30 March 2013

Green! Red! Yellow! CAMEROON FLAG.

Hi  Everyone,
                    Happy Easter Week. I know that Women's day passed a couple of weeks ago but today am celebrating three talented Cameroonian young ladies, the gorgeous Cameroonian Afro pop Star MUSEBA , hot Prof make up artist and friend ANYI, and me of course * Holla!!!!!!!!*. Please check out my interview with them. Well, for my outfit of today, I mixed 3 of my favorite combination colors GREEN, RED AND YELLOW. i don't only love these colors coz they make up my country's flag ( which is pretty cool) but they   also make up the flags of almost all  African countries and they make up a pretty cool combination. Seriously, I swear it was a coincidence that I am featuring 2 other Cameroonian ladies on the same day that i wear those colors  Didn't plan it at all but am loving it. Anyway, hope you like my outfit . Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I PROMISE to get a better camera, soonest.

Top & Belt: Trifted
Jeans: Urban Planet
                       Shoes: Zara ( same Here and Here)

I hope you like the way i combined the outfit. Again am sorry about the Quality of the pictures. It was snowing so i had to take the pictures indoors.
 Well, please leave a comment and don't forget to check out my other posts.

 Thanks and have a Great Easter weekend.