29 April 2014

Songs of the Week

Hey guys,
I know it's been ages since i did a songs of the week post, and honestly the title of this post should be songs of the month or rather the year because there have been a lot of ground breaking Cameroonian songs released this year.To say the Cameroon Music Industry has taken a 180 turn is an understatement. I couldn't be more proud of our artists both male and female you all make us really proud. Here are some of the songs that have caught my attention this far. Some of the songs might be old to you, or rather you must have already seen them but I am just putting up all the songs I have liked since my last song of the week post. I will also be explaining why i like the songs and what i think can be improved. Just so we are clear, these songs are not in a particular order. It's NOT a ranking !!!

Stanley Enow - Tumbuboss

Of course you guys knew this was going to be the first song I mention. Hahaha don't hate!! I don't know why people keep comparing this song to Hein Pere. It is a great song on its own, it has its own hype, style and message. I absolutely love the quality of the video, lyrics is great " Perika You must to Calculate..." lol that's my best line, the style and ambiance are topnotch. My only problem with the video is, I couldn't get the story ( i don't know if there was meant to be one) there was too much going on. But Hey it's STANLEY ENOW!!! aka Hein Pere! what can I say? He is the BOSS.

Magasco ft Duc Z - Fine Boy

This is one of my favorite songs, I don't even know where to start. The vocals on point, beats- killer, swag-murdered, concept - brilliant. I can listen to this song all day " Fati Fati mama" , in fact I rest my case. just watch

Magasco ft Gasha - Faya di burn

This song is a newly released song, it was released 2 days ago and it's already getting a lot of buzz. Before i forget, can i just say the child in the video is sooo cute? I just want to steal her. and oo i noticed she looks like Gasha. I absolutely loveeeeee this sing. Gasha and Magasco have the best vocals in the industry make no man no even agrue. This song just confirms what I had already know. Very well executed, great lyrics, outstanding video and spectacular concept. It reminds me of Brymo's song Down ---> HERE. I think the song is GREAT however i have just one little tiny critic, the time of the drums and the beginning of Gasha and Magasco's verses was a little off. As in it wasn't matching. I just felt like turning off the drums and listening just to their voices. However it got better at the middle. Anyway, i still die for the song tho. HATS OFF to Gasha and Magasco

Jovi ft Reniss- B.A.S.T.A.R.D

Yes! Yes! Yes! i know it's old, i know you have seen it a thousand times but I haven't featured it on here since it was released so just bare with me. This song is too dope mehn!!!. The lyrics is totally awesome. Of course we all know that Jovi is a lyrical rapper so hats off to him. No one can beat him at what he does. I CONFIRM PA!!!! and Reniss just took this song to a whole other level with her lovely voice. Swag is to the roof in this video #LaMort #FrenchKind

Sine ft Petit Pays - Paple

Sidney can do NO WRONG in my book. so i won't even bother to write much about this song. By the way Petit Pays aka Rabbi needs to start making songs like this. DOPE song!

Sine Ft Meiway - Je Te Ya Mo

I love the idea of making songs with African Music Legends. Meiway is one of the very best.

Miss Lena - Give Me A Sign

i totally love this song tooo  :)

Ngoma - Afe Nkap

OK, i was getting tired of writing about each and every song but can i just have a minute of silence for this song? As in who is this guy? God Damn!!! the beats, lyrics etc etc of this song pass my power oo. E tooooo much. Choii!!! I BOW! that's all I can say. Cameroon is blessed with talent, I rest my case!

Rythmz - A Little Lie, A Little Kill

When it comes to RnB trust Rthymz to deliver, I have always known that these guys were extremely talented. Their song E Go Pay -->  HERE, is still one of my favorite camer songs of all time. And they just murdered this song. Vocals are mind blowing, Usher and Chris Brown ain't got nothing on you guys. I just lovee this song 

So guys, those are the songs of the week. I know I have omitted so many new songs, So please comment and Leave the song you will like me to future next week. 

                 Have a lovely week and love you all

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