31 December 2013

ALTF's Top 20 Cameroon Music Artists/ songs of 2013

Hey guys,
              With just 24 hours to 2014, I bring to you the top 20 favorite songs of 2013. I can tell you that bring this list to 20 was not easy at all. I gathered information from my Facebook page, twitter and of course, YouTube views. All the artists in who made and didn't make the list should be very proud of their selves. Just last year, i couldn't have been able to get even 10 good songs for this list but this year i got about 40. What an improvement!!. I am soo proud of the amount of talent we've got in Cameroon. My only hope is that next year should be bigger and better, with lots of new artists, great videos, explosive songs and better and loyal fans. Here are the Top 20 songs of 2013, tell me what you think by leaving a comment. Also vote your favorite artist on the POLL at the top right hand side of the blog. There will be  cash price for the winner. The poll is open till 00:00am (canadian time) which is 6 am (Camer time)  - 31st night. You can vote as many times as possible. 

25 December 2013

Best Dressed Artists at the Cameroon Movies Merits Awards

Hey guys, so the CMM Awards was a couple of weeks ago and most of the artists killed it on the red carpet. As usual there were some absolute fails with i will not put up but these are the actors and artists who killed it. This is totally my opinion so you don't have to agree with me. My only advice to my fellow Cameroonian artists esply the ladies is to stay away from the bleaching creams and reduce the make up. Using make up artists like Anyi Asonganyi from OZI by ANYI and Sandra Ekukole from BIH-YOUTY. These are not in any order. That being said, here are the best dressed of the day

Sama Ndango aka Mr Fix It always kills the red carpet and he did it again. His style is very different from most but it definitely works for him

Nude & Sequin

Merry Christmas Guys,
                            Christmas is here and I want to do special posts dedicated to my lovely readers who have been there for me all year through. I am truly grateful for your love and support through out this year. and since it's  Christmas, i want to do something special for you too. Leave any questions you many have about fashion, style or even about me below. And i will do a post where i answer all your questions about What to wear for special events etc etc. My sister's birthday was last weekend and this is what I wore. My outfit theme was Gold and Nude. and so was my make up. I kept everything simple Yet SEXY and since it is Winter, i wore a lovely double breasted coat. Christmas gift from my lovely mom.

19 December 2013

Bright Light Project: Music Artists around the globe come together for a Great Cause

                                                                                                        Hey guys,
I bring to you one of the biggest projects of this year and the years to come. African music artist come together to make the world a better place by speaking through music. I am so excited and proud to present to you the Bright Light Project. Cameroonian artists Ben Decca, Dj Skeeper, Franco Bonghan and Superval are already part of this great project along side a host of other music artists from around the globe and the Mayor of Houston Texas, USA. 

17 December 2013

New Music Video: Kwasia Braha (Watta) By Nabil aka NABSTAR

As Belgium based rapper Nabil aka Nabstar prepares his comeback fully into the music scene, this year has seen him actively release tracks and videos for his EP My Tory Part 1. After “Don’t 4get Me” and “Confirm”. Kwasia Braha (Watta) is the dancey follow up track that attempts to please both the "lyricist" and the "dancist” with a controversial twist and a fun, satirical video to match released today.

Nabstar is know for this very artistic and rhymical lyrics. Wondering what Kwasia Braha means? Kwasia Braha; meaning “fool come here” in Twi an Akan language spoken in Ghana - is once more another powerful lyrical track from Nabil portraying three verses of uniquely and articulately aligned all pidgin lyrics with humouristic metaphors and reality inspired images where Nabil shows why he is unique.
The video is a comical attempt to showcase the bad behaviour from those unpleasant “haters” equipping you with a one sentence response back at them…”Kwasia Braha Bring Me Some Watta”.


The Cameroon Film Industry has been booming lately, with new movies being premiered, released and breaking grounds. And with new and upcoming actors, actresses, producers and directors. Now, there is yet another ground breaking movie in the making. It has been getting a lot of buzz and it's not even out yet. I know you must have heard about Viri and wandering what it is all about and who the cast and crew are. Well, wonder no more, I've got everything figured out, just read on and share.

The Cameroonian film industry is evolving everyday as more and more home movies are shot and produced some of which are obvious in the manner of story-telling and others, a true depiction of our culture, heritage and evolution.

Upcoming Cameroonian Female Artist 'Miss Bess" Releases her first Official Single - LAST DANCE

The Cameroonian music industry has had a big break this year with tons of new artists killing it  by putting Cameroon on the music map. Though we have good number of artists, there are very few female artist so it is my pleasure to present to you our new and up coming damsel MISS BESS.