matter what you are struggling/ try to do. just know that ONE DAY E GO PAY. Since i first listen to this song about a month ago, i listen to it every single day. It's like a source of inspiration and strength for me and hope it is for you too. Any time you feel like giving you or quitting or feel like nothing is moving, log on to this page or you tube and listen to this song. Trust me it will make everything better.

Sorry guys for some reasons I can't upload the video. But click HERE or on the post TITLE to watch it.

You can also download HERE
Follow them on Twitter @NHNRENT
Like their facebook page No Hitz No Recordz Entertainment 

                              Hope you loved the song as much as I do.

6 April 2013

Fashion Must Haves: DENIM JEANS SHIRT

Hey Lovely people,

                          hahahaha I know that's a funny greeting. I need to look up new words in my dictionary. Anyway, how are you enjoying your weekend? Hope you are having fun. For those who are in school don't forget to study oo. " Burn the Midnight Candle" as some of our boarding school teachers used to say. Well for me, My exams are coming closer and closer so NO fun or movies or "blogging" ( Please don't tell ) this weekend. *Ok make I make am quick quick go read*. So today's post is one of many to come, am going to be posting a couple of fashion must haves . Denim Jeans Shirts are definite MUST- HAVES. I am sure most of you ladies have a denim something somewhere in your closet be it a shirt, skirt , jacket etc etc. The great thing with denim jean shirts is you can find them in various styles and they can suit every body type and size all you need to do is find the one that works for you. Secondly, they are very affordable you can get it from basically any clothing store. The best part of the whole story is that they can go with EVERYTHING and EVERY COLOUR red,yellow, green, brown, white, orange, just name it and you got it. You ca
n NEVER go wrong with a Denim Jean Shirt. Hope you agree with me and stay tuned for more fashion must haves.

4 April 2013

Denzyl Dazzles with Dencia in Bamenda For the “Dencia & FriendsTour”

You could call it a rescue mission but Cameroon’s makossa pop star, Denzyl picked what was left off at the Dencia and Friends Tour and made it a Bamenda Affair.
Denzyl once again proved he was a performer to reckon with when he joined Dencia at the prestigious Revolution Night Club to give their Bamenda fans a night to remember.
The wonder boy, looking very sexy in his jean shirt and spencer shades performed his new single, Monika for the first time in his home town and fans went gaga. Sources confirmed, it was a show down and would love more of that every once in a while. Here are some pictures captured by reliable source. 

     Dencia and Denzyl

                                                             Denzyl and Dencia

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the concert. but am sure it was fun. If you attended any of Dencia's Concerts please comment and share your experience with some of us who couldn't make it

My Interview with the Talented Camer Singer, DENZYL

Hey Guys,
 How are you all doing? hope your week is going great. As you might know, each week I feature and/or interview a Cameroonian artist / talent and this week,who we have is non other than the Makossa master himself Denzyl. The first time I ever heard/saw Denzyl was 2008/2009 in Amphi 750,University of Buea. When he had one of his first concerts (sponsored by Malta, I think!!) and I was like who the heck is this?. Am so happy and proud of how far he has come and how farther is he going to go. And just to put it out there. He is also a really nice person. Take it from me. Anyway let's see what Denzyl has to tell us about himself. 

3 April 2013

My Interview with the Hot, Sexy & Talented Cameroonian Pop- Star MUSEBA.

Hey Everyone, 

How is your Good Friday?, Mine is ... ermm "just there".What a great way to celebrate this day other than to have 3 post for you guys and featuring two of Cameroon's Hottest Ladies.I am a sucker for Cameroon music and talent. Sincerely, I don't think there is any one as obsessed about their mother land as I am. That being said,  
    Today we have a very special guest, She is the sizzling, smoking hot and Talented Cameroonian pop star, MUSEBA, it was such a pleasure talking to and interviewing her. she is such a down to earth, responsible and talented young lady. Well, let me shut my big mouth and let you read for yourself before I spoil it for you guys. Hope you find my interview with her interesting and fun.

Welcome the Gorgeous Professional Make up Artist and My Friend: ANYI.

Hey Guys,
                So as you may or may not know, Today, I am doing 3 posts for you guys, Just to celebrate the Easter weekend and to prepare you all for the new month coming up. You may not know this but I SUCK at makeup #BIGTIME. No matter how many you tube videos I watch I just don't seem to get it. Trust me I have tried. I have collections of brushes, eye shadow palettes, primers and foundations from e.l.f and MAC but no matter how much i try i just can't get it. * Abeg no laugh ya, na serious thing*. Any way, I am not ready to give up yet so I invited my hot, gorgeous make up artist friend and former classmate, Anyi ( Founder and CEO of OZI by Anyi) to give us tips on how to do our make up and look gorgeous without going over the top. Before she starts with the lessons I thought it will be important for you all to know about her. So I decided to do a little interview with her. Here it goes, hope you enjoy it and love her like I do.