20 April 2016

Fashion Police - Urban Jamz Awards 2016

Hi MKB Readers,
How have you all been doing? The weather has been getting warmer here and I couldn't be happier. As some of you might know, last weekend was the Urban Jamz Awards held in Buea. I was blessed to watch it stress free on Kreef Entertainment's snap-chat (If you aren't following them, please do. They provide a front stage view of concerts, tours and events and 24 hours Q & As with Cameroon artists, entertainers and celebs). I must say the organizers of the show did a great job, probably the best Cameroon award show I have watched, but of course there is always room for improvement. However, this post is about the red carpet outfits, they were hmmm, Let's take a look abeg. Just thinking aloud - Was there a dress code for this event? because all man be jo di wear anything way e want. Most of the celebs dressed very casual, so I presume, the dress code was Casual chic.
Photo credit: Miss Gina Promotes.

Actress Syndy Emade:  She always looks stunning and this outfit was no different. Love the all black theme, crop top, pants and her over the shoulder coat gives me life. However I wish she wore a different shoe style. One of my favs for sure.

I love this outfit especially the metallic shoes. Everything is so on point. The only thing i will say is - Get rid of the red clutch. Apart from that, 10 thumbs up.

Actress Malvin Ann - I absolutely love her ankara maxi skirt by - Mareta West. However, I do not like the crop top, it almost looks like a bra, something a little longer could have worked better. Or may be if she had her hair up or off shoulder. I love you Malvin, You usually slay but I know you can do better. #hidesface

Rapper Askia - Honestly this is the best outfit I have ever seen Askia in. I no go lie, she looks chic from head to toe. I wish the skirt was a little higher to show less skin but mehn! She killed it. Love the shoe choice as well. Outfit by Mareta West

Daphne - Is it just me or does Daphne always look good? I love her white lace skater dress with just enough cleavage and a sleek braid updo. She slayed big time. Unfortunately i couldn't find a full picture. Would have loved to see her shoes as well.

Blogger Gina Efeti looked lovely in this cute ankara A line - cape dress. I actually love this dress on her. It suits her petite physique.Outfit by Louis Fame

Mel B - Love the maxi dress by Charly designs and yellow crop top.  Her shoes and earrings are iffy though.

Fashion Designer - Reneta Ndisang: Honestly, i don't understand this outfit, Why the pink pants? Why the brown bag and What kind of shoes are those? I love the top but everything else does not go well together.

Guys:  The guys actually killed it .

Photographer Kelly B & NHNR CEO and Rthymz Manager Prince Enobi: both look great. Love Kelly's plaid pants and matching shirt. Black shoes could have been better. Enobi looks good in a white suit, ripped jeans and ankara inspired tee. Both outfits by Louis Fame

Mr Fix it (Sama Ndango) and Prodigal son: I actually like Sama's outfit apart from that bag. I no di understand, whoside di boy bi di go with da bag? lol. Hmm Prodigal Son, i guess chang is the new fashion trend in Camer.

Ankara was definitely winning that night. When in doubt, put on an ankara t-shirt or shirt. Love it

Mr Leo: Looking great in his Toghu inspired outfit. Very chic, i must say.

Stanley Enow  - Hmmm this shorts thing is becoming a trend oh. However, It's one of those trends that have to be worn to the right place and since this was an urban 'casual outfit' event, this outfit was right on point. Love the leather top and all black theme. Pretty cool and chic. It gives me a very Lil Wayne vibe

Dianee and Kezzy - Rythmz: I absolutely love their ankara outfits by Louis Fame. As I said the guys killed it.

The host - Rudy Bway: This might sound crazy but i really like this outfit. This suit and shorts style is giving me life. Outfit designed and styled by Mr Fix it

What are you thoughts? Did our celebs slay or trash the red carpet. Who were your best dressed celebs. Leave your comments below.  For the full list of nominees and winners ---> Click Here.

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  1. I don't see anything wrong Malvis dress, except for her hair which could go up. I think syndy, has worn one outfit twice but different colours and i did not do the cape dress on the lady neither did i do that for melb. Thanks though.

    1. Thanks hun and as i said it is my opinion and i respect yours. Ok thanks for the information, will edit the post. I now know Gina's dress was done by Louis Fame. Thanks

  2. I love syndy Emade dresses and Kelly B dress

  3. The guys did well for me.the ladies were trying too hard.less is more.african prints are so in but you have to know how to match and accessorise. Thanks Mookeh blog.atleast someone finally came up with a proper write up not the emotional write about unfinished clothes on the runway.

    1. hahahahaha you just killed me. unfinished clothes on the runway? choii! Anyway, thanks hun. I am happy you enjoyed the post.

  4. Mel B was the altimate. It came easy with her. She did not have to fit in. She owned the red carpet as well as the dress. A+ for Mel B

  5. Syndy Emade Slayysss ... ALWAYSSS :)

  6. @Syndy I love u so much but I don't get de jacket,de shoe n de trouser just gave ur vagina a mouth.i ll take away de necklace cuz de hair is pretty Gud accessory
    @i don't knw ur name I love de dress n de shoe for sure but is like de red purse is to match de hair .de necklace is a no
    @Malvin I feel like ur manager called u just 5 mins to de event n u jumped to ur closet n got dose.i love de skirt n shoe but de crop top am not sure cuz ur hair is covering everything de hair would have bn pulled up in a ponytail n is it just me am so sure she didn't want to come for dis award no Smile☹☹
    @Askia doll de shoes are horrible pls take dose shoes out of ur closet don't Eva wear again n de brow wats dat?? U look like a character in a cartoon de wired ones�� but apart from dat I love de dress n de hair so much
    @Dalphine I love de dress but dere is nothing special about de dress is just a dress I ll ve loved to see de shoe n wat happened to ur make up artist is like she didn't show up???��
    @Gina Gina everything is wrong about dis de color ,de hair ,accessories everything except de smile��
    @Mel B Mel B can someone tell dis girl she is an average beautiful girl so de makeup is always too much de hair is a no,earrings bad de only thing I love is de smile n de skirt.u don't need so much makeup up especially de eye shadow #advice#
    @Reneta I love u so much so am So am not gonna say anything
    @ de boys I love Enobi n Stanley Enow wat is Kelly B wearing?? Is it Christmas alrdy?? ����
    N I love Rythmz too dey look amazing .De rest look like Ekona boys on Christmas Day.Pls don't take it personally

    1. hahahaha u are so funny. I agree with some of your points. However you didn't have to be so blunt and mean, wehhh.

    2. Lmao..this comment is really funny. I really don't know the celebrities actually but I had to match the comment with the pics..so hilarious. But generally,they look good.

    3. Lmao DTS why she is anonymous smbdy needs to tell them d truth tho

  7. lol the host wore what i willn term as trashy! i was there and his shorts werwe below is buttocks..sagging

  8. The best dressed male for me was blogger Yanyk Baba Tee of KamerVibe.com .

  9. Best dress nominee Kelly Blaise

  10. Reneta wear na weti so for red carpet???hmmmmm😰😰😰😰😰😰

  11. @GinaEfeti, hon ur dress is wrong at every level. the mini rings and accessorizes na error.
    @Renata Boo u no go kill person, what is going on? na red carpet or u just arrived from bamenda? saaah! to even think u are a designer swagless weh u get na thg for #Fear! in Mic's Voice.

    @Lizzy, i have known u for a swagish kinda chic, red carpet is prolly strange, u did well, ur clutch shld disappear and the chain is a No, ur breast popping on one site is already enough.

    @Syndy Babe ma dear u are doing too much, u have a beautiful body and face, u dnt need rioting combo to work for u on a red carpet, loose everything except the hair and crop top, come naked jare!.
    @KellyB, ma dear u look like u heading to sunday school, what is going on?
    @Askia, u got prepared for this too much and forgot to come prepared. ur dress is Fab 4sure but shoes what? baby towey! U actually did Mel B's makeup but u look like the foundation finished on her, ur share no reach
    @Sama bruh what's with the bag? u came to collect money?
    @Daphne boo please dress up next time for an EVENT, u look like u have a dinner hang out with ur chics, u jkust gonna scroll around town after that.
    @Malvin Ann, enough has been said abt u already, park fine mami

  12. Great work Muke, really great..... Have just been a silent viewer and follower of ya blogs and ever willingness to promote Camair Show Biz, I think it's really great and wished we could get a million of you with such a creative and unique mind and style.... Keep up... Happy to see ma CUZ killing it...!!!! All de best ������������