8 June 2016

Exclusive Interview: Mic Monsta - " I don't really see any female I can date in the Cameroon music industry".

 Hey lovely MK Readers,
Hope you all are doing great and having a lovely week. If you have been on Facebook, Twitter or any social media platform over the last few months then you have heard of MIC MONSTA. A very humble, gentle and extremely talented young rapper who is paving the way and changing the rap game in his own unique way. Sometimes called a Lyrical god, Mic is filled with passion, rhythm, well constructed lyrics, addictive punch lines and is signed to one of the best Cameroon entertainment brands - Kreef Entertainment. Mic Monsta is one to watch out for. Just like most of you, I was curious to know more about the talented rapper everyone has been buzzing about and this is what he had to tell us about himself.

Hey Mic,Thanks for granting me this interview.Let's start by knowing a little about you. 

MK: Who is Mic Monsta? 
Mic Monsta: My real names are Molua Alous Mosima, I am a Cameroonian obviously, born and raised in the South West Region, Kumba to be precise. About my tribe 'man na Pikin for Mountain ' I am Bakweri lol. I turned 25 two months ago. I dropped out of the university last year after I got my Kreef record deal to concentrate more on my Music Career...that's Mic.

 -  Woow, for some reason, I would never had thought you were a Bakwerian. So, why the name Mic Monsta?
 I started as a dancer when I was in secondary school and I kinda had a couple of nicknames back then. Most of them always had Monsta attached to it, somehow, so when I got into music I just had to add Mic to the name. The idea was to be a monster lyrically every time I get on a microphone so the name is actually Microphone Monster layered out as Mic Monsta. 

 - Woow, talk about a lyrical monster, you definitely got that right.  If you were to describe yourself in 3 words what will they be?
Myself in 3 words, I will go with -Quiet -humble - intelligent 

 - Cool! You have been in the Music industry for a while though most people are just getting to hear of you. What made you get into music? 
I don't know how I got into music. It's more like music got into me and it came to a point where I had to let it out. I started recording songs and the fan base kept increasing till it finally became a career.

 - How was your music career before being signed to Kreef Entertainment and how has your career changed after that?
Before I got signed to Kreef Ent I was working with Best Music Inc. Before the Best Music label started, I had been friends with most of them way back in our secondary school days. The first time I ever got to record or hear my voice on a beat was with SlimBeatz in his small bed room studio. Our relationship continued till he created the label. Everyone signed to the label was family because we all came a long way. When I got my Kreef contract I had to leave them because the deal was really huge and I could not miss the opportunity. My life changed in many ways, apart from the financial benefits, I got a big apartment of my own, shot professional music videos and my songs are exposed on major music sites in Africa.

 -  Nice choice, I wouldn't have let go of such an opportunity either. What was the inspiration behind your amazing hit single #FEAR?
 What inspired my first single Fear was myself and the response I got from the cover songs I did before my official release. Every cover I did was a success even though they were other artists' projects. If I could be that dope on cover songs then imagine how I could be on my first official song? With that in mind, I knew my first single had to be huge. I had to make it better than any mixtape or featuring I had put out. "I be just get for make song way people go FEAR ". 

 - hahaha you really make am we FEAR massa. So, how has your life/ career changed (positively and negatively) since FEAR dropped? Also,Congratulation, Fear is now rated 10 on Trace TV Urban Hit. Did you expect Fear to have the success and recognition it has?
I knew the song would be huge, because there is this vibe you get when you record a hit song. When I watched the video for the first time I was confident but I didn't know it would be that big or get on Trace Urban Hip Hop chart. I mean Trace Urban is one of the biggest music channels in the world and having my first video aired on it and get into their countdown was really a big deal for me.

 - I can imagine the feeling. Whatz next for Mic Monsta in terms of music, should we be expecting more singles, collabs, or an album? 
What's next for me is more singles and videos. I am already back in the studio working on my second release. Can't say anything about collabos right now but it will definitely come in the future and as for an album, let's see how 2017 goes.

- We will be waiting oo. Who are some artists you will like to collab with in Cameroon, African and world wide? 
I would like to collab with anybody I feel connected to and think we can make good music. In Cameroon, there are so many good acts to work with. I have worked with a couple of them already like Jovi, Ewube, Crispy, Arre, Gasha, Tzy Panchak...I can't name everyone I would like to work with. In Africa I would like to work with M.I, Ice Prince, Ycee, Nasty C, Cassper Nyovest, Wizkid, the list is long. Like I said, anybody I can make good music with. 

Talking of collabos, another very talented artist US based Cameroonian singer - Ebako contacted you on Twitter and proposed a collab in the future, which I think is a great idea. What do you think?
I think that was bold of him. He's one of the big names representing Camer in the Diaspora and for him to humble himself and publicly ask for a collabo was bold. We all know how everyone in the Camer industry see themselves as the Boss. Plus he is also dope and doing good so I'm looking forward to working with him.

 - I am looking forward to it as well. If Mic Monsta wasn't a rapper what will he have been?
 If I was not a rapper, I really can't tell what I would have been because since I found rap, I lost interest in every other thing. However, one thing for sure is, I would have been writing poetry somehow. If not for music, for scripts or books. One way or the other the poet in me would have found a way to come out.

 - hahaha ok.  I know with all this fame comes fans, especially female fans, How do you handle all the screaming female fans?
 I've never had problems handling female fans. I guess it's cuz I am more of an indoor person. I don't put myself out there, I am really reserved. 

 - That's nice. Am sure you knew this question was coming, Does Mic Monsta have a girlfriend? If you were to date a Cameroon female celeb who will it be? and don't say Charlotte Dipanda lol.
I don't really see any female I can date in the Cameroon music industry. If I had to consider dating, I would go for a female rapper. I am not into singers and the singers in the industry are not my type.

 - Lol, females in the industry will be mad oo. Lol just kidding. What are 3 things that most people do not know about you?
 -I am the worst person to invite to a drinking program. I get drunk easily.
 - I am too quiet, I don't talk much. 
- I was raised by my mom and grandma cuz I lost my dad at an early age. I never had an uncle, just aunts and sisters around me. I got signed to a label owned by two ladies. Basically my whole life has revolved around women.

 -  Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
 In 5years I see myself taking Cameroonian and African Hip Hop to an international level. I see myself dropping albums and performing in different countries. 

- Amen oo!! Buea is slowly becoming the Hollywood of Cameroon, do you agree? What advice do you have for all the young Cameroonians dreaming of becoming successful artists, models and actors?
 Yeah for sure, Buea is the heart of urban music in Cameroon and the film, modeling and fashion industries are not left out. We just need more investors and the projects that will come out from Buea will be epic. What we are doing right now with little or no budget is really impressive. For all those upcoming acts what I can tell them is first and foremost, know yourself and know your strength then work towards improving your art. Once you've mastered your art, be patient and make the right steps. There will be days that will seem like your dreams will never become a reality and you are on the wrong path, just relax and keep the confidence cuz true talent can never hide. Always be humble and don't forget to always pray. 

 - Woow!!! Very good advice. Thanks for the interview Mic, It has been fun getting to know you and i know your fans, admirers and haters feel the same way.
 Thank you

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