26 September 2014

Movie Premiere: DECODED - September 27th @ Douala Bercy & 28th September @ Savoy Palmz Hotel Limbe

Hi Guys,
  Cameroon movies are slowly making their way out of Cameroon and securing a couple of international awards. although our movie industry has improved they still have a long way to go, reasons why when I hear of a movie premiere i get super excited worst of all when the movie involves an international Ghanaian actor- Van Vicker. Hopefully i can get my hand on a copy and i hope you all will grab one too and attend the premiere on Saturday September 27th at Douala Bercy and 28th September at Savoy Palmz Hotel, Limbe. You guys should turn up and put your best fashion foot forward coz i will be watching (LMAO), I just want to take this moment to say a big thank you to our Cameroon movie actors and actresses who put our movies ans country on the map, thanks for your talent and dedication, A big thank you to all our movie investors, thanks for believing in our movie industry and please we need more investors, there are so many talented young actors in Cameroon but no one to help promote or push them. Hope we can have bigger and better investors and promoters. Below is a brief synopsis of the movie, and behind the scene pictures. Enjoy!!!

Yijika Solanga,Epule Jeffery and some crew members

KILLY STEVE (EPULLE JEFF) a guy known for his fame as an actor, dreams to have the most luxurious weddings to his beautiful wife, JASMIN (SOLANGE YIJIKA) When he names NICOLAS (BUH PROXY) his best man, it seems Nick has plans to have a taste of Steve’s woman by hook or by crook.NICKS advances seems adventurous to JASMIN, who neglects the fact of telling STEVE, thus settling between a hard place and a rock.

Yijika Solange ( in the black dress)
 Something must be done to get something in or out. And that something seems to be STEVE's best friend  DAVID (VAN VICKER) whom of all days stumbles into STEVE just on the eve of this so promising wedding infested just by a maggot, NICK. DAVE, upon introduction, turns out to be an even bigger maggot who will wrestle heaven and earth to sniff JASMINS underwear. Now, best friend and best man wrestle secretly with each other to have a taste of this FAIR GEM before night falls. A fight that lands NICK to a position of being STEVE’S Punching bag when he meets him forcing to get a taste of his wife to be.

Yijika Solange & Epule Jeffery
 The death star arrives only when pictures of DAVE AND JASMIN are spilled in STEVES mansion, at a time the mansion is infested with friends and fans, making final arrangements of the wedding. A revelation that lands DAVE a series of blows and turns the whole night into a time of revelation and DECODING of unimagined codes, of which STEVE is not exempted
Van Vicker, Buh Proxy, Valery and Jeffery

 and happens to father the child of JASMINES best friend, TRISHIA(ADEL DIKANA), who before arriving at the Mansion just plotted the death of DOCTOR HANS (OTIA VITALIS) {The only one who knows LELA is not MAYA’S kid and blackmails TRISHA for it}, through MISS BROOKS (BRENDA ELUNG) who will do anything to have TRISHIA’S man, MAYA(DESMOND WYTE). All these secrete are DECODED in a night of TRUTH and PIECES. DECODED, with its most favoured dialogue line “THIS ISN’T HEAVEN, IT’S THE WORLD, AND THERE ARE BOUND TO BE TROUBLES”.

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