5 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Hey Everyone,
                       Happy New Year to you all. It's funny how time flies right? It feels like just yesterday I started this blog and in about two and a half months we will be celebrating the first anniversary of this blog. Whoop Whoop!!! wonder what i will do for that. That been said, Are you guys into New year resolutions? coz i am and one of my resolutions this year is to make you all ( my readers) satisfied by having better posts and outfits. It only gets better from now onward. One of My personal resolutions is to strengthen my spiritual life this year because God is EVERYTHING. I also one to use this opportunity to thank all of you ( my readers) for you love, support and encouraging comments through out the year 2013. You guys are the best and i love you all. For my first post this year, i decided to go all out and try a new style. You know when you have those lovely summer dresses that you absolutely adore but can't wear them in the Winter coz of the cold? Well, i have a solution for you. Pair a lovely white shirt with your dresses and BOOM!!!! you have a fashion explosion. You Rock this look to work, an interview or for a date. Check out the way i styled this look and tell me what you think.

Hope i did this look justice.
Dress: Anne Klein  (old)
Shirt:  Hudson Room
Coat: Forever 21(old)
Clutch:  Aldo
Shoes: Mascotte


  1. now i need to find me a white shirt!!! U rock, Muks! love it!

    1. hahahahaha ya u should. thanks love (Kele)

  2. oops... didnt put ma name! twas KELE!!

  3. Lovely dress. love this print. happy new year!

  4. Happy new yr!


  5. love the outfit...I follow you!!


    1. aww thanks hun. followed you too. lovely blog