29 April 2014

The Most talked about Cameroonian Movie - EKEI

Quinsia films announces the release of its new feature film titled “EKEI”“EKEI” was shot on locations in Cameroon and USA. World Premiere for “EKEI” is scheduled for June 2014 in Maryland. You can find the trailer of “EKEI” on YouTube by simply searching “EKEI Official Trailer” Below is the synopsis of the movie. 

I must say, this is one of the best Cameroonian movie/ movie trailer i have watched which has been produced in the United States of America. They are finally living up to their potentials and expectations. The video quality, the acting, sound and fashion/ style in the movie is no point. Finally, no over acting or exaggerated make up. And can I just say that Stephanie Maa killed her role? she acted as the main character in this movie. Remember I interviewed her a while ago, HERE? i am very proud, she has come  a long and she was outstanding in this movie. Below is the movie synopsis and don't forget to check out the trailer below. I honestly can't wait for the official release of this movie. Woow!!!.


 EKEI! Is The Story Of A Poor Village Girl-Ekei, Who Sets Out On An Unprecedented Journey. Haven't Never Traveled Out Of The Village, She Finds Herself In The City For The First Time (United States For That Matter). Caught Up In The Most Dehumanizing, Unendurable, Violent And Torturous Circumstances, She Battle Her Way Out But Then Living Behind A Traceable Record Of 1st Degree Murder. Despite All Odds And Her Inability To Trust Or Believe In Any One, She Stumble Into Vitalis Amuam; A Young, Hard Working And Generous Guy, Who Sets An Unprecedented Turn Around Of Things Which Lands Her In Court And Puts The Jury in A Very Tight Situation!

MAIN CAST: Stephanie Maa, Kang Quintus, John Dumelo, Soleil Diva, Claudio Oben, Elian Mambo, Donald Imm, Winstina Taylor, Wendy Bangura

CREW Crew: 
Director- Akim Macauley, D.O.P - Christopher Okonkwo, Camera Operator 1: Elvis Efamba, Camera Operator 2: Penjo Baba, Ex. Producers - Kang Quintus/Elian Mambo, Producer: Kang Quintus

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