14 March 2015


Hi Lovelies,
 How are you all doing? So.... Yesterday was our 2nd blog anniversary Whoop! Whoop! I was so excited and proud. I started blogging for fun, all I wanted was to share a few fashion/styling tips and show off some of my outfits but it turned into something much bigger than I anticipated. It is much bigger than just me now. I NEVER thought I will last beyond my first year. It was too stressful to blog, be a nursing student and a part time hairstylist. I thought my grades would be worst but they actually got better. Of course I had to give up more of my sleeping hours, leisure time and Tv shows but Hey!, that's life. I wouldn't have it any other way and I couldn't have done this without you all. Thanks for reading my posts; the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks for encouraging me when I felt like giving up. Thanks for all your sweet, lovely comments on my posts and outfits even when i know some of the sucked. lol. You guys are truly the best and without you there will be no " Muke the Blogger". I truly, sincerely, appreciate and love you all. (I will be doing a big blogiversary giveaway next week to say a proper thank you, stay tuned)

Outfit Of the Day: 

Now back to business #smileyFace. A really lovely ankara jewellery designer eTURNER COUTURE contacted and sent me one of her very gorgeous necklaces. I believe all her necklaces are handmade. The quality of the material is really good. Great finishing. They are all very unique, stylish and can take any outfit from boring to chic in one second. Just imagine my outfit without that necklace #BORING. To style the necklace, I went with an all black approach. Black turtle neck bodycon dress from Hot Miami Styles, Black wide brim cap from Ardene, Black lace up Booties from Shoe Dazzle and to make the more stylish, I went with a grey coat instead of black.

Necklace: ETurner Couture
Bag: Aldo
Hat: Ardene ; similar
Shoes: Shoe Dazzle ; similar , similar


  1. i love your dress
    happy blogiversary

  2. Happy Blogiversary!! Time flies oh! I love the outfit and the necklace is just the right touch.I need the hook up..#accessoriesjunkie..Thumbs up and keep up the great work...

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    1. thanks oo. it's by Eturner couture

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