3 July 2014

Denim On Fire

Hi lovely readers,
                           I know it has been a while since I have been on here and i was seriously beginning to miss you guys. I needed some time off for some serious soul searching and prioritizing and after everything I can truly say I am a better person right now, I am in a better place and I blogging is one of the best things in my life. It makes me truly happy to come on here and share my day, outfits and love for the Cameroon entertainment industry with you all. My outfit for this post is a revamp of what I wore for my friend's BBQ birthday party two weekends ago. Instead of sneakers i wore a white wedge sandals, high waisted denim shorts, white crop top and my custom made Ankara jacket. I also wore my body chain from Aldo. Body chains are my summer obsession. can't get enough of it. Hope you love the way I styled my look. Your comments and love is highly appreciated.


  1. Very cute outfit Alison, long time!!! Keep in touch!


    1. thanks hun xxx. i will try to keep in touch. hope everything is fine at your end.

  2. You look beautiful, love the outfit, the hair and the shoe :)

  3. U look gorgeous! X