27 November 2013

Stanley Enow Speaks Out about His Controversial Bamenda Concert

Hey Guys,
                    How have you all been? hope everything is moving on well. Well, hope you are not hearing this from the first time but there has been a very very controversial story about Cameroonian Hip hop artist, Stanley Enow. Anyway, Stanley had a concert in Bamenda a couple of weeks ago. During the concert, he took down pictures of Brasseries posters from the walls. saying and I quote " I am a brand, and if I am invited for a show and there is a sponsor, I have to be told. I can't promote a brand without being paid for it". Just so we are clear, I totally 200% agree with and understand what he did. The organizers had to tell him about all the sponsors of the show and pay him accordingly. Anyway, here is the peak of what happened

 So as usual, everyone has been saying their own stories and criticizing the star but he has finally decided to say something about it. He sent me the link of this video. So NO!!! it's not fake. Below is a video of Stanley Enow's interview on "FOCUS ON" hosted by Sophy Aiida . Can I just take a second to say Sophy Aiida looks absolutely dreamily GORGEOUS???? Just one thing spoiled this look but Damn!!!! is this girl pretty and that hair..... on point!!!

Way to go HEIN PERE!!!! I totally understand where you are coming from. It's rare to see guys who don't promote or encourage beer consumption. We need more role models like you.


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