4 May 2014

Denim On Demin / Vote for Stanley Enow Campaign

Hey Allyistas,
Hahaha I know it's a funny name.I have been thinking of a name to call my readers and i just stumbled on this. lol I know it sounds horrible, am clearly not good at coming up with stuff like this.I am open to suggestions, Please let me know what some of your options are. Ok enough of that. This outfit post was a total coincidence. I put together this outfit to launch my #Vote4StanleyEnowCampaign details --> HERE. I was just going to take portfolio shots for the campaign and I swear I WAS NOT aiming to look this good. I used 5 mins to throw everything together and BAAM!! I was looking like this. I was shocked myself. hahaha so i just decided to take a few casual full shots for IG and then decided to make a post after i saw how good the pictures looked (hides face) so here you go. What do you think, did I make good use of my 5 mins? Also please join the Campaign, it's not limited to Cameroonians or Africans and Voting is also open to everyone. Details ---> HERE. Thanks to all those who have joined the campaign already. Waiting for more pictures.