14 February 2014

Valentine Dinner Outfits 2

Hey gurls,
 I know not everyone is into a red dress on Valentine's day so I have decided to come up with other outfits you could rock and look as sexy and beautiful on this lovely day. I decided to put 2 shoe options for each outfit. if you want to highlight your waist line, you can always wear a simple belt with any of this outfits, also clutches are ideal for Valentine's day dinners, you don't want to carry a big bag that will either cover your face/ outfit, take up table space or end up under the table or chair lol, we don't want that. all you need to carry is a clutch contenting your debit/credit cards (lol you never want to go to a dinner date without your cards anything can happen), your ID cards, lipstick, gloss and phone. I think that's all you need. Also for outfit 1, wearing a ponytail will be lovely, 2 and 3 can go with almost any hair style. Again, keep your make up and accessories pretty and simple,Wear a warm coat and you are ready to rock this day in Style. 

Valentine's Dinner Outfits 2

Again, Sorry for the late post and hope this helps you. Have a lovely Valentine's Day.

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