27 May 2015


Hey guys,
Happy New Week, I know it's been a while since I did a song of the week post but don't you worry, I've got you covered. Our Cameroonian artists have been busy killing it and keeping us entertained, if you haven't been up to date ... well. Let's just say thank God you follow my blog. I have a list of some of the hottest songs right now, so whether you need something to listen to on you way to work, during you break, when you are working out or when you want to relief stress, I've got what you need.

First of is GASHA - FEELING LOVE. This song was released 2 days ago and was in collaboration with Afro nation Tv *I think*. The song is dedicated to Africa and though it has a kid's cartoon "Kiriko" theme, it also appeals to every age group. The production is really good, Great vocals, and sound track. I just love it

This song though released a few months ago has still been turning heads and getting great reviews. In my opinion, this is one of the artist's best, after Hein Pere of course. Nice Lyrics, Killer beats, lovely location, clean video, dapper style/ fashion. Can't wait to see whatz next.

I might not care about Tilla as a person, and her foul mouth irritates me to hell but I can't and wouldn't deny the fact that behind that rude, arrogant and "speak before I think" facade is a very talented young lady. I love this song and Shey totally slayed it. His Patwah was very natural and effortless. Can we please talk about Reniss another day? abeg. I will just say this, her vocals in this song was on point but her new look .... hmmmmm!!! . Anyway, the song fine sha. The arrangement and the beats are so on point. However, I don't care about the video, same sh*t different day. February 16th could do better.

I stumbled on this video when I was scrolling through my Facebook and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. The creativity level, lyrics, story line and beat is captivating. When we talk of originality this is what we mean. As someone who grew up in Buea, this Eposi song just hits home. Love it. The artist could be styled better especially his hair but he is an up coming artist so he will get there with time. Please put on your dancing shoes and enjoy!!!

I always say " Make your first step the best and strongest so that people will know you have arrived". This guy did just that. During my YouTube search for songs to use for this post (yes, I actually do my research` to bring you the best of the best) I stumbled on this song and I almost broke the replay button. This guy's voice is pure, undiluted milk. choi. The originality, video production, concept, lyrics, vocals, tune, everything is spot on. Infact just watch and thank me later.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any songs you will like me to feature next week please leave them in the comment box. It will be lovely if they have videos. Also I will love to know what you think of the songs of this week and my thoughts. Your comments make my day so please leave as many as possible. Have a lovely new week and see you next week with more amazing new sounds.

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