17 December 2013

Upcoming Cameroonian Female Artist 'Miss Bess" Releases her first Official Single - LAST DANCE

The Cameroonian music industry has had a big break this year with tons of new artists killing it  by putting Cameroon on the music map. Though we have good number of artists, there are very few female artist so it is my pleasure to present to you our new and up coming damsel MISS BESS. 

Sophie Bessesm Tataw popularly know as Miss Bess  fell in love with music at the tender age of 13 when she started singing in church where she created a small choir with her friends in Cameroon. Her music is a reflection of her Cameroonian and Nigerian heritage with an added twist/sound of European influence; which she effortlessly combines by singing in English, French and pidgin-English.

Miss Bess is currently working on her upcoming EP, mixing afro beats and soulful jazz. Her ability to transcends various music genres to deliver music for the soul is the direct influence of her rich cultural heritage and source of inspiration. ‘LAST DANCE’ is the 1st single to be released off the EP and with more soon to be released tracks! With a bright future ahead of her, Miss Bess is definitely one to look out for! 

Her new song - Last Dance is like a mix of Reniss's soulful voice + Sophy Aida's rhythm but a killer Miss Bess swag and rendition. Totally love this song. Listen for yourself. 

Here are some of her other songs.


For more information, Contact Miss Bess on;
Website: www.missbess.nl

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