30 April 2016

Fashion Police: Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF)

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How has your week been? Hopefully not too stressful, TGIF. I will like to thank you for all your love and support. It means a lot. You guys push me to be better and encourage me to never give up and it means more than you will ever know. Your lovely messages and comments make my day. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
      So, as you guys already know, the Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF) has been taking place in Buea Mountain Hotel from the 26th - 30th of April and the event has brought together actors from all over the world. Veteran Nigerian Actor - Ramsey Noah, Bollywood Actors, Ghana based Cameroon Actress - Okawa Shaznay, Pulse TV Presenter - Joan Ngomba and many others. This Fashion police post is going to cover outfits from the opening ceremony, MTN night and African Magic Night.


A very talented and inspirational Cameroon Actor - Kang Quintus had this to say "This is a FILM FESTIVAL not an Award Night. The opening days of film festivals are meant for film screenings, workshops, conferences, and training about film making or the art. The last day of the festival which is the closing/awards night is the big night! That is when all the glamour comes in!".
      He made me understand why Ramsey Noah dressed the way he did because quite frankly, I was mad when I saw his outfit. However, Mr Quintus has helped me calm down and have a sense of reason. Moving forward, I suggest that event organizers clearly state the dress code for their events because many actors and actresses did not get the memo and I don't blame them at all. Honestly, I was beginning to wonder why there was a red carpet for all 5 days. It's a little too much. Anyway, What do i know? I am not an actor. That being said, even if you have to dress simple/casual, you can still be stylish.

Actress Okawa Shaznay:

Yassssss! This is what I am talking about people! Simple yet fashionable and classy. Love love her  mid length, body-con dress it fits her perfectly, her shoe is just gorgeous, fleek hair do, Make up on point. In fact I need to stop talking. SLAYAGE DOT COM.

27 April 2016

Fashion Police: Fredash International Annual Fashion Avenue (FIAFA) Red Carpet.

Hey MKB Readers,
Hope you all are having a lovely week. I can't believe we are coming to the end of April. It seems like just yesterday we were shouting "Happy New Year" and now we are almost half way into the year. It is a wa oo! lol. We should always be thankful to God for his blessings. Anyway, to the matter at hand. Last weekend, the 4th annual FIAFA event went down at Chariot Hotel Buea. I was so delighted to watch the event from Kreef Entertainment's snap chat (please don't judge me, na my own reality TV that). The event was very organized and full of lovely designs, models and designers. Not forgetting our celebs, Hahaha. Where there are CELEBS!, There is FASHION POLICE. No bi so??? * wona answer abeg*.  I have decided to add a fashion tip with every fashion police post to help our celebs and my readers make better fashion/ style choices.

- You don't have to own many shoes if you can't afford them. However, there are some shoes you MUST have in your closet. At least ONE pump and ONE single sole sandals (Google am now).
- You should have a good number of nude and black shoes in different styles before you go into buying shoes in funny other colors. Why? Because nude and black goes with EVERYTHING. You can never go wrong with those two colors. When in doubt, wear a black or nude shoe. However the style of the shoe will depend on the outfit.

- You all need to invest in at least one good moccasin or 'gentleman'/ classy shoe. I am tired of seeing sneakers on the red carpet. * News flash!* They don't go with everything.
- When in doubt, go with a black and brown shoe. In fact you should all own a good black and/ or brown shoe. 

Here are the celebs who killed, trashed, or were mediocre the red carpet. Disclaimer: This is purely my opinion.
  Photo credit: A big THANK YOU to Fredash, Pam Happi aka Miss P, Ebangha Nkwanyuo and all those who posted pictures on Facebook. Thanks for making this post possible. 

 Actress Malvin Ann:

 I absolutely love this outfit. The pairing of the neon green top and ankara trousers by Mareta West is great. I would have preferred nude shoes but the neon green shoes also works. Please can u say an Amen? I actually love her hair, her hair stylist could have done a better cut but this is way better than the mami water hair. #Slayed

20 April 2016

Fashion Police - Urban Jamz Awards 2016

Hi MKB Readers,
How have you all been doing? The weather has been getting warmer here and I couldn't be happier. As some of you might know, last weekend was the Urban Jamz Awards held in Buea. I was blessed to watch it stress free on Kreef Entertainment's snap-chat (If you aren't following them, please do. They provide a front stage view of concerts, tours and events and 24 hours Q & As with Cameroon artists, entertainers and celebs). I must say the organizers of the show did a great job, probably the best Cameroon award show I have watched, but of course there is always room for improvement. However, this post is about the red carpet outfits, they were hmmm, Let's take a look abeg. Just thinking aloud - Was there a dress code for this event? because all man be jo di wear anything way e want. Most of the celebs dressed very casual, so I presume, the dress code was Casual chic.
Photo credit: Miss Gina Promotes.

Actress Syndy Emade:  She always looks stunning and this outfit was no different. Love the all black theme, crop top, pants and her over the shoulder coat gives me life. However I wish she wore a different shoe style. One of my favs for sure.

2 April 2016

" I am a Stone-hearted, Ruthless, Evil Bitch" - Bandy Kiki of Kinnaka's Blog (Exclusive Interview)

 Hi MK Readers,
If you haven't heard of Kinnaka's blog then you have been very inactive on social media. Kinnaka's blog is one of the most talked about and searched blog on social media with over 1.2 million views in less than a year, Bandy Kiki is changing the face of Gossip/ Entertainment Blogging. I decided to interview this most talked about blogger to talk about her blog, social media reputation and her every growing and vicious anonymous readers. This is what she had to say. How you guys enjoy it. 

-       MK: Hi Kiki, Thanks for accepting to do this interview with me. It is a pleasure to have you on my blog. How are you doing today?
          Bandy: Thanks for having me Alison...my day is brilliant.