22 January 2016

Songs Of the Week

Hey lovely people,

 HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2016. I still can't believe how fast 2015 flew by. I know it has been a while since I blogged and honestly I missed you all. I don't want to go into all the long juicy details of why I have been away for this long but as the year goes on you will find out #promise. It should be no news that 2015 was a crazy year for Cameroon music. So many new artists got their voices heard and got us dancing to a lot of new banging tunes. The music industry has improved in leaps and bounds since I started blogging 2 years ago and I couldn't be more proud. Today, I want to share 7 of my favorite Kamer songs right now. Hope you love them as much as I do and don't forget to drop a comment.

Locko - Ndutu:

Locko is a soulful Afropop artist who broke into the music scene last year with his hit single Margo which was on everyone's lips for months and months. It is one of my favorite Kamer songs of all time (Don't let me go into explaining all the reasons why I love that song).  *takes a deep breathe* Anyway, let me talk about the song at hand. In Ndutu, Locko expresses his love for Kamer ladies and just like Margo his lyrics is a prefect blend of English, French and Pidgin. The Lyrics, Vocals, Video concept and Beats makes this song a hit ( at least in my book).

Stanley Enow Ft Ice Prince- Yours:

You've got to love Kamer's most controversial and talked about Rapper. He just dropped the video to one of my (emphasis on MY) favorite songs (Yours) on his album "Soldier Like My Papa" which is available on iTunes. The Afrobeats on this song and the blend between Ice Prince and Stanley's rap styles just took this song to a whole new level. I will dance to this song any day, any time. They killed it.

Magasco - Wule Bang Bang:

Since the release of his first single Kumba Market  in 2013 this Bamenda Boy has been releasing club banging singles which has made him a house hold name in Cameroon. In Wule Bang Bang, he expresses his love for a young lady and explains what he will do to win her heart. What makes this song unique and one of my favs is the lovely fusion of his north western culture and sound with traditional Afrobeats. This is one of my favourite Magasco songs by far. He is fast becoming Kamer's Wizkid. The sky is the limit for this guy.

Nami Nami Cyrus - Ewakajo:

I give it up to my lil bro for introducing me to this song. From the moment I heard it I have murdered the replay button. This is the first song by Nami Nami Cyrus that I have listened to but he is so promising. This song is definitely a club banger. No matter what mood I am in, listening to this song makes me happy and gets me dancing. Can't wait to see what he has in store for us.

Mr Leo - On Va Gerer:

Where do I even start with this guy? Mr Leo is just on his second single but he has been shaking the Kamer music industry since he dropped his first single - E go beta. The fusion of his lovely voice, simple style and very educative love lyrics makes him very unique. On va gerer is a song about his love for a girl he got pregnant and his dedication to make their relationship work no matter the odds. I can't emphasize how important the message of this song is.

Daphne - Mother's Love:

Daphne is among one of the most talked about female artists in the music industry. To be honest I had not listened to any of her songs since she released her first single Rastafari, But when I heard this song yesterday, I was like WoooW. Her vocal was powerful, Lovely message, the video told a heart felt and touching story about a mother's love. The love our parents have for us and we in turn have for our children. *Grabs tissue while watching*

(Daphne, if you are reading this, pleaseeeee stick to the African look. from Hairstyle to outfit to overall look is prefect on you. It brings out your beauty even more. Loveeeeee it.) 

Blaise Bsings ft Jims42 - I must to Marry you:

Last but Definitely not the least. I have been in love with his songs the moment he dropped his first single Eposi. I couldn't get enough of his playful but very interesting lyrics and interpretation of the modern day love/marriage struggles of 'young' Cameroonians. His newly released single "I must to Marry you" is another beautiful rendition about his readiness to marry his love of many years. But as most love stories and relationships there is always a stumbling block. Blaise is fast becoming the Cameroon's 'Flavour' . There is no way you can't love this guy's song. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out and read this post. As usual your comments are important to me. Let me know what you think of these lovely talented artists and feel free to mention some artists you think I should check out.

Gros Bisou 


  1. Mookeh ur list is on point...u get gud taste.. lol na kamerkongosa.com talk oh

  2. Muke ur list is on point but "Kumba Market " was not Magasco's first release though... U should have had Cool Kid's "Seriously" on there imo & "Mother's Love" by Daphne is bae lol