3 August 2013

Interview with the gorgeous CEO of Afroshic clothing - Reneta Ndisang

 Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Hope the summer is treating you nicely. Well, Guess who I interviewed this week? The gorgeous, creative and talent Fashion designer and CEO of Afroshic Clothing, Reneta Ndisang. Many of you might not know this but we grew up in e same neighbourhood. We were childhood friends. #kwako buea pikin them. I am extremely proud of her and the huge success of her clothing line. Her designs are crazy good. Check out more about Reneta and what she is working on,

  •               Hi Reneta, Thanks for doing this interview with me, I am so proud of the success and growth of your line. As you know i am a huge Afroshic fan.Before, I go into your upcoming collection; I think my readers will want to know a little about you. Who is Reneta?
        Reneta is a funny talented girl. .I am 24 of age and into fashion designing.I am from Northwest part of Cameroon,but currently living between Douala and Buea.

  •        If your friends were to describe you in 3 words what will they say?

           Crazy,funny and simple.

  •        lol that's soo true. When did you start designing and what prompted you to?

             I started in 2010 but by then we were three and it was tia-macren. by late 2011 we decided to separate so that's when i started my own brand Afroshic clothing.My love for colors and nature made me get into designing, i wanted a way to express this colors to the world so i decided to do fashion designing.

  •       Thank God you made that smart decision. Did you always dream of becoming a designer?

        growing up i had always been this artistic person. i use to love drawing and coloring, i wanted to be an actress,designer and and a journalist but you know how it goes in Africa,children don't have saying in their future its your parents who decides.But in the later years i use to sketch dresses in my books and even when i was in high school i had some drawings behind my books of dresses.today i am doing what i like.maybe i would have been a journalist if i was not doing fashion designing.

  • ·   Woow, talking of school,    How did you balance school and designing?

       School has its time and work had its own time,thats why there is what we call school time table...hahaha.

  • ·      Hahaha!!!  Was Afroshic Clothing the initial name of the line? 

No i wanted to use the name shorty-ma 

  • Woo that sounds interesting!  how did you come up with it?

well Afroshic clothing, i wanted to use something that describe what i do,the Afro is for the ankara prints I use and the shic is for a sexy sassy and sensational woman. i wanted something more fabulous and that describes the woman's figure.

·       What a smart choice. When did you launch you first collection.
·        How did you feel about it and what was response from your friends and clients.

wow i remember my first collection rebirth, it was great fashion show with just little audience but it made me realize and restructure certain things.I think i was too excited doing it.

·        How many collections have you released?  so far 3

·        What makes your designs unique?

colors, my inspiration behind each piece.

·        What should potential clients expect from your cloths? 

unique designs and out choice of quality fabrics, well tailored.

·       Sounds intriguing!  What kind of products and services do you provide? 

female wear for every occasion and good customer service.

·        What is your audience, & do you also do men’s clothing?

we are in for the fashion wanna bes and the fashionistas. we don't do men cloths.

Cameroonian Actor Kang Quintus in Afroshic Clothing. 

·        Your clothes are absolutely gorgeous which artists or celebs have rocked Afroshic clothing?

Sahndra Fondufe actress, mbanwei blandine presenter, crystal beauty tv host, Anita etta gospel artist,and we currently dressed Constance Ejuma hollywood actress.

Gorgeous Cameroonian Actress and Producer Sahndra Fondufe. Rocking Afroshic Clothing.

Mbanwei Blandine presenter, crystal beauty tv host

·      Awww what a list! hope to rock one soon too * winks*.  Which runways has Afroshic graced?

Fabafriq magazine launch 2011, miss west Africa Cameroon finals 2011, project new bamenda 2013, fashion place 2011, lesan jubilee 2013.

·        WOOW!!!!, I know you were nominated for a couple of awards can you enlighten us about that?

actually i was nominated for Cameroon entertainment award but did not win it,also i was top five for londonfashion finest online designers competition. Sonnah is coming i dnt know if i am a nominee but i pray i am. 

Reneta and Afroshic clothing have also graced the pages of many magazines like Fabafriq and Glow magazine, just to name a few.

·        Aww keep impressing gurl!!! It will definitely pay off. A little bird told me  you will be releasing a new collection soon, is that true? 


·        Ok! soo when should we be expecting it?

well inspired collection with much 
maturity and colors to define the collection.Much of high fashion.

·        What is the inspiration for this collection and what should we expect?

Inspiration is from fairy tale love.And its more seductive.
·        What is the name of the collection?Rustic pleasure 2014 And is there a story behind it?Its about how i sometimes see love, i always dream of perfect love, how we go for private dinner dates get some candle lights,so much romance in my dream land of love.

·        Hahahahaha who sent you into my head? I dream of the same things. i love fairy tale love. Looks like this collection is met for me :). Do you ship out of Cameroon?


How can you be contacted for any orders etc etc?afro_shic@yahoo.com

·        nworoni@gmail.com
·        or check and like our facebook page Afroshic Clothing

·        Should we be expecting an Afroshic shop or online store soon? 

yes by Gods grace

·      Cool!! which Camer designers do u look up to for inspiration, advice etc?

Liiberlondon, Iman Ayissi

How difficult is it being a designer in Cameroon?

The market is not yet open.the people here, who are still to learn to consume the made in cameroon stuffs.

·       So true!! What can we (Cameroonians) do to make those difficulties easier?

first us the designers need to work on certain marketing strategy and also learn to correct our work.

·        I have started a series of questions called My 10 fav. And you just basically have to answer a few questions about some of your favourite things. It just to let us know u better.

-         The fav thing you like about yourself is … happy, simple, passionate.

-         Your favourite Cameroonian designer is … liiberlondon, Iman Ayissi, virgini Ayissi, Maf couture.

-         Your fav camer artist is …Valentine, dibango, charlote dibanda, denzyl, magasco.

-         Your fav camer music right now is ... sine - njoka njoka

-         Your fav camer food … eru and fufu

-         Your favourite thing to do for leisure … dance and play w kids

-         Your favourite fashion item is ... bags and eye shadow

-         Your  favourite love song … love will

-         Your fav thing to do when you are going through a heart break ... sleep

-         Your ideal guy should be … gentle,  sexy, hardworking, prayerful

·        What is next?  i keep that to myself

·       LOL! ok. Any advice for upcoming camer fashion designers and fashionistas? 

sacrifice and be determine.most of all love God

·        Thanks soo much for your time, I definitely need to rock an Afroshic outfit soon. I am sure my readers will love that. Wish you all the best in your endeavors hun. 

Thank u too muke


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