7 October 2014

New Single Release: ShikkiBamBam by VILLE

Hi guys,
 Cameroon music is becoming bigger than ever and it is thanks to all the artists who take their time to invest in their talents and make us move to their music. Shikki-bamban is one of such songs. I call it a "feel good African grove" lol. That's how I feel when I listen to it. It is very original and the beats sound like a mixture of makossa and some Igbo rhythms which is cool. Here is what the artist VILLE has to say about it:

US based Afro pop rapper VILLE drops another smothering banger titled SHIKKI-BAMBAM, a total deviation from his regular style.  A blend of Afro beat, Makossa and Soukous. Cool, sweet and catchy for both the old and the young featuring rapper King_Kimbo. Song is produced by Lexi_sugar.  ‘I love doing music for everybody’ VILLE has come to stay; the next big act has done it again just few weeks after releasing fresh choreography visuals for OLOPYTO.  

Contact Ville by :
Following VILLE on twitter @VreezyVille237 
 Instagram @Vreezy_Ville.

For Bookings contact: info@francorecords.com / +011-281-728-4374. @Vreezyville237     @Francorecordz

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