1 March 2016

Meet Another Cameroonian female artist - Larryne Melh

The long awaited "Just Kossa" music video is now available online on Vevo. "Just Kossa" is the debut single of the Finnish-based Cameroonian upcoming artist "Larryne Melh". This electrifying and captivating single won this beautiful and talented artist "The best new Afrobeat artist in Finland in 2014 ".
In this inspirational musical piece, the Afro-pop sensation encourages the world to seize a moment to dance their pains and sorrows away for life is too short to waste it worrying about mistakes and regrets.  The video unveils the sexy, soft and energetic side of this astonishing lady .The video was written and directed by “Larryne Melh”.
I love the beats and the lyrics, the song is very catchy. However, I wish the video had a better concept and better dance choreography. Overall, this is a great debut single, hope to see more from you. Keep up the great work, Larryne.

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