22 March 2013

Classy Yet Sexy!!!

Hey beautiful people,
                              How is everyone doing today? hope you all had a great week, mine was very busy but thank God it's weekend. In my outfit of today, i tried to find the right balance between classy and sexy. You can rock this look to work or even for an interview depending on which kind of interview it is. (You will probably have to wear a shoe which is not as high as mine coz the higher the shoe, the shorter the skirt appears to be).  I paired my Forever 21 printed flare skirt with a studded sleeveless top from urban behavior and H&M black blazer. ( btw am addicted to anything with studs and spikes). I decided not to wear a necklace coz the top already has studs, wearing a necklace would take away its beauty but if you really want to wear it with a necklace then it should be a very simple necklace.  I also wore my lovely blue pumps from shoe dazzle. It was given to me by my darling younger sister on my birthday September last year. It was a pleasant surprised coz i wasn't expecting anything from anyone and she didn't even tell me she was ordering something for me lucky for her or should i say for me I really love them. This was the first time wearing them because they are really high but they are really pretty too so .... 
 Hope i nailed the look tho.  Thanks. 

That's what i get for living in Canada. #SMH

Birthday Gift from My Lovely Kid Sister ( NELLY).

Blazer: H&M
Top: Urban Behavior 
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoe: Shoe Dazzle

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Have a lovely weekend


  1. Mmmmmmm you nailed it right to the end

  2. Hahaha look at that snow behind you! Ugh, Canada and its weather~! Prevebts us bloggers from taking good pictures all the time.
    Lovee the outfit!

    1. hahahaha i know right? it was soo cold but i just had to bear it. hopefully spring comes soon. it was sunny yestaday but it's cold today :(. thanks hun. xoxo

  3. such a nice outfit! your blog is very lovely and interesting.im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


    1. Thanks a lot Thi, I will definitely check out you blog and follow you. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love the shoes! Nice work on your job, Muke...