14 March 2013

Draped Split Skirt

 Hey beautiful people,
                                 It is yet another beautiful day for us to thank God for our lives and of course talk about fashion. So I saw this green strappy high-heeled sandals from the Zara website and it literally took my breathe away. Like I just had to get it. lol i couldn't even wait for sales and I had to drive to another city 3 hours away (Burlington) just to get it from the mall there since we have no Zara store in Windsor * hides face* . Talk about SHOE ADDICTION. Anyway, so we had this Nigerian student's party and I decided to put together two trends right now, i.e the monochrome (black and white) and a draped split skirt. I decided to add a little color to the outfit by pairing it with my Zara sandals and a matching belt. Hope you love the outfit coz I had fun putting it together

Top: Zara
Skirt: Urban planet
Necklace: Zara ( similar but not the same as this)
Belt: Ardene 
Shoes: Zara  (get yours here)

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  1. Nice outfit Muke.The zara sandals are so cute.Adding colour to you outfit was wow. Congrats on your blog.

  2. Nice deary... shoe addiction... I know and love that about u! Cute outfit... Have fun! Kele!

    1. Aww Kele, thanks soo much hun. for the support and everything

  3. Stunning outfit on a beautiful angel. I like what you are doing. Keep it up Muke. Chris

  4. omggg Muke sweety I qm qstonished qnd proud on the blog u started. I love the outfit and keep the glow ok .Sharon

  5. wow muke im so proud keep up

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