27 January 2014

Meet Cameroon's Golden voice RnB Artist - Adah Akenji

Hey Guys, 
  It's a new year and what other way to kick off this session interviews than to interview  my favourite Cameroonian RnB Artist, ADAH AKENJI aka Mr Swag. Adah as he is popularly known is one of Cameroon's best, with a breath taking voice, gorgeous 'physique' and a great & personable personality. His song Nyango is one of the best love songs ever and made waves through out 2011, 2012 and even 2013. He is a singer, producer and director with music videos like Zangelewa by Jay Jay, Ngoma - afe nkap, E.L.I & C'Prime ft Beezy B - Haus Boy etc under his belt. He is one of the artists/ producers to watch out for this year. Let's learn more about this multi-talented guy.

- Hello Adah, thanks for accepting to do this interview with ALFT, we greatly admire your work.
Thanks for the opportunity, Muke.

- I am sure that a lot your fans and my readers want to know about you so, let’s start from the basics, who is Adah? 
 Interesting question. I am TCHI ADAH CAROTHERS AKENJI, I am 28 years old; I was born in Nigeria but raised here. My father is Cameroonian and my mother is Nigerian - that's how I got  the 'ADAH'. Lol! I am an offspring of the awesome Mankon people of the northwest region. We are totally awesome. Hahaha! Who wan try mankon man?

     After secondary school, I decided to take a professional certification in sound engineering. I have always been a music oriented person. I got that from my father. :) I started playing music instruments when I was five (the guitar). Age seven, I started playing the drum and forwarded to the piano when I turned eleven years old. I wrote poems at first though; wasn't a fan of singing because I was very timid as a child - reserved would be the appropriate term. I started singing when I was 16 and haven't stopped since then.

- Woow, interesting. I had no idea you were part Nigerian. Plus shout out to all the reserved kids, I was/am one of them. How can we describe you in 3 words?
God, God, family. God gave me my talents. I owe success entirely to God who put me in an awesome family. I love my family. They are my strength at all times. My mom, that woman has a great spirit, a soft heart and wise mind. I would be nothing with her love, care, prayers and attention. 'I love you, mom'.

- Aww there's nothing like a guy who loves his mom. I hope she reads this :). Will you consider yourself a “go getter”?
I am a go getter. I am a very critical person so I push myself to do what I love right. For me, better well done or left undone. I am glad to say God has blessed me with wisdom to succeed; and I will.

- Amen!!! Can you give us a little info about your educational background?
I went through primary and secondary schools in Douala. After my advanced levels I moved on to study sound engineering with the Audio Institute of America. Now, I am a certified sound engineer. Presently, I am taking a political science degree course.

- Woow you just don't get satisfied huh? #Ambitious. When did you realize that you wanted to get into the music/ entertainment industry and how old were you?
Honestly I never knew I'd end up some entertainment personality. As a child, even as a teenager, I wanted to become a soldier. Till now, that would be my first option if asked. However, my dad wasn't particularly encouraging about the subject and was the main reason I never took that part. Who knows, maybe now I would have been called 'colonel'. Lol! Music and entertainment comes to me naturally; I don't have to force it. :) It's just ... in me.

- hahahaha Conel Adah!!, i guess we have to thank your dad for refusing. I don't see you being a solider though. You look so calm to be one, lol. Where your friends and family supportive of your choice?
Ngwa David, Bobby Hanson, Eloh Collins, Fofe Sob, Kuete Dido are the coolest, closest friends I have ever had. They were my second audience - after my family. Their support pushed me forward every time. My family is a family of artists. From my grand parents, to uncles and aunts, brothers (Eric, Shaddai and Japheth), sisters (Joy, Shelly and Meya) to all my cousins. The arts (music, literature, graphic arts, and social sciences) are our thing. For instance, John Shaddai Akenji, my brother designed Cameroon's 50th anniversary monument. To say more, I have an incredible manager (ERIC NGOMNI) who has proven to be a true friend in very difficult times. His total trust in a my talent makes me want to do more.

- Woow what a talented family. Will you say music came naturally to you? Or did it come with time and experience.
I am music. Hahaha. But seriously, I am.

- How will you describe your music style and how do you get inspiration for your songs?

R&B, Soul, Jazz and Blues are my preferred musical genres. However, I can blend into every kind of genre - even makossa and bitkutsi. Just show me the money. Lol! I have one source of inspiration - God.

- Woo, So who are some of your music inspirations?
Tuface Idibia, Musiq Soul Child (now known as MUSIQ), India Arie, Tyrese Gibson, R. Kelly  and Brandy. Tuface has this groove that keeps him totally African but also contemporary. Musiq and India have such lyrical power very few artists can boast of; Tyrese has a calmness in his voice that I enjoy. Brandy to me is the queen of vocal harmonies. Her vocals are incredible. R. Kelly, is a god of music. He has done the past, present and future of music. I hope to meet and sing with him some day.

- A duo with R.Kelly? now that will be something. Something great of
course, I love him too. You tend to sing a lot of love songs or songs about women, Has Adah ever been in love?
Hahaha! Interesting! Hahahahahaha! Very interesting question. I love to love and be loved.  I am one of the people love has literally saved. From God's love for me, to my parents, my siblings, my friends, my fans, the ladies... I am a product of love. Plus, yes, I have been in love several times in my life including now.

- Awww #TeamLove. I wonder who the lucky lady is *hides face*. Lately you haven’t sang any new songs, *by the way can I say your voice is absolutely breath taking*? Lol. Ok back to the question, should we be expecting something new this year?
Hahaha! I just blushed! Imagine this dark me blushing. Lol! This year is going to be a comeback year for me; it's going to be awesome. I am releasing my new single 'MAMBO' February 1st this year. The video will follow by month end. 

(check out this voice and tell me if i am exaggerating. i swear Trey Song and Usher ain't got nothing on this guy)

- hahaha I can't even imagine you blushing, Lmao. Looking forward to Mambo. hmmm wonder what it's about. In 2013, we saw a lot of songs being produced and directed by you. Why did you get into production?
I am surrounded by talented people. My crew (aMUSIC) has incredible talents that need a push forward to make it. We have decided to help each other grow progressively and together. Last year, we agreed I stand down and only play producer; that's why my friends, ELI, C'PRYM, BEEZY B, DJO and P.A.P. took the forefront. 

- Woow, I must say your videos are one of a kind. You are definitely amongst my top 3 best music video producer/ director. How do you stay on top of your game and impress us every single time?
I listen to and watch music videos a lot. I try to keep up with what other professionals are doing. I have all the videos by SHAMAK, NS PICTURES, FEB 16th, AFRICAN KINGS, MR ADRENALINE, NABSTER, NKENG STEPHENS, DANTE FOX and many other music video makers in Cameroon - in HD. Lol!  I know what they are all up to and find a way to do something different from theirs.

- Now that's how you strive to be better, by learning from the best. i love that. Will we be seeing a lot more of you as a producer?
I believe that only entertainers can produce entertainers. First because we know them and understand the business, secondly because we love the business. That's why I will forever, by God's grace, producer as many talents as I may till I die. 

- I -totally agree with you. Does Adah have a record label or production house? If yes what is it called ? who is the owner and which artists are signed under it?
I am part of the aMUSIC group. I hold an important position in this multimedia production company. We are working on getting legal by March 2014. We are not yet a record label, but can boast of producing and working with top artists such as SINE, GEORGE SEBA, QUEEN ETEME, FEDERIQUE OTTOU, OTTOU MARCELIN, TONY NOBODY, STYL-PLUS, IVEE, etc. In house aMUSIC artists include DJO, C'PRYM, E.L.I., LEO NG, P.A.P., BEEZY B, DJ FAUCON, MANIAX, GAHOU NDOLO, CHICK NICK and ADAH.

- Woow, that's great. You seem very busy, what do you do at your free time?
I watch movies, or spend time with my family when I am off work.

- What are some of the struggles you face as an artist, producer/ director in Cameroon?
Acquiring income for re-investment is my main setback. I have so much to offer my country and its talents but very little to make things actually happen. I mean money. :)

- I couldn't agree more. hopefully things get better financially. What can we (bloggers, fashion designers, make-up artists, PRs and entrepreneurs) do to improve our entertainment industry?
I must admit you guys are doing a good job already; God bless you all. However, there is more ground to cover in terms of educating Cameroonians to love Cameroonian entertainment. I have hardly read a blog by a Cameroonian with only Cameroonian content. Most of you guys worship foreign artists and their arts, especially Nigerians. It's a shame that we have so much diversity but some of you are still too blind to see, carried away by Nigerian works on social media. Their bloggers got you guys creeping after them. Wake up! If I say more, I may say too much. :)

- hahaha i kind of agree with you in some aspects. However, my blog and some other blogs I know are exclusively about Cameroon entertainment. Some of us do not do it for the views or popularity but I understand where you are coming from. What can Cameroonians (in general) contribute to the success of our growing entertainment industry?
Cameroonians can only consume what we give them. We give them hamburgers, that's what they'll bite and chew. We give them Ndolé and Plantains and they'll know just that. By we, I mean, entertainment people.

- Ok, lol. Which artists in Cameroon and internationally will you love to work with?
I'd love to do a song with PETIT PAYS (EFFATTA), KROTAL, FRANKY P, PAZZO, the NHNR (No Hits No Records) crew, DA THRILL, YOUSOUR NDOUR, R. KELLY, BANKY W, LOLA RAE and 2 BABA.

- Now that's one very rich list. Waiting for some of those collabs though. Should we be expecting any? 
We are working on so many collabs now; but I prefer to stay quiet till the dates and releases are confirmed.

- What’s next for Adah in 2014?
I will be playing executive producer, artist and second-time daddy. Lol!

- Awww dad? CONGRATULATIONS. If it's a girl will you name her Alison? hahahaha just kidding. Where does Adah see himself in 5 years?
By God's grace, I will be where God will lead me. I seriously do not know for sure. This world is a bizarre place. Hahaha!

Thanks a lot for your time. God bless you Muke. Love you.

Aww thank you too. Wish you all the best in your career. God bless you, Love you too.

What do you think of my interview with Adah. Do you have any unasked questions for him? Please drop a comment below.




  1. Love this interview and him even more. The guy sounds very grounded!Mr swag for real..fine boy!

    1. i know right? he is soo down to earth and lovely.

  2. He sounds as usual, humble. Love his works

    1. i love his work too. he seems like a really humble guy. Thanks for stopping by Grand frere

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