22 September 2014

An Exclusive Interview with AMBE ( Formerly known as Denzyl)

Hi Guys,
               How are you all doing? I know it's been over 2 months since I last blogged but I promise to blog more regularly. Balancing nursing school, being a part-time hair stylist and blogging is getting more difficult that I though #SadFace. That being said, I just made a promise and I will keep to it.
Today's post is about one of Cameroon's most talented artist. Ambé which many of you might have know is Denzyl is one of the artists making waves all over Cameroon. His unique sound and captivating personality makes him stand out and places him at the top in the music industry. He just recently changed his artist name From Denzyl to Ambé , rebranded himself and  released a new single Rendez- Vous. I had a twitter interview with him and this is what he had to say.

- Hey Ambé, Good Afternoon. How are you doing today?
I'm fine Alison, thank you and yourself? 

- I am great, Thanks for asking. It’s been a while since I last spoke with you. Our last interview was on the 4th of April 2013, it’s high time we caught up on what you’ve been up to lately. I see you have been very busy but before we start can you please tell us who you are? For those who might not know you. 
Yeah, it's been a while, well... my name is Ambe. I was previously known as Denzyl...
After the release of my song 'Monika' under my previous stage name,  i decided to stay grounded and improve my art as well as organise my life for the better, so that's what i have been doing...and i'm back now.

- Woow, I think it paid off. Why did you decide to change your name?
It's proof that my life is now organised, i know where i'm from where i'm going, reppin every part of my roots.

- Well said! Does your rebranding only have to do with a change of name or is there much more involved? If yes, what?
Truth is...i made a lot of mistakes when i was Denzyl. I made a lot of bad choices and bad decisions, so my 'rebranding' is about the old me dead and gone. Place to a BRAND NEW being!

- It`s rare to find an artist admit his mistakes. I applaud you for that. Just to confirm you are still under Red Eye Entertainment, right?
Still in good terms...we have no reason to be fighting oh...Alison! lol

- lol ok ooo! *smiles*. You released a single on July 11th called Rendez Vous, I must say I am absolutely crazy about that song. What was your inspiration for it?
Yay! :) 'Rendez-Vous', which french-speaking people relate to as an appointment or a date, is actually the neighborhood i grew up in. It's in Bamenda...A crazy neighborhood, where you have to be ready for anything at any time. Go ask somebody!  Ha ha.Everyone be it rich or poor from Rendez Vous is very ambitious... and i wanted to portray it in the song. I talk about dreams and ambition...through the eyes of a kid that grew up in Rendez Vous.

 - Woow, I totally get it now. It is kind of different from your last single Monika. Monika had a makossa feel while Rendez vous has a njang kinda feel. Why did you take this new direction?

If you go through my catalogue, you will realise my sounds are unique in one way or the other. Right now, i'm at a level where i'm still looking for something different. Looked for a unique sound that was not necessarily identical to Nigerian Afrobeats...So when i heard the instrumentals for 'Rendez Vous' i knew immediately that it was going to blend with a song i had written some time ago, and the rest they say is history!

 - Amazing! You are the definition of afrobeats, afropop and everything that involves Cameroon music culture. What is your musical vision or should I say your music style?

It's really simple hey! My style remains AfroPop but my vision is to create a unique sound that Cameroonians and Africa can relate to, and which is different from the regular Nigerian Afropop but is still Afropop :)

- Awww, Your sounds are definitely unique. Who came up with the beats of the song and who was the producer?
'Rendez Vous' was produced by one of Cameroon's most creative producers, and someone i respect a lot: 'PhillBillBeats' (Dianee). He came up with the instrumentals and when i heard it, i felt it would perfectly blend with the song i had already written. We made a few changes, and I really wanted a live saxophone on it. He really understood my vision and made it happen. So thanks to PhillBillBeats and NHNR for a job well done!!!

- Dianee ( part of Rhythmz) killed those beats. I know he was a producer. He definitely did a great job. In your last 2-3 singles you have been talking about beautiful Cameroon girls. In Rendez vous, you spoke about two friends of mine, Sahndra Fondufe and Njong Amanda, should we be suspicious? LOL naaaahhhh don't be but you fit if you wantam *smiley*·


- Bahahahah lol, Does Ambé have any monika or “fine girl with a rich father” in your life?
Chaiii Alison this question haha the way e personal hein!! I better run, so no comment!

- lol, *hides face* In Rendez vous, you said “you have been hussling to be successful & make plenty money”. You have been in the music industry for a while, why do you think things have been slow?


- What are you doing to make things better? Because I think you are an outstanding artist. Awwww...THANK YOU! :). I'm trying to make the right decisions, from the people i work with, the music we put out and taking my time to do things right; trying to avoid making (more) mistakes, and above all ask my "Boss at the top"...GOD, guidance and protection. All is well! *smiley* 

Middle : Elle Ahanda ( Ambe's PR), right - Ambe

- Amen!, What do you think your fans, bloggers and other artists/philanthropists in the industry can do to make talented artists like you known worldwide and actually make a living from music?
For the fans...mekde alors! I already see the positive energy, the love and support they are putting in. I really appreciate, and thank the Man above! Ahem, "small time dem go start win prizes oooh..." *laughs*
As for bloggers and media people, they are already doing a wonderful job. Ya massa, like since my new song 'Rendez Vous' was released,  i've seen their support. To ALL blogs you can think of, the time is near, time weh them go stay touch dough but make dem just be more consistent on their bolo and put in their best soup go cam just like play. And for other artists them, na jo for di bolo.. any dawg get ye day *laughs* Let's support one another my people! It begins with us, here at home. Philantropists are needed in this industry. I have been blessed to get support from a few people in the past and even now, people that love my music and just encourage me to keep pushing.

- We(bloggers) don hear oo, can't wait for the dough to start dropping. When should we be expecting the video for rendez vous coz I can’t wait?

Soon!!! You can wake up any day and it's in your face, so don't be suprised! "man nedi nang dis days ya ma man"

- okay, Do you have any concepts in mind for the video? ( to those who might be wondering, this interview was done on twitter, before the release of the Rendez Vous video)
Alison, the video has been shot already oh...We are ready to release it. Soonest! I know you are surprised right??? *laughs* Really,we had sooo much faith in that song! So we just decided to shoot the video. It has a great concept, beautiful women too...Just watch out!!!

- I was very impressed by the video concept and the dancing was on point. #loveit. Which Cameroon artists do you look up to and who will you like to have a collab with?
Waaah plenty artists right now all man di husstle good, but Cheiii Stanley Enow na baba forget!!!! MAMA in his CV f***k! I respect him a lot. He inspires me and makes me proud to know him as a bruv. But, whoever God say we fit do song then who am i to refuse? *sings* When Jesus says yes nobody can say no... *smiles*

- I like that! What is next for Ambé. Anymore singles on the way?
See, expect nothing but good sweet music only from "Ambe". A lot of good music in store for everyone. Coming your way one hit at a time!

- We are waiting oo. Are you working on an album?
It is my wish to put out an album...so, when the time is right i will put it out. #Amen

- AMEN! What do you want to accomplish by the end of this year?
Impact as much lives as God will allow me to, make people happy with my music, be successful and...get money! *50 Cent's voice*

- Na all that. Thanks very much for this interview. It was great catching up with you. Have a lovely day. 
Thanks Alison! But you know say God go bless you abundantly nor? :) May God bless you oh! IJN.

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