26 February 2014

Women's Day Promo By OZI

Hey ladies,
               I know it's been a while since I blogged but I had to today coz I have something very interesting to you all. We all know that women's day is coming up (March 8th) and all my Cameroon Ladies love to look their best in their women Day Kabas. Well, an ankara outfit is nothing without the right accessories and that's why I present to you OZI by Anyi. OZI is an contemporary accessory line owned by one of Cameroon's leading make up artists - Anyi Asonganyi. You might remember her from THIS interview. She designs the latest, most fashionable accessories in african material from bags, to bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc. I swear i will rob her collections when i go to Cameroon. Anyway, she has a promo sale of a complete accessory collection for the Women's day and it's only 5000 frs. can you believe that?. check out some of her creations. 

Leila Elizabeth - Communication Manager of OZI and Anyi Asonganyi - CEO of OZI

These collections are 5000 Francs each and includes a clutch, bracelet (cuff), earring and hair accessory

Contact Information. Place your order now. Don't wait for the last day oo. 

This collection is 8000 Francs, of course coz it's more blinged out.

More of the very gorgeous Leila
You can check out some of OZI's accessories HERE and place contact me or her if you need to order anything. She also takes international orders and her prices are very affordable.

Make Up by Anyi Asonganyi
Photography: Mbeng Ngassa


  1. Wow! Your style is really fresh and creative. The collection looks awesome.
    I wouldn't hesitate getting it for myself and why not loved ones!
    Love that you're Cameroonian too!
    Kudos to you! :)

    1. Please do hun. we need to support our Camer sisters. thanks for the comment and have a lovely day

  2. This collection is beautiful, I have to check this website.Great post great stuff everything is perfect and pictures makes this post alive.im so in-love with the accessories.you can see mine Click Here

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  4. I love the accessories very cute and colorful.

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