24 May 2015


Hey sweety pies, No scratch that, Hey lovely readers, 
   How are you all doing? I am so happy to be back to blogging, missed it so much. School is finally over (at least for now), the weather is finally getting warmer *#AMEN* and my lovely Cameroonian artists are killing the music charts, what more could a blogger (me) want? lol.
Anyway,let's jump into the coco of the matter. I am so so excited to introduce this song to you partly because it features a Cameroonian artist I have been routing for and silently supporting since he first came into the scene in 2012 - Arré and secondly because the song worrey!!. This song is the future man!!!.
     Jakiri is by US based Cameroonian artist - Ville Vreezy ft Je Te Ya Mo artist - ArrĂ©. Ville reveals "The video, shot in Cameroon depicts a typical African dance setting giving you a reason to stay on the dance floor". (Yes bro, I agree!)
To be honest, I didn't listen to the audio when it was released last month because I am a visual person. I loveee watching music videos, and this did not disappoint at all. Of course we could have done without the first scene - the girls washing cars in a provocative way but OMG! the song made me want to dance so much I barely noticed what was going on. The guys looked dapper in African outfits, fashion on point, lyrics was very catchy, beats made me dance and twerk (hides face), and ooo did I mention their vocals were on point too?. Anyway, enough said, just take your "colo colo eye chop chrismos". 

Oya Jakiri, download and share this with your friends and friends of friends……

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