30 April 2016

Fashion Police: Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF)

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      So, as you guys already know, the Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF) has been taking place in Buea Mountain Hotel from the 26th - 30th of April and the event has brought together actors from all over the world. Veteran Nigerian Actor - Ramsey Noah, Bollywood Actors, Ghana based Cameroon Actress - Okawa Shaznay, Pulse TV Presenter - Joan Ngomba and many others. This Fashion police post is going to cover outfits from the opening ceremony, MTN night and African Magic Night.


A very talented and inspirational Cameroon Actor - Kang Quintus had this to say "This is a FILM FESTIVAL not an Award Night. The opening days of film festivals are meant for film screenings, workshops, conferences, and training about film making or the art. The last day of the festival which is the closing/awards night is the big night! That is when all the glamour comes in!".
      He made me understand why Ramsey Noah dressed the way he did because quite frankly, I was mad when I saw his outfit. However, Mr Quintus has helped me calm down and have a sense of reason. Moving forward, I suggest that event organizers clearly state the dress code for their events because many actors and actresses did not get the memo and I don't blame them at all. Honestly, I was beginning to wonder why there was a red carpet for all 5 days. It's a little too much. Anyway, What do i know? I am not an actor. That being said, even if you have to dress simple/casual, you can still be stylish.

Actress Okawa Shaznay:

Yassssss! This is what I am talking about people! Simple yet fashionable and classy. Love love her  mid length, body-con dress it fits her perfectly, her shoe is just gorgeous, fleek hair do, Make up on point. In fact I need to stop talking. SLAYAGE DOT COM.

 Actress Malvis Ann:

Opening ceremony: This dress was another moment of hallelujah i swear. Her body is so gorgeous. This pale yellow, deep V cut dress by Mareta West was the talk of the night and Malvis wore it beautifully. Everything was in the right place. Just the right amount of cleavage. The dress was beautifully designed and it fit her like a glove. I could have loved her hair to be up but regardless she looks absolutely Flawless. Slayed for sure.

African Magic Night: Yess to the hair oo. It makes her look younger and it brings out her beauty. Love it. It might be just me but I don't like the dress especially from the waist down. It is too long and it doesn't fit her petite statue. The dress is wearing her instead of the other way round.

 Actress Syndy Emade:

MTN Night: I absolutely love Syndy (left) in this high- low skater dress by J&L Designs. In fact I want this dress (I know, i di ever beg closs lol). She looks gorgeous. love her hair and shoes as well.

African Magic Night: It might be just me but i do not like this dress by J&L Designs.May be because the 'thing' covering their boobs is in a totally different color from the dress, white could have been better. Plus there is just too much skin. However it looks better on Syndy. Love the fact that her boobs are smaller, hence well covered and her shoe choice is better. However what's up with this nose ring business and her hair is a Noooo!


 Pulse TV Presenter/ Journalist: Joan Ngomba:

African Magic Night: I love the simplicity of this outfit, yet it sexy. Love her hair, necklace and shoes. Legs on fleek.

 Actress Yijika Solange:

I loveee her outfit. The red, cut out body-con dress fits her very well. Her shoes and bag is perfect for the outfit. Hair could be better tho. 

Model: Afor Tumban


 I actually love the simplicity of her dress. Hair and make up on point. I love how effortless she looks. I wish I could see her shoes.

   Love love love her graphic top and her hair style is a total YES. I wish I had a full picture to see the rest of her outfit. However, I love what I see.

 I like the style of her dress. I wish it was a little longer but it looks good on her. Hair is cute but the shoe need to go.

 She looks like a bohemian princess. I love love loveee her hair, make up and dress. A part of me wishes that the dress was completely covered (not see through around her belly) but she definitely slayed.

 I love the material of her dress i just wish it had more. It is a little too simple. Love her shoes and make up is on point.
 Opening Ceremony: She looks cute in this red ball gown, I love her hair better when it's pulled back in a low ponytail. Her make up is always on point though.

 Dress by Mareta West: I love her hair and bag. However, i think the dress is too long and looks a little big on her. I wish it was a little more fitted around her abdomen and waist.

Designer (Mareta West) Reneta Ndisang:

 She actually looks good. Love the dress. It looks good on her and fits her body type. I wish her shoe was black but it still looks good tho. thumbs up

Singer Ewube:

 Can Ewube's manager please contact me? I need to hook her up with a stylist /fashion blogger friend - Brenda Chuinkam. You look better today but you still need some essential fashion tips.

 Esai Stella (Don't know if she is an actress or celeb tho).

Love her hair, purse and make up. Her dress is cute and simple, i know she could do better. Plus! hmmm ... Is that a baby bum? 

Actor Ramsey Noah:

 Hahaha the outfit that almost broke the internet. Honestly when I first saw this picture I was very mad. He looked like he was behind the scenes of a movie shoot. But after talking to Quintus, I realised that he actually dressed the part because it was supposed to be a film workshop, carry on Ramsey. But i am watching you. Better kill it for the award show.

He looked way better at the second CAMIFF event, However he could do better.

 I love this kente oufit. It looks very chic and vibrant. Love the colours.

I guess Ramsey wasn't the only one who dressed casual. Although his was worst, lol

I am sure by know you guys have noticed that I have a soft spot for African outfits especially men's wear. They both look really good.

Group Pic at the opening ceremony

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a lovely weekend. Please comment on your favourite and not so favourite looks. 
Love y'all


  1. Nice post ...I really really love Okawa Shaznay so much.the girl came to a theater class at the University of buea yesterday and answered amazing questions to students who wanted to understand the performance of an actor ..oh correction she is based in Nigeria not Ghana ..heard it in her interview at camiff and saw it too on her website..anyway good job on this post.

    1. Thanks hun. Will make the necessary corrections.

  2. Beautiful
    Esai Stella isnt an actress nor a celeb. She is Head of Communications for the CAMIFF team.
    And yes! Thats a baby bump we see

  3. Wow every critic on point. I love the way U addressed everything. Hmmmmmm me love fashion critic

  4. Let every comment out! Have posted some clarification facts here and it's obvious you didn't publish. Selective comments won't let your audience in on certain information.

    1. Lol, I do publish all the comments hun. Don't know what you all talking about. All the comments have been published.

  5. Thanks for Clarifying that Ramsey's outfit. I was like???? e box loss??? hahaha
    Okawa nailed it. Oh my that girls is classy plus plus black beauty...
    Afor and Bohemian princess nailed it also. Loved their outfit.
    Marete West deep V not my fav and also J&L Design's just a miss.
    Marete West red dress so classy the lady had a lovely haircut that suited it. Very chic.
    Well done to those who honored the invitation and supported CAMIFF. Looking to more glorious years.