7 October 2014

BUISNESS: New Luxury Salon Alert - LUDMILLA By LUDIE

Hey Ladies..... and Guys,

 How are you all doing? I know I have been MIA for a while but I had to bring something special. I know we (ladies) love looking good,  and getting pampered. Hair done, nails sparkling, make up flawless and skin radiant, and to crown it all, you can get all that done in the same place. Let me speak for myself, there is nothing as annoying as having to run from one salon to another to meet up with hair, nails and massage appointments. it's extremely annoying and frustrating. Well for my Cameroon ladies, your prayers have finally been answered, you can now get your hair, nails, massage and even facials done at the same luxury beauty salon. Chaii!!! I am officially jealous. Well let me stop ranting and get into the real deal. Wondering where you can get all this done? Below are all the answers to your questions.

What is LUDMILLA? 

LUDMILLA is a luxury beauty salon owned by a very gorgeous young lady Jeanne Ludie. She is also the face of her brand. And I must say she is representing it very well.

Jeanne Ludie - CEO of LUDMILLA

Where is it located?

LUDMILLA, institut de beaute
Before Carrefour Jamot
Mballa 2

What services do they offer?

Mehn!!!!! they offer everything ooo. The list is very long. Services offered :hair(men and women), massage, facials, full body scrubs, waxing, eye-works (eyelash extension, eyebrow tinting), threading, manicure, pedicure, gel nail polish, acrylic nail extension, makeup, hair sales, bridal services etc

List of Services in French

What can you expect when you walk into LUDMILLA?

Firstly, be prepared to "WALK OUT FLAWLESS!!!" as Ludie says "We are simply the best. We've got the best team of hairdressers, beauticians and make up artists, with great customer service skills. we use a wide range of authentic products which are the best in the market like Tresseme, Mizhani, Herbal Essences, Skintruth, The Bodyshop just to name a few. The salon is quite accessible, classy, clean, spacious and airy etc. We also reward our loyal customers to ensure they keep coming back and are satisfied with the service."See how excited I am, i can't wait to look flawless every day when I go to Cameroon. You guys should go check it out and send it pictures and messages of your experience so i can write about it and feature you in my follow up post. Make sure to let Ludie know who I sent you, ok? 

Pictures of the Salon: 

When Ludie said the salon is clean, spacious, airy and BEAUTIFUL!! she wasn't joking. As a hairstylist myself, i must say that this salon is so on point. This is a hairstylist and beauticians dream. I loveeee everything about it. One word - COMFY. Check out the pictures below.

Entrance + Lounge 

Three well equipped Hairstyling stations.

Hair Products

Hair washing stations

Cross section of salon

Nail section

Massage/ Facials/ body care


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